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Outdoors, Farm, and Hunting

UTV and ATV articles for agricultural projects, hunting, and personal utility work.

Trail Tools - Trim Reaper

A Tour of Protool Industries and the Woodman's Pal
Written By: 
Moxie Karasek

There’s something about wrapping your digits around a machete that just makes you want to wield it through the brush like you were on a mission to discover the lost tribes of the Congo. This isn’t a hi-tech tool with a laser sighting system and an electric motor. The motor that powers this piece of equipment is the muscles in your arm that fire at your will, and in doing so, create the original hi-tech weapon.

Product Test - CRKT Confidence In Hand

Testing the Mk6 Survival Knife
Written By: 

Moving from Michigan to Colorado was a tough decision. Being born and raised in Michigan, my family and I grew to love the outdoors, with all the lakes and forests, what’s not to like. And Michigan supplied plenty of outdoor activities to make every weekend a joy.

Once we got all our stuff packed and moved out west to the Centennial state, our weekends didn’t change much, except hiking at higher altitude, and how we were in awe of the beauty of these incredible mountains and the thousands of acres of forest that surrounded us every weekend.

Hunt Special - Woods Warrior

Machine Tips for Hunting Season
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To bring home big bucks, truckloads of hunters spend big bucks on the latest bow, custom rifle, and NASA grade optics, but despite how technology has changed hunting in the last decade, no other tool we can think of has transformed the sport more than an ATV or UTV.  If there were ever vehicles made for the needs of hunters, these are it.  Thanks to their ability to cross difficult terrain, it’s also possible to get much farther away from camp.  For hunters with limited physical capabilities, that can mean the difference between getting out in the woods and not going at all.

Field Tested - Cabela's Power Stretch Gloves

We Test Cabela's Newest Hand Tool!
Written By: 
John Arens

A new set of gloves is always nice, but it’s not usually something we get overly excited about.  After all, if they fit well and keep our hands protected or warm, we’re usually “happy, happy, happy,” as the guy from Duck Dynasty would say.  Recently though, we tried a new set of gloves from Cabela’s that took hand comfort and convenience to a whole new level.

Camp Chef Outdoor Gear

The Keeper of the Flame
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Part of the fun in any outdoor adventure is cooking out, and it seems everything tastes better outside.  For the past few years, Yamaha has been partnering with Camp Chef to provide the cooking gear for our desert oasis and they could hardly do any better.  Camp Chef has a huge lineup of high quality outdoor cooking equipment.  Whether you’re grilling brats at a pre-game tailgate party outside the stadium, making flap jacks for the crew at the hunting cabin, or warming up a single can of soup on your climb to the summit, they’ve got the perfect tool for you.   

Hunters Special

Fall Machine Prep
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We enjoy every season, but none more than fall.  The warm days under crystal clear skies and cool nights bring out the best of nature’s color palate, with the northern woods turning into a beautiful work of art that invites you to come explore it.  Fall also brings hunting season which is one of our favorite reasons to be in the woods, and we wouldn’t miss it.  Whether you hunt small game with a .22 rifle, whitetails with a bow, or even bigger game like elk, moose or bear, you want to be prepared.

Adventure Gear - Gear Up!

Our Favorite Camp Essentials
Written By: 
John Arens

Camping is part of many people’s trail and travel plans and we’ve decided to list some of the basics needed for a riding and camping adventure.  We always go for gear that is durable, compact, and easy to pack on an ATV or Side x Side.  Here are our favorites: 

Hunter's Special - Fall Food Plot Prep

Get a start on next year’s hunting season now!
Written By: 
John Arens

Even before you’ve climbed into your hunting stands this year, a little work on your food plots now can go a long way towards paying out in next year’s hunting season. There are a couple big reasons to work on next year’s fields now; to get crops that must be planted in the fall in the ground and growing, and to get much better weed control.