Tool Showcase – Pull, Plant, and Play

Tool Showcase – Pull, Plant, and Play We can think of no other vehicle as versatile as your ATV or Side x Side. They’re equally adept at work and play, they can conquer just about any type of terrain, and they’re ready to go in any weather! They’re also the perfect work buddy, ready to haul a heavy load, pull a trailer or tool behind, and never give up until the job is done. It’s just a matter of what tool you need. Whether you are putting in a food plot or hauling firewood, we’ve found several unbeatable tools to help you out.


There are many pull-behind tools for your ATV or Side x Side designed to turn over the soil, the most basic being a plow. The Kunz Engineering chisel plow / field cultivator is an even better tool for the job.


If you’ve got soil to turn over for a food plot, garden, or new landscaping, nothing is ready to tear into it like the Kunz Till-Ease. This tool is built to last! Designed like a scaled down version of a tool that would normally be pulled by a 400hp Deere, the Till-Ease is a stand out, from its hitch pin on back and for its heavy duty construction and Ag quality components. Rather than spring tine shanks, the Till-Ease features rigid shanks and V-Sweep teeth for a deeper cut, better plant root zone, and improved drainage. A pair of transport wheels allows you to set tool working depth, and we especially love the front trash coulters which slice up any stalks, allowing the tines to do a better job. Our advice with the Till-Ease is to make an opening pass of the field at a good walking speed, let it dry until the soil can be crumbled in your hand, and then make a second pass only half as deep to create a smoother seed bed. You’ll probably be ready to plant, and you can forget buying a plow. For creating a perfectly smooth seed bed or for covering broadcast seeds and establishing that critical soil to seed contact for germination, Kunz also offers an optional harrow and cultipacker. Phone: (815) 539-6954 Till-Ease Model 543 – $2295


After you’ve created a smooth seed bed, you’ll need a tool to deliver seed and fertilizer to it evenly. EARTHWAY has got several to do the job.

If you’ve got serious spreading of seed, fertilizer, chemicals, or anything else to do, the M80 is the one you need. It comes with a high-volume hopper capable of hauling 250 pounds of material riding on a stainless steel chassis that is perfect for mounting in the bed of your UTV. The spreader is powered by a 12V motor housed in a thermoplastic case and it is electronically controlled by EarthWay’s Exclusive Electronic Control Module. This a great feature and it allows you to remotely turn the motor On/Off, but also open or close the material flow gate control from the vehicle seat, thanks to a handy control panel, eliminating any cables or ropes. The M80 is top of the line!

vendor.2016.earthway.atv-spreader.jpg vendor.2016.earthway.spreader.jpg

For a slightly smaller spreader, EarthWay offers the M20 and it’s ready made to mount on your ATV! The EarthWay M20 ATV Mount Broadcast Spreader has an 80lb poly hopper and EV-N-SPRED 3-hole drop shut-off system to ensure even uniform coverage of fertilizer, seed, chemicals, and more. Equipped with a 12-volt motor located inside the hopper, and housed in a thermoplastic case, the M20 is engineered for performance and long-life. The M20 has an epoxy powder coated steel frame and is designed for mounting on the front or rear racks of your ATV. While the material spinner is operated by the 12V motor, a hand lever and gauge control material flow. The M20 comes with all hardware, wiring, switches, and even a rain cover!


QuadBoss has one of the most extensive accessory lines in the business, and whether you ride a sport machine or use your ATV or Side x Side strictly for work duty, we guarantee they’ve got parts to help you go faster, or get the job done sooner. Just like Mom always mandated though, before you can play, you’ll need to get the work done, and here are three QuadBoss tools that can help make that happen. 


Sometimes we use our sprayer for killing weeds, and sometimes for spraying apple trees or the garden. QuadBoss has two options for sprayers that will work perfectly in either role, and can be mounted on the back of an ATV, or in the bed of our Side x Side.

15-Gallon Spot Sprayer

  • 12 volt pump

  • Pumps 1.0 gallon per minute at 35 P.S.I

  • Maximum horizontal throw: 25 ft. – Maximum vertical throw: 12 ft.

