Living in Pennsylvania, we enjoy every season and each offers its own special beauty.  Even winter can be magical and with it one can expect several months of snow.  Sometimes it’s only an inch or two, and sometimes it’s a mountain, but you always have to be ready to move it out of the drive.  We can grab a tractor to do the job, but they’re not the most nimble, and you’re just as likely to plow back the grass underneath along with the snow while leaving deep tire tracks.  Both result in extensive spring cleanup.  Our trusty Polaris Ranger gave us another option and SUPER ATV had just the tool we needed to get the job done. 

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Dealers in Northern climates claim the three most purchased accessories for a Side x Side are a bigger tire and wheel kit, a roof and windshield, and a snow plow.  Thanks to QuadBoss we already had the tires and wheels as well as the soft top.  A quick call to Super ATV got the plow headed our way.

Super ATV takes pride in keeping everything in stock and their base in Indiana makes delivery only a day or two away from pretty much the entire country.  The UPS driver is better to us than Santa, and sure enough, a couple days after we talked to Super ATV, ol’ Kris Kringle magically left several boxes in front of the garage and we were ready to get to work.


Before we could begin to push snow we had to install a plow mount bracket on our Ranger, a winch to raise and lower the blade, and assemble the plow.  When we opened the boxes we were already impressed with the Super ATV Plow Pro kit which offers the following features:

  • Heavy duty 10-gauge steel construction
  • Available in three lengths: 52”, 60” & 72”
  • Winch mount: bolt-on design with quick connect
  • 5 adjustable plowing angles from 0 to 23 degrees
  • All parts fully plated or powder coated for corrosion protection
  • Great instruction with setup tips, and even long term maintenance tips
  • Interchangeable blades and mounts
  • Lifetime warranty!
  • Free shipping!

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Super ATV did a great job with the instructions of the plow kit.  It was packaged well and everything arrived in good shape.  We grabbed the instructions to get started.  Every step of the process described the parts and bolts needed, and there were plenty of excellent pictures for an easy visual reference.  Since the Polaris uses metric fasteners the SUPER ATV kit does as well.  Good call! 

It was easy working through the instructions and we like how the kit mounts very securely to the Ranger frame and front bumper.  When you’re not plowing snow the mounting brackets remain in place, and we’ll leave it on all year long.  Installing the winch is easy as well because Polaris already pre-wires the Ranger chassis for accessories like this.  They know it’s going to be a work machine and they make it easy for the customer.  To operate our winch, the kit comes with a hand held remote control we’ll use from the cab, or it can be used next to the machine as well when hooking up the plow or making adjustments.  Well thought out instructions include adjustment and setup tips along the way, and even suggestions on where you might want to use LocTite on bolts.  Great job Super ATV!  As with any large kit like this, an extra set of hands makes assembly much easier.  Within a couple hours our plow was fully assembled, going through its full range of motion – up, down, and sideways – and we were ready to take on Mother Nature’s worst!



There are some tools that just beg to be put into action.  Whether it’s climbing into the seat of a dozer or behind the wheel of our newly outfitted Ranger, we just love to put the blade down and push forward.  With plenty of snow already on the ground and the Ranger ready to go it was time to open up a big hole in the tundra.  We slipped the Ranger into LOW gear for maximum torque and pointed it down the drive. 

SUPER ATV recommends allowing the blade to cool down to outside temperatures before you begin pushing snow.  This is to allow the snow to roll off the blade easily rather than sticking to a warmer blade.  It’s another great tip from SUPER ATV!  After a couple minutes to equalize the temperature and let the Ranger warm up, we put the blade down as right foot met gas pedal and charged forward, creating our own blizzard and a rolling wave of white fluff.  It can actually be fun to push snow!   With the blade angled sideways it is amazing the amount of snow that can be rolled back.  Within a short time we had a clear path to the road.  Moving the blade to a neutral position – essentially flat – allows you to push mountains of snow into piles, and we really appreciate the top deflector on our blade which helps keep the snow from cresting over the top and into your face.  There is no replacement for a good windshield or a helmet with a full shield with this job!  You’ll also come to appreciate protection for your neck.  Lifting and lowering the blade was easy thanks to the winch hand control unit.  Super ATV recommends a 3500lb winch for our Ranger 570 and it will remain with the machine year round.  Our QuadBoss tire and wheel kit provided great traction, but for heavy snow, adding weight in the dump box will give even more bite.   It didn’t take long and we had enough path cleared to land a small aircraft.  It was a little sad the job was over, but as winter drags on that feeling will surely pass.


The Ranger isn’t the only Polaris in our stable, and we wondered how a sporty machine like the General would work.  Super ATV has a mount kit for that too, and it’s nearly identical to the Ranger kit.  All we had to do was install the mount brackets and hook it to the existing plow.  Now we could plow in sporty fashion. 

Despite being a sport machine, the General easily handles work duty as well, although it is slightly easier to see over the Ranger hood.  Just as with the Ranger, good head and neck protection will make it much more comfortable.   The rear dump box of the General does allow you to add weight for additional traction, and we recommend plowing in LOW gear which is much easier on the belt. 

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The SUPER ATV Plow Pro Heavy Duty Plow kit is hard to beat!  Installation was straight forward and required no cutting, drilling, or welding.  Best of all, it performed excellent.  We should have expected that since the SUPER ATV staff is chocked full of ATV and Side x Side enthusiasts who spend their free time racing, riding, and testing out the products.   We also thought the kit was priced very well which always makes us happy, and Super ATV picks up the shipping costs with free shipping to the lower 48 states.  It also comes with a lifetime warranty and if it breaks or bends they offer free replacement.  The Heavy Duty plow kit is available for just about every brand, but once you start browsing the SUPER ATV web site you’ll see they’ve got an enormous list of parts available, with more being added all the time.  Whether your ride is an ATV or Side x Side they’ve almost certainly got parts for you.

 We’ll be putting our Super ATV Heavy Duty plow kit to use all winter, and it will be used for years, and more than likely decades to come.  It’s built to last and to easily get the job done.  That’s exactly what we look for in any tool.

SuperATV Plow Pro Heavy Duty Snow Plow – Complete Kit  –  starting at  $625  –  Includes:

  • Snow Plow Blade:  52″, 60″, or 72″
  • Machine specific frame mount
  • Heavy-duty plow mount
  • Blade end marker & top deflector
  • Replaceable cutting blade
  • Skid shoes
  • Options  – Winch required for lifting / lowering blade


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Tel:   855-743-3427   or   Tel:   812-574-7777


February 13, 2019

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