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First Ride and Review - Can-Am Maverick X ds 1000R Turbo

Turbo Time - Can-Am's Mega-Horsepower Maverick
Written By: 
John Arens

Turbochargers work by funneling the hot exhaust gas through a small vein turbine, creating a rapidly spinning shaft attached to a similar vein turbine that forces cool air into the airbox and air intake tract. This pumps more air through the engine, creating more horsepower. In theory it is a simple system. In practice though, turbochargers can be finicky mechanisms that run on the extreme edge of performance thanks to the very high temperatures and high RPMs. They require excellent bearings and consistent lubrication to remain reliable.

New Model Review - Return of the Wolverine

The All-New 2016 Yamaha Wolverine R-Spec
Written By: 
John Arens

The last decade has not been kind to Wolverines, whether it was the economic downturn felt by the Wolverine State of Michigan, the four-legged forest dweller, or the cellar dwellers of Big Ten football, the Michigan Wolverines. All three were seemingly on the brink of extinction, and even the comic book character Wolverine was killed off in recent months, but there may be hope on the horizon.

Dayco Celebrates 110 Years of Successful Business Operations

During the past 110 years, Dayco established its place in the industry by engineering innovative products

Dayco, a leading global engine management technologies supplier for the automotive, industrial and aftermarket end-markets,

Ask The Experts at K&N How To Use K&N Air Filter Oil – How Much Oil Do