  • Lever spray guy

  • 5″ fill lid with tether

  • Full drain out capability with molded in drain port, cap and tether

The 15 Gallon QuadBoss sprayer is perfect for smaller jobs and mounting on the back of an ATV. Wiring the pump is easy. All you need to do is attach the clamps to your hot lead and ground source and you are ready to go.


Retail price: $139.95

25-Gallon Boomless ATV Sprayer

The QuadBoss 25 gallon sprayer is at home in either the bed of a Side x Side or mounted on the rear racks of an ATV, even when fully loaded. (appx. 212 lbs.) As with the 15 gallon model, the tough, polyethylene tank will never rust or corrode and the 25 gallon capacity will have you spraying for a while before refilling, and the spray pattern can even be adjusted. Specs are:

  • 12 volt pump

  • Pumps 3.8 gallons per minute at 45 P.S.I (pressure adjustable)

  • Maximum horizontal throw: 35 ft. – Maximum vertical throw: 26 ft. (better for reaching up into taller trees

  • Lever spray guy with adjustable pattern tip & 15ft of hose

  • Universal mounting brackets fit most ATV cargo racks

  • Nozzles can be adjusted to spray right or left only

Retail price: $489.95

HAUL AWAY – The QuadBoss Fleet of Trailers

No company offers more types of tow-behind trailers than QuadBoss. There truly is one for every need, but regardless of which one you pick, you’ll find yourself using it for jobs you never envisioned but are now possible. Our advice: Bigger is better. Here is the rundown:

  • Economy Dump Truck – Perfect for around the yard. 12 cu.ft. – 1000 lbs of load. Made from 18 gauge, powder coated steel body with removable end gate, 14 ga chassis, 16” wheels. Basic but tough. – Retail price: $370.99

  • Heavy-Duty Dump Trailer – A heavier version of the Economy model above. 12 cu.ft. – 1000 lbs of load. Made from 18 gauge powder coated steel body with removable end gate, 11 ga chassis, 18” wheels, 1” axles. – Retail price: $511.99

  • Large Heavy-Duty Dump Trailer – The Big Boy for bigger jobs. 20 cu. ft. heaped capacity, 1,500 lbs. load. Made from 16 gauge welded cart body, 11ga chassis, 18” wheels and 1” axles. – Retail price: $575.99

  • Ultimate Poly Dump Cart – A composite body cart for durability. 12-1/2 cu. ft. heaped capacity, 1,000 lbs. load. Sloped back for easy dumping, 1 in. axle. Molded in stake pockets for extending bed. Also molded in shelf ledge and divider pockets. – Retail $481.99

  • Swivel Dump Trailer – Can pivot 60 degrees to dump load precisely where needed. 12.5 cu. ft. heaped capacity – 1,250 lb. load. Composite body same as Ultimate Poly Dump Cart. 18” wheels. Foot activated dump mechanism. Retail price: $485.99

  • Flatbed Dump Trailer – Your mobile tool bench. 1000 lbs load capacity. 1” axles, 18” tires. 11-gauge steel undercarriage. Stake pockets for adding side rails. Retail price: $448.99


Sometimes you need to do a great job of mowing around the house and sometimes you just need to get the weeds around the barn or lane under control. QuadBoss has the mowers for both!vendor.2016.quadboss.mower_.jpg

  • Rough Cut Mower – Perfect for mowing ditches, fence lines and anywhere else where knocking down the tall stuff is all that’s needed. Consider the Rough Cut mower a mini bush-hog and you’ll get the idea. Built from an 11-gauge steel deck with dual swinging blades underneath and a Briggs & Stratton engine powering through the rough stuff. Available in 44 in. or 52 in. width with a pivoting hitch allowing you to swing mower to either side. Cut height can be adjusted from 2.5” to 7”. Mower comes with a one-year limited warranty while the engine is covered for two years. Retail price: $1999.99 to $3342.99

  • 44” Finish Cut Mower – The finer life. The one you want for mowing grass that matters. Built from 11 gauge steel, rear discharge deck with a Briggs and Stratton engine, and can be adjusted from 1-1/2 in. to 4-1/2 in. with a 44” cutting width. Also has an exclusive roller system to keep you out of the trees and shrubs. Starting system is either recoil or electric. Mower comes with a one-year limited warranty while the engine is covered for two years. Retail price: $1599.99 to $1769.99 Phone: 817-258-9239


