Wolfsnout Anti-Dust Goggles

Wolfsnout Anti-Dust Goggles

vendor.2016.wolfsnout.goggles.jpg Wolfsnout had solved our breathing problems.  Now it was time to get us seeing better as well, and for the last year we’ve been using the WOLFSNOUT goggles much to the benefit of our eyes.  

The WOLFSNOUT goggles are made with the same concept as their dust mask; to keep the trail under your wheels and out of your face.  Tim Wilcox, the founder of Wolfsnout, designed his easy breathing apparatus after he tested ordinary dust masks that were either too hot, didn’t fit right, or didn’t fit in his helmet.  It took considerable effort to find the right material and manufacturing partners in the U.S, but the result is an excellent fitting dust mask that works.  That was the goal when they began to develop an off-road goggle as well.      

The Wolfsnout goggles are made with a washable and breathable dual stage, foam filter glued to a flexible frame.  Just ahead of your nose is a small shield that fits nicely with the Wolfsnout dust mask for a good seal, but your eyes and nose are in different compartments.  All Wolfsnout lenses are made from a tough, polycarbonate material offering a permanent anti-fog, anti-scratch, hard coat film, inside and out.  The Wolfsnout people advise washing your goggles with a quick rinse in clean water and then a wipe down with a clean rag, but we’ve simplified the process considerably.  We just toss them in the washer with some of our other clothes, and everything from the strap to the lense comes out clean as new.  The goggle frames also come in a wide variety of colors, as do the lenses, and for bright terrain like snow or dunes where it is difficult to see features we like to use a blue or yellow tinted lense to help with contrast.  They’ll help you pick out details ahead.  One thing we like about the Wolfsnout goggles is they don’t limit your field of vision like some other brands, and they still fit very well in our helmet.  Wolfsnout even offers a satisfaction guarantee or your money back.       

www.wolfsnout.com           phone: 770 598 2994


February 13, 2016

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