Why Mattracks LITEFOOT Track Systems?

Why Mattracks LITEFOOT Track Systems?

Why Mattracks

LITEFOOT Track Systems

Mattracks® – The name synonymous with…Innovation, Quality, Perfection, Reliability. 

The LITEFOOT track system is built with high quality, durable components. There is no question that the LiteFoot track system offers you the most versatility and lasting value. The original all-terrain ATV track system features high-tensile strength aluminum drive sprocket and frame, internal suspension, triple sealed bearings and composite wheels.

Four reasons to choose a LiteFoot Track system…

• VERSATILITY – Use your ATV year-round, in all seasons and any terrain. LiteFoot Track Conversion fits most 4×4 ATVs and can move with you to your next ATV, just by using a different adapter kit.

• ADDED STABILITY – Increase ground clearance. LiteFoot will generally raise your ATV 4-to-6 inches, at the same time it widens the stance, lengthens the footprint contact from front to rear, and, in most cases, lowers the center of gravity.

• ENVIRONMENTALLY FRIENDLY – With ground pressure as low as 0.5 PSI (3.4kPa), LiteFoot minimizes ground compression, providing flotation over soft terrain with minimal impact on the environment.

• EASY INSTALLATION – LiteFoot tracks come fully-assembled and are as easy to install as changing tires. A Mattracks customer had this to say: “I replaced LiteFoot XT standard tracks with XT UR HD tracks. Easy installation!” – Bill from a Fire Dept.

If you need tracks, we can fit your vehicle. Give us a call at 218-683-9800 or Toll-Free in U.S. & Canada 877-436-7800 and we will get you tracked up!

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