UTV Roof Rack

UTV Roof Rack

UTV Roof Rack

Model #UVRR750


Fits the ODES Dominator X2 and ODES Dominator X4 UTV’s

Utility vehicles didn’t get their name by accident, they are designed to work-and one of their most important jobs is to haul cargo. There are times though when bulky, hard-to-handle loads such as bags of duck decoys, deer decoys, treestands, camping gear, etc. can be a challenge.  The Roof Rack is the perfect means for transporting light but awkward materials— leaving space in the vehicle for passengers and heavier, more manageable loads.  The Roof Rack is constructed of aircraft aluminum, weighs only 14 lbs. and provides a generous 22” x 50” x 7” cradle with multiple tie-down points.  It installs directly to the top of any full-sized UTV quickly and easily.  The Roof Rack comes with a tough coat of baked-on, black enamel that adds a touch of class to any rugged vehicle. Load limit, 100 lbs.





                       Great Day Inc.



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