Why the Cargo Max™ is Superior to Other Utility Trailers


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Cargo Max XRT™ – the durable and lightweight aluminum utility trailer that’s redefining an industry. The nearly indestructible polymer UltraBody™ and aluminum frame superstructure will never rust, rot, or need paint – ever! The Cargo Max is a very rugged and durable utility trailer that is lightweight and low-maintenance. Manufactured in Northern Minnesota, the Cargo Max is designed and built with quality and ease of use in mind, providing many years of dependable use, no matter the climate. Whether you’re looking for a steel utility trailer or an aluminum utility trailer, it’s worth your time to look at the long lasting, low-maintenance, and lightweight trailer, the Cargo Max XRT™ utility trailer by Floe International.

www.floeintl.com/cargo-max-trailers/carg­o-max-trailers.com(link is external)