SureCan 2.2 Gallon & 5.0 Gallon Gasoline fuel cans

SureCan 2.2 Gallon & 5.0 Gallon Gasoline fuel cans

logo.2015.surecan.feed-your-machine.jpg SureCan 2.2 Gallon & 5.0 Gallon Gasoline fuel cans are ideal for everyday users that want to dispense fuel without ever spilling a drop, bending over, or tipping their can.

North Ogden, UT:  SureCan offers the 2.2 Gallon and 5.0 Gasoline fuel cans which is ideal for everyone who re-fuels their lawn and garden machines, ATV’s, Generators or any other machines that requires gasoline to run.  According to the EPA each year 17,000,000 gallons of gasoline are spilled while using gas cans.  The 2.2 & 5.0 Gallon SureCans are designed with its patented rotating nozzle and thumb release trigger to fix this problem by allowing the user to control the flow of fuel by depressing the thumb trigger release while at the same time being able to see into their machines fuel tank preventing over fill and spills.  Other features of the 2.2 & 5.0 Gallon fuel cans include a trigger safety lock, self-ventilating system, comfortable hand grip, durable design, and two child-proof caps. 

In May 2014 the 2.2 Gallon SureCan received multiple national awards from the National Hardware Show in Las Vegas, Nevada proving that the industry is ready for the next generation of fuel can.  Feedback from consumers around the nation vent their frustrations with their existing cans and are exited and relieved that there is now a better solution.  The 2.2 & 5.0 Gallon SureCans have recently been awarded their EPA and CARB certificates making the fuel can 50 state legal and environment friendly.  This means that not only is the SureCan easier to use it is the greenest red fuel can out there.