Trip Tips – Must-Have Accessories

Trip Tips – Must-Have Accessories it’s fairly easy to find a way to prop up an ATV to get a corner or an end off the ground, a 1200+ pound SxS is another story. Having a small jack with you can turn a big problem (and perhaps an injured back) into a small ordeal. There are several SxS related products on the market. We’ve also found that a trip to an auto salvage yard with a few bucks can get you a compact scissor jack that is plenty strong to lift your SxS.

Windshield / Cab Enclosure

Part of being an off-roader is the love of being out in nature, but that love can quickly fade away when you get a bug in the face or the weather turns from sunny and warm to frigid and rainy. There are a million possibilities on the market when it comes to closing up your SxS, and which type is “best” is really subject to your personal liking. We prefer to outfit our test machines with modest coverage so that we don’t feel like we’re driving a truck, completely separated from the environment that we’re trying to enjoy. Our BRP half-windshield and bimini top gave us exactly that. The half-windshield does a great job at deflecting the wind around and over us while allowing that “out in the open” feeling. Another benefit of the half-windshield is that it keeps dust from swirling around and into the cab area as some full coverage units can do. The bimini top offers plenty of coverage from above in case of rain and has a sweet visor to keep the sun out of your eyes. The bimini can also be easily rolled up and stowed without tools in case you want to open things up a bit more.2015.can-am.maverick.close-up.rear-cargo-box.JPG

Extra Storage

Every OEM has a different take on storage. While most of them are increasing the amount of storage space in their SxS lineups, there’s one thing they have in common. NONE of them have enough storage as they come off the showroom floor! Whether you’re using your SxS around the farm or taking it on tours cross-country, you’re bound to wish you had just a little more room for a jacket, some tools, or other items that you just can’t live without. We outfitted our Can-Am Maverick with BRP’s rear compartment which is plenty spacious, has a rubber seal to keep things dry, and is lockable to hopefully keep our $100 spare belt from becoming someone else’s free spare belt. The BRP Linq system also makes the compartment easy to remove to slim things down a bit or clean up after a messy ride. Also, being an OEM accessory, it FITS GREAT and comes with panel inserts that are perfectly color-matched to your vehicle.vendor.2015.rm-stator.portable-power-bank-jump-starter.JPG

Battery Power

There are a lot of crafty ways to get yourself out of a jam. We’ve seen holes in tires “patched” with sticks, rims straightened with rocks, and A-arms held together with logs. But one thing you can’t usually find along the trail is 12 volts! We take for granted that our SxS will start when we turn the key or push the button, and it usually does. But that one time that it doesn’t can be a real day wrecker! That’s where our RMSTATOR power bank comes in. Not only does our portable battery power source pack enough punch to start any SxS easily, it also gives us the ability to charge our phones and has a sweet, powerful LED flashlight feature. This is truly a “save your bacon” item that we never want to be without whether we’re in the garage or out on the trail far from civilization.


Like a jack, a winch is one of those things that may not be quite as important on an ATV but is a must-have on a vehicle that lies to the north of 1000lbs. Not only can a winch pull you out of that mud pit that didn’t look so intimidating 10 minutes ago, but it can also be used in an emergency to pull bent parts back into shape if the need arises. As with many accessories, there are a wide range of prices and quality. But with any winch, regardless of quality, we find that the best thing you can do is to USE IT REGULARLY! While we can’t think of anyone who has ever worn out a winch, we know plenty of people who have had to replace them after they’ve failed due to lack of use. Over time, dirt, moisture, and other debris will inevitably find their way into your winch and begin to corrode its bearings, bushings, and electrical contacts, leaving you with a several hundred dollar paper weight. Regular use is the best way to keep that from becoming a problem.vendor.2015.kfi-winch.JPG

Spare Air Filter

Have you ever blown your nose after a ride and been amazed or even a bit grossed out with what came out? Well, if your SxS could “blow its nose,” it would be a million times worse. Your engine is, more or less, a giant air pump that depends on a proper supply of air in order to turn that gas into noise. It’s the job of your air filter to make sure that air supply is free of crud that will grind your engine’s internal parts into oblivion. Even if you left home with a clean air filter, a dusty ride can quickly close the pores in your filter, restricting airflow and possibly allowing dirt to work its way through and into your engine. Keeping a spare filter is a very good way to ensure that your engine will always breathe freely. If you know you’re going to be exposing your SxS to extremely dusty conditions, it’s a good idea to upgrade your filter to an oiled-foam type filter rather than the standard paper type. Fine dust particles that may pass through the paper element will stick to the oiled foam.2015.can-am.maverick.close-up.air-filter.JPG

Gas Can

Just when you think you know exactly how many miles you can go on a tank of gas, you’ll figure out that there are a lot of variables that can affect fuel mileage. Maybe you were pushing on the loud pedal a little bit harder than you thought. Or maybe that uphill section before the next gas stop allowed that last little bit of fuel to run to the back of the tank where it can’t be picked up by the pump. Regardless, walking is no fun, nor is listening to your friends remind you of that time they had to tow you out of the woods. Carrying an extra gallon or two of fuel is a great insurance policy to guarantee you can finish what you started without any unnecessary worry.

There you have it… accessories and extras that we feel every SxS owner should have. These simple items will accessorize your ride quite nicely and keep you covered in case your voyage takes a turn for the worse and becomes material for the next reality TV show.
vendor.2015.stick-impaling-tire.JPG vendor.2015.flat-tire-patch-repair-kit.JPG
vendor.2015.vee-rubber.side-x-side.tire.JPG 2015.kawasaki.teryx.yellow.close-up.rear-jack-spare-tires.JPG

May 14, 2015

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