The motor oil specialist is a sponsor both at the Alpines and at the Nordic World Ski Championship

The motor oil specialist is a sponsor both at the Alpines and at the Nordic World Ski Championship

logo.2015.liqui-moly.jpgJanuary 2015 – The German motor oil specialist LIQUI MOLY has hugely increased its advertising investment. The company has become the advertising partner for two of the top winter sports events: at the Alpine World Ski Championship in Beaver Creek (USA) and at the Nordic World Ski Championship in Falun, Sweden. “It is absolutely our biggest sponsorship of winter sport”, says Gerhard Riedmüller, LIQUI MOLY’s export manager. “By so doing we are getting our brand into the living rooms of millions of sports fans across the globe.”

Both World Championships are broadcast on international television and watched by more than a hundred million viewers. The LIQUI MOLY brand benefits from this in two ways: the international television broadcasts and also the popularity of winter sport. The company anticipates that, as a result, there will be a significant push in brand awareness in many countries and thereby an increase in demand for products. “We want to support our global customers with this advertising partnership”, says Gerhard Riedmüller. “These World Championships bring us a lot closer to our goal of being a global brand.”

The Alpine World Ski Championship in Beaver Creek runs from 2 to 15 February. Then the Nordic World Ski Championship takes place in Sweden from 18 February to 1 March. “So that will be four weeks of nonstop LIQUI MOLY in winter sport”, explains Gerhard Riedmüller. “Just as the athletes give top performances on the slopes and cross-country trails, so we also need to rank among the best of the best in our sector every day. And just as a World Championship is a high-quality event, so we offer high-quality products.”

Audi is ranked among the other sponsors of both World Championships. This common positioning underlines the close connection between LIQUI MOLY and the car manufacturer. As it is LIQUI MOLY traditionally identifies most strongly with motor sport and above all with the new TCR touring car series and with MotoGP. This is just a winter break. “With the two World Ski Championships we can keep flying our flag high outside of the motor sport season”, says Gerhard Riedmüller. But even during the northern hemisphere winter motor sport fans are not left completely empty handed: The “LIQUI MOLY Bathurst 12 Hour” long-distance race takes place on 8 February in Australia.

LIQUI MOLY GmbH from Ulm in South Germany offers a wide range of high-quality products such as motor oils, additives, vehicle care products and service products. The range includes some 4000 items. LIQUI MOLY develops and tests their products in their own laboratories, manufactures exclusively in Germany and markets all of their products themselves. LIQUI MOLY was founded some 50 years ago and is now one of the leading companies in the industry. The products are sold in Germany and in 110 other countries.