Vortex X10 ECU Now Available for ’12-’14 Polaris RZR 900 XP

Vortex X10 ECU Now Available for ’12-’14 Polaris RZR 900 XP

vendor.2014.vortex-ignitions.engine-control-unit.polaris-rzr.jpgVortex ignitions the global leader in ECU (Engine Control Unit) development and performance in both the Motocross and ATV market has now entered the UTV market with the introduction of the much anticipated X10 ECU for the ever popular XP 900, available with all the state of the art features included on their ATV/MC ECU’s and then some-


The VORTEX X10 ECU is a sophisticated programmable Engine Control Unit that combines the power of a Dual Core Processor to monitor sensors and adjusts Fuel flow, Spark timing and Voltage output to optimize engine performance under all operating conditions.

The X10 ECU replaces the standard ECU directly plugging into the standard wiring harness and is pre-programmed with (10 different) performance Fuel and Ignition Maps developed by Vortex Engineers using extensive dyno and field testing to adjust the engines power & torque characteristics for maximum performance.

– No Lap Top computer required– Map switch selector and fuel trim adjustment all done with switches built into the ECU 

– The Vortex X10 ECU is a stand alone ECU. Not a piggy back system and therefore does not have the same restrictions and inaccuracies of all the other piggy back solutions available.

 Features Summary: Retails: $799.00

• More Power – Smoother Power

• Fast Fuel Adjustment with integrated TRIM SWITCHES +12.5/-10% over 3 throttle bands (Lo-Mid-Hi) 
• Fuel Trim requires only a screwdriver and can be done in seconds

• 10 Map Selectable Power Settings – with pre–programmed performance maps

• Alternate Rev Limits

• Easy installation with original plugs-NO Wiring modifications required
• V-Booster for Maximum Spark Energy
• Integrated-Barometric Pressure Sensor (allows engine to adapt dynamically to altitude changes)
• Fully Programmable for engine developers (PC Software – not included)

• Interface directly to Data Acquisition Systems

• Diagnostic Flash Codes- Tests for sensor faults

• Water Resistant

• 12 Month Warranty against defects in materials and workmanship (from DOP)


Built In Expansion Port – Options (under development)
• Turbo Charger Kit (Upgrade kit with high pressure Manifold Pressure Sensor) 
• External Cut off Switch

• Map Selector Switch – can allow on the fly map selection.


To Order: 
Contact Duncan Racing International, Inc 

619.258.6306 sales@duncanracing.com

Shipping in January 2014