vendor.2016.surecan.fuel-container.side.jpg There are some tools that we wouldn’t think could be improved upon in many ways. Tire irons are pretty simplistic, our baseball mitt is still just leather and laces, and as long as our gas can doesn’t leak all over the back of the truck or our foot, we never think about it. The trouble is, it does nearly every time. Still, there didn’t seem to be a lot one could do to improve on a plastic jug with a hose on the top. That is until the SURECAN people took on the problem and came up with a much better solution.


If you’re going to carry a volatile fuel source, your container had better be up to the task. The SureCan containers are designed to carry and dispense fuel easily and safely thanks to the following details:

  • Child Proof Caps on fill spout and main fill cap

  • Safety thumb trigger to open vent and start / stop flow

  • Swivel mechanism has two Viton O-rings for leak prevention

  • Nozzle rotates to meet opening rather than tipping jug to empty

  • 6 Layer High Density Polyethylene plastic (HDPE) for rugged durability and elimination of permeation of vapors through container wall.

  • All interior parts are stainless steel or aluminum for corrosion protection

  • One year manufacturer warranty


SureCan makes their containers in three different versions at the moment: a 2.2 gallon jug for gasoline, a 5 gallon gasoline jug, and a 5 gallon jug for Diesel fuel in yellow. We opted for the 5 gallon gasoline version.vendor.2016.sure-can.fuel-container.filling-sxs.jpg

When our SureCan jug arrived, we were very pleased to see the quality of its construction. Nothing seemed flimsy or cheap, and we liked how the thumb button returned to a fail-safe closed position to prevent the SureCan from leaking fuel, even if it tipped over when in the back of our truck. We shouldn’t be surprised. On their web site, the SureCan people even show their product dragging behind trucks, being driven over by pickups, being dropped off a building, and one rolling down a 100’ cliff and when it finally stops bouncing, the liquid is still safely stored inside. Hopefully, ours will never encounter any abuse as severe as that!

When it came time to take the SureCan on our first adventure, we really appreciated the thought that went into its design and testing. The top handle is comfortable and roomy enough for our hand even when wearing a heavy glove, the thumb button is easy to use, and the pivoting fill spout eliminates slopping fuel over the side of our vehicle, boots, and ground. We really like how instead of tipping the jug to empty it – often in an awkward position to hold – you simply swivel the fill spout into position, then press the thumb button to start the flow. It works great! Total time to empty it was about the same as a normal jug, but it was a whole lot easier and safer. It’s not a race jug, but for every other situation, it’s much better. It’s also made in the USA!


Until somebody invents a reliable electric fuel cell with much longer range, fueling up before every ride is going to be part of the adventure. Our mismatched five gallon jug collection always had us playing a game of transfer the best spout to the full can every time we needed to add fuel, but thankfully, those days have passed. The SureCan is a much more reliable and much safer alternative. We give it an easy two thumbs up!





May 15, 2016

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