Some tools just make you want to go out and work some ground. Looking every bit like a scaled down version of major construction equipment, the Hoelscher lineup does that to us!

vendor.2016.hoelscher.atv-roller.jpg vendor.2016.hoelscher.atv-lil-spike.jpg

We’ve used the Hoelscher Lil’ Spike for leveling drives and even a garden area and it works excellent! The Lil’ Spike digs into hard packed terrain thanks to two rows of hardened teeth followed by a leveling bar behind to fill in any low areas. A set of oversized transport wheels at the rear helps maintain depth due to an electronic cylinder (linear actuator) controlled with a sealed hand button. The Lil’ Spike is available in widths from 4’ to 6’ and comes with an adjustable hitch to match the height of your machine. It’s built heavy duty, and built to last!

We LOVE the design on the Hoelscher PT (Pull-Type) roller. It’s big and beefy! This isn’t the light weight roller you see at the local garden center that will dent or deform, but instead is a heavy-weight unit suitable for rolling lawns, pastures, or even construction use. Firm, smooth rolling is accomplished with the 24″ diameter drum, which is 0.375″ thick and the drum can be filled with sand or water for increased weight. Heavy duty 1 5/8″ bearings provide for durability. It looks like something you could build a highway with! Available in widths from 4’ to 8’ they can be pulled by ATVs, Side x Sides, and compact tractors. One trick farmers often use is to roll the field lightly after planting for good seed to soil contact for germination. Do not cover an area more than once though, which can increase compaction.

www.hoelscherinc.comPhone: 620-562-3575


A Cub Cadet is a legendary name in the AG world, but they aren’t strictly limited to the barn. They’ve long had the hard working Volunteer Side x Side in the fleet and we’ve even taken one trail riding on the famous Hatfield-McCoy trail system. Last year they introduced the even sportier and capable Challenger 750, but they’ve never forgotten their working heritage. That means there are plenty of tools to work with your Cub Cadet. One tool that practically everyone has a use for is a dump trailer.
vendor.2016.cub-cadet.utv-plow.jpg vendor.2016.cub-cadet.trailer.jpg

The Cub Cadet utility cart comes with a tough composite box with stake rack pockets for extending its load carrying capability, large 18” tires for covering uneven terrain, and a foot activated dumping system. Perhaps the cleverest feature on the Cub Cadet Utility cart, though, is the hitch. It will fit on either a clevis or ball hitch easily with either a 1-7/8″ and 2″ ball. How it works is, when hooking up to a ball hitch, all you need to do is pivot the clevis 90 degrees, slip in the hitch pin, and it’s securely locked in place around the ball. It’s a very clever feature and we love it!

When it’s time to push dirt or snow, Cub Cadet also offers a quick mounting, pivoting plow that is raised and lowered by a winch, all from the comfort of an optional fully enclosed cab. It beats shoveling every time! You can’t go wrong with Cub!


It’s all about versatility, and the new LG600 Hybrid trailer from Polar Trailer has it mastered! Sometimes you need a pull behind trailer; sometimes you need a dump cart for tight spaces. The LG600 is both! 

vendor.2016.polar-trailer.lg600hybrid.jpg  vendor.2016.polar-trailer.lg600hybrid.tool-rack.jpg

With a 600lb carrying capacity and a tough polyethylene tub built on a steel frame, the LG600 is built for hauling a load. It’s just a matter of what you pull it with, but thanks to a carefully located axle and a long hitch and handle, maneuvering even when loaded isn’t a problem or a huge strain on either your back or your ATV hitch. 8” wheels are meant for covering soft, uneven terrain, and steel wheels are powder coated for durability and corrosion protection, just like the frame. When it comes time to dump the contents, a quick release foot pedal makes it easy. Load size is seven cubic feet (up to 10 cubic feet heaped) and overall dimensions are 71”x33”x33” with a weight of 55 lbs. empty. The LG600 has one more trick, however; an accessory tool rack can be mounted on the side, making it easy to organize everything from shovels, to rakes, and even an ax for transport to the job site. For even more tool capacity, a front mounted tool rack and tray is perfect for holding everything from pruning shears to mosquito spray. Best of all, the three year warranty is standard on the LG600 and they can be found in major big-box centers such as Lowes, Home Depot, Tractor Supply, Amazon, and many other retailers. The LG600 will make sweetie happy when it’s time to do any landscape work.

