Tested! Rugged Radios

Tested! Rugged Radios

vendor.2012.rugged-radio.headset.in-action.jpgHave you ever found yourself wondering what a good communication system would do for you on your Side x Side? We did and now we wonder what we did without them. Meet the fun-to-use Rugged Radios RRP660 headset and intercom communication system.

Thanks to Rugged Radios, we received the RRP660-2 car intercom system with dual H41 headsets for one of our favorite trail vehicles, the Polaris RZR 4. Before we install any product, we give it a careful inspection, and all the Rugged Radios pieces appear to be very well built. The headsets look exactly like those found in an aircraft and feature a sturdy yet adjustable headband, soft ear covers that do a nice job of sealing against your nugget, and an adjustable mic boom. Everything about the headsets looks and feels professional. The intercom is the hub where everything connects such as your headsets, mobile radio, handheld radio, helmet kit, iPod, MP3 player, or cell phone. It didn’t take us long to dig into the instructions and after a simple installation, we had a brand new reason to head out onto the trails. It was time for a test ride!vendor.2012.rugged-radio.headset.jpg

The Rugged Radios kit is far more than just a way to talk with another rider though; it can also be connected to your iPhone to play back your favorite tunes through the headsets while you ride. The RRP660 kit comes with an intercom for up to 4 headsets that wire directly to the battery and it has several mounting options. After mounting our intercom, we plugged in our headsets and our iPhone and headed out for a ride, instantly smiling and having a blast. The headsets are very comfortable and talking back and forth from driver to passenger was very clear. They work very well and are adjustable for any sized rider or wind condition. We tried them without a windshield at all speeds and were always able to talk and listen to music with ease. The Rugged Radios create a quiet environment that really allows you to look around and enjoy the ride. It would be a good idea to check local helmet law regulations before you blast out onto the trail blaring Sammy Hagar’s “I CAN’T DRIVE 55,” only to meet a Ranger or trail officer telling you not to drive at all. If your area requires helmets – and we always recommend them – Rugged Radios does make special helmet communication kits to fit those also.

Although we used them for basic communication and listening to music, the Rugged Radios kits are loaded with other features and options. Other options include car to car kits with long range capability, cell phone usage, and an auxiliary port for any other electronic device. You could even plug your video camera in and capture audio and use it to talk with other vehicles. A Rugged Radios system would be a great toy to have along on group events; they’re rugged and built for years of use, simple to use, and fun. Rugged Radios kits also come with a great warranty and friendly technical support. Whether you are using them for work or pleasure, they have an application to fit your needs and we really like them!

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March 24, 2012

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