The 2012 Amphibious ARGOs Let Riders Reign Over Any Terrain

The 2012 Amphibious ARGOs Let Riders Reign Over Any Terrain

vendor.2012.argo_.utility6x6.green_.rear-right.riding.through-snow.jpgARGO is proud to continue their segment-shattering off-road dominance with a 2012 lineup offering the most versatile and durable off-road machines available today! People who are passionate about riding off-road often discover that traditional ATVs and UTVs just can’t get the job done when used for accessing the remote areas that hunters and property owners’ dream of. But the ARGO family of vehicles lets riders reign over any terrain! Owning an amphibious ARGO UTV gives outdoor enthusiasts and landowners the freedom to go anywhere, anytime with minimal impact. ARGOs offer unmatched capability to carry friends and co-workers into remote areas, explore wild places despite physical limitations, and of course, pursue another hunting or fishing adventure lying just over the horizon. ARGO’s flagship model–the 750HDi–and other units in the ARGO fleet have the combined capabilities of a UTV, snowmobile and small boat. It is a true all terrain vehicle that goes everywhere sportsmen want to. Whether putting up deer stands in flooded areas, bass fishing on a secret pond or hauling equipment into the Canadian bush, once you use an ARGO you’ll never switch back to riding with non-amphibious machines! ARGOs are equipped with a premier suite of features, including seating for up to 6 people, large cargo storage, a proven-rugged amphibious design and a high-torque fuel-injected engine. Today’s ARGO designs are both rugged and refined—forged by a master design team with decades of experience in the harshest places on earth—and beyond. The ARGO lineup represents an engineering pinnacle, giving outdoor adventurers the power to tame whatever terrain they encounter.

When considering any purchase, anglers and hunters want to make every dollar count. Performance, passenger capacity, durability, ride comfort, and reliabilitymust be taken into consideration to ensure you get the best possible value. When you invest an ARGO, you can share riding experiences with your family in a vehicle you will one day pass on forthem to enjoy!

Leading the 2012 lineup is the HDi family, including the smooth and powerful ARGO 750 HDi 8×8. The HDi models are equipped with advanced ADMIRAL transmission technology. This premier family of ARGO vehicles provides the advanced features that serious outdoorsmen and commercial users are looking for:

Lighter steering effort for all-day ease-of-use, a more powerful drive train for accomplishing the most rugged tasks, comfortable seating, massive storage space and a more durable design to keep serious hunters, work crews and riders in the field–not on the sidelines. The 2012 models are fuel efficient, simpler to maintain and even more environmentally friendly than previous ARGO models.

Of course—they also have ARGO’s unmatched all-surface land and amphibious capability. The new models are the natural choice for anyone requiring affordable and cargo-capable access to off-road terrain with minimal impact.

For 2012 ARGO now has optional rear tire and spare fuel holders to free up cargo space and extend driving range. Also new for 2012 is a durable, quick-installing cargo box liner to carry messy or abrasive loads such as firewood, sand or logging equipment while protecting the vehicle and keeping it clean! For more comfort, all liquid cooled 8×8 ARGO models can be equipped with optional suspension seats and a convenient entry step.

The ARGO Takes You Where Other Vehicles Can’t Follow

ARGO’s remarkable 2012 machines are packed with premium features, including the uniquely designed 25” ARGO tire, providing greater ride comfort, all-terrain traction and amphibious performance. Large triple-sealed outer bearings and heavy-duty axles enhance durability and life expectancy in demanding off-road conditions. The overall result: a superior amphibious UTV for up to 6 passengers that simply is in a league of its own with 40% more steering efficiency, 20% less maintenance, and more ergonomically user friendly than any other ARGO built before. The patented ADMIRAL transmission takes the driving experience of the full skid steering system to a level never seen before in this price range. For 2012, ARGO is introducing a new high torque alternative allowing the hunter to improve performance and mobility in extremely difficult terrain conditions.

For 2012 there are ARGO models available to meet every need. The all-season 2012 ARGO 8×8 750 HDi pairs the ingenious triple-differential ADMIRAL steering transmission with a powerhouse 31-hp fuel-injected engine to create something truly unique: an all-terrain, amphibious off-roader that turns with ease in high gear, while maintaining its amazing onthe-spot maneuverability in low gear. There is also a 750 HDi 8×8 Special Edition loaded with upgrades, and the 700 HD 8×8 EU with road approval for Europe. ARGO’s entry-level models the Frontier 580 6×6 and the Frontier 650 8×8 give recreational enthusiasts incredible value at a price competitive with non-amphibious UTVs .

All 2012 ARGO vehicles are available in tundra, yellow, blue, black, and red. In addition, ARGO is introducing an advanced environmentally friendly Gardobond® metal coating process providing significantly improved performance and durability without containing any hazardous heavy metals. In summary, ARGO’s 2012 UTVs are in a class of their own for extreme all-terrain versatility, performance, comfort, power, and ruggedness. When you experience the freedom an ARGO offers, it will change your life!

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The ARGO product line is designed for the serious outdoorsmen, adventure tour operators, utility construction and maintenance, resource exploration, fire and rescue operations, law enforcement, agriculture and forestry. This versatile all-season workhorse can be equipped with optional accessories such as rubber tracks, convertible top, receiver winch, windshield, bilge pump, and a lot more.

Engineered and produced continuously since 1967, every ARGO is backed by decades of unrivaled experience in the design and manufacturing of off-road vehicles. Today, ARGO is the world’s leading manufacturer of lightweight amphibious vehicles and innovative off-road platforms.

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