LG600 Hybrid trailer – $199.99 Tool Rack – $49.99 Tool Organizer – $39.99.


A winch can be a handy tool for work around the farm or yard, but they can also become a rescue machine if you’ve got a problem far out in the woods. QuadBoss is introducing a new, heavy duty 5000 lb winch specifically designed for the loads of a working model UTV. The advantages of the QuadBoss 5000 lb. winch include:

Permanent magnetic motor in a sealed housing

Reliable, metal-to-metal three stage primary gear set

Automatic load-holding, self-locking brake

Free spooling clutch

Comes with both a cord, and a wireless remote

Can be had with either 50 ft. wire cable or a 50 ft. synthetic Dyneema® rope

One year limited warranty

We’ve winched our way out of trouble many times, used it to rescue buddies hopelessly stuck, pulled down limbs out of the way, and even used it to pull a white tail deer up into the bed by looping the cable up and over the cab of our Deere Gator. In our experience, the Dyneema synthetic rope is the way to go for corrosion resistance, better wind-up, it’s 15 times stronger than steel, and doesn’t poke you with sharp barbs like fraying steel cable does. When using synthetic rope though, be sure there are no sharp edges to cause fraying either from your winch parts or sharp rocks in the work area, and do not expose to a heat source. You’ll need to order the specific mounts for your machine, but the QuadBoss winch is a great tool to always have along for the ride.

5000 LB Winch with Dyneema Rope Part No.60-8851 $369.95 Phone: 817-258-9239

A CUT ABOVE – THE KUNZ MOWERS  vendor.2016.kunz-engineering.acrease-atv-mower.jpg

Besides the awesome Till-Ease chisel plow, Kunz Engineering makes several different models of both finish cut and rough cut mowers.

Both the AcrEase rough cut and finish cut mowers come with a variety of engine sizes based on deck and blade size, and customer options. It’s the deck that is the platform for everything else and the Kunz AcrEase decks are the most solid built we have ever seen. The main deck is framed from 10 gauge steel, with 7 gauge side plates, ¼ inch stiffening ribs, and even a third layer of ¼ steel welded under the spindle mounts for added rigidity on the rough cut mowers. The finish cut decks don’t require a third layer of steel under the spindles, but they do get six anti-scalp wheels and a large end discharge opening. We were also extremely happy to find KUNZ uses large diameter spindles to resist any deflection or bending and they use the best bearings available. They design their mowers to be in the field, not your shop.

Cutting height adjustment is super easy due to a crank system, and 4 wheels support all models for supreme stability regardless of the terrain. Kunz even makes a high flotation tire kit for cutting extremely wet or swampy areas. Large diameter tubing is used for the frame and tongue, and the tongue can be swiveled to either side for offset mowing. The AcrEase rough cut models range from 44” to 57” deck sizes with engines from 19 to 27 hp. Finish cut models range from 40” to 60” wide. Phone: (815) 539-6954


  1. When pulling a heavy load use LOW gear – Save your CVT belt!
  2. Drive carefully on off-cambers with heavy loads on racks or bed!
  3. Tire Pressure – Increase PSI a couple pounds for heavy loads. LOWER a couple for pulling or field work for better traction.
  4. Allow for more brake time when pulling a trailer
  5. When using a winch, leave the engine running – a winch draws a lot of amps. Also use a winch strap around your anchor point.


  1. GET WEED CONTROL – Roundup is your friend – use according to label
  2. DON’T WORK IT WET – This just creates hard lumps. Should crumble in your hand
  3. CREATE A SMOOTH SEED BED & FERTILIZE. Good soil to seed contact is essential for germination

August 17, 2016

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