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The Spider Monkey from Marshall Motoart

Polaris RANGER 6X6 transformed! Marshall Motoart used the bed from the 6X6 and created a wagon! With the MARSHALL MOTOART 5.5 cage kit you can give 3 more people a ride with two having FULL leg room! Turbo and Air Suspension, Lights galore even on the Wagon, Extra fuel containers, Tent up high to keep you safe and dry! Count the Wheels and Tires! Incredible Sound System!

New Polaris Fuel Additives Protect Vehicles from E-10 Fuels

Keeps fuel fresh, protects from corrosion and addresses the negative aspects of phase separation
Medina, MN. (July 11, 2011) - With today’s Ethanol blended fuels, it is critical to treat the fuel used in vehicles that see limited or intermittent use with a quality fuel stabilizer and carbon clean. Polaris Fuel Stabilizer and Carbon Clean are designed and tested by the engineers at Polaris Industries to address the negative effects of today’s fuels as well as prevent fuel degradation in all Polaris vehicles.

Curtis Industries Introduces Improved Sno-Pro Front End Loader Plow Blades

Built tough for farmers, landscapers, ranchers, contractors and homeowners
Worcester, Massachusetts, June 14, 2011 –– Curtis Industries has introduced a line of Sno-Pro front end loader plow blades which offer major advantages over bucket plowing. Designed for snow removal and general purpose use, Sno-Pro blades are ideal for pushing snow, aggregate materials, livestock feed, and silage. Built tough for farmers, landscapers, ranchers, construction companies and homeowners these unique implements give an added versatility to your bucket loader.

Dalton Industries DMT 500C

 07-10 CF Moto 500 4x4 Utility ( also as Moose Tracker Canada)New kit with complete drop-in roller assembliesDMT 500CSuggested list price $169 CAD / $169 USDA new kit that contains complete drop-in roller assemblies. This kit is designed to re-calibrate the shift pattern to help recover some of the losses from installing oversized tires. Bottom and midrange acceleration and performance are greatly improved. Also aids in performance when operating at higher elevations. This kit can be used with stock or oversized tires, however, when used with stock tires at low elevation it can cause a slight loss ( 1-2 mph) of top speed.

Your love of outdoor sports shouldn’t jeopardize your health

Avid 4-wheeling enthusiast shares his most important advice for protecting yourself outdoors
Outdoor sports – from all-terrain vehicles and dirt bike racing to hunting, skiing, running and snowmobiling – are popular across all age groups. There are approximately 350,000 registered 4-wheelers in Minnesota alone. People love the thrill! But did you know that something as common as inhaling dust, fumes or even just really cold air can be dangerous?

Seizmik Develops RTV RAC System for Kubota
Wish a ladder rack system existed for your UTV? The RAC System for the Kubota RTV900/1100 is just that. It expands carrying capacity & provides unmatched organization of tools & cargo. The system starts with either a Full or Half RAC, which is a sturdy structure that bolts to the cargo bed. Backpack, cooler, string trimmer, cord, hose, & long tool handle holders simply attach to the RAC providing a secure place holding place instead of having those items just sliding & banging around against each other loose in the bed. Several steel baskets can be used for holding chainsaws, gas cans, toolboxes, tools or just about anything else. Perfect for pro ground crews, nurseries, municipalities or any vehicles needing to carry different types of tools & equipment in specific configurations. The vehicle becomes a mobile tool shed and workbench. Facilities will see significant improvements in team productivity with more time in the field, less trips to and from shop, and the vehicle itself being transformed to an efficient work station. Gear is separated from cargo and the dump bed still dumps. Choose the right tool for the right job. Learn more at or contact your Kubota dealer.

Mattracks Expands LiteFoot UTV Track System Line

Mattracks announces the addition of 2 new model track systems; the LiteFoot XL and LiteFoot HD model series to their product line-up. This addition rounds out the LiteFoot product group, now offering a selection of 7 track model systems to fit your needs for work or play.The LiteFoot XL model tracks provide ATV riders a quality entry level all-terrain ATV track system for the budget conscious. The LiteFoot XL Model features many of the same high quality components used on other LiteFoot track systems on a durable structural steel frame. With limited moving parts the XL Model requires minimal maintenance, and delivers the proven reliability LiteFoot customers have come to expect.

Dalton Industries - Polaris RZR Turbo flyweights.

Turbocharged RZR Applications. Adjustable from 78-85.5grams
This new version of our patented "Quick Adjust" is an agressive curve in higher gram increments for turbo applications. The Quick Adjust means you can add or subtract grams without even removing the flyweights from the clutch. This flyweight type,and the location of mass will often act a few grams heavier than other flyweights with typical 10 series Polaris curvature that you may be comparing to in turbo applications.

Ashland Resort receives an "A" grade in the third annual consumer satisfaction survey of independent, privately-owned parks

Ashland, West Virginia, February 2, 2011 – Ashland Resort was one of only 33 campgrounds, RV parks and resorts across the country to earn an all around “A” grade in the third annual GuestRated™ satisfaction survey of independent parks.This 76-site ATV park, located on State Route 17 at Ashland, received an “A” grade in overall guest satisfaction for the year 2010. Ashland Resort, an ATV campground [] imbedded in Hatfield-McCoy’s Indian Ridge Trail System, provides direct trail access. Guided by a mission of creating the ultimate camping experience, manager David Teasdale stated, “We were completely surprised by this high award. In fact, we weren’t even aware that it existed. We are just completing our first year with GuestReviews™. Awesome!”

DMC announces two new Afterburner Slip-Ons for the Can Am Outlander 800 and 800 Max

DMC Announces two new Afterburner Slip-Ons for the Can Am Outlander 800 and 800 Max, addressing the need for keeping sound requirements legal while delivering on powerband performance in the full range from low, to mid, to high end. Dramatic increases in horsepower and torque deliver reliable power that's smooth and controllable making a significant improvement to your riding experience.


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