The Lates Products Available at PowerSports Place by Summit Racing Equipment

The Lates Products Available at PowerSports Place by Summit Racing Equipment

Powersports Place has been busy, busy, busy adding new products for off-road and street enthusiasts. Here are just some of the new goodies available:vendor.2015.durablue.atv-axle-and-suspension-components.jpg


DuraBlue ATV Axle and Suspension Components
DuraBlue supplies competition-level ATV riders with some of the world’s best ATV axles and accessories. PowerSports Place offers DuraBlue Eliminator and Heavy Duty Series axles; strong and lightweight Wheel Hubs that can dramatically decrease spline wear; lightweight Sprocket Hubs that improve an ATV’s response to speed changes; plus wheel spacers, end nuts, and more.vendor.2015.frogg-toggs-outwear.classic50-road-toad-coat.jpg

Frogg Toggs Outerwear
Frogg Toggs Classic50 Road Toad Outerwear will keep a rider dry and comfortable. Each piece is made from a lightweight and breathable material, designed to withstand the constant wind whip of highway speeds. Frogg Toggs outwear is stitched from three layers of non-woven polypropylene, plus a center layer of DriPore material to create a 100% waterproof barrier.vendor.2015.motion-pro.sync-pro-carburetor-tuner.jpg

Motion Pro SyncPro Carburetor Tuner
Motion Pro’s SyncPro Carburetor Tuner makes it easy to tune an engine with multiple carburetors or throttle bodies. Synchronization ensures that each cylinder receives the correct amount of air and fuel. This allows the motor to run at its peak performance level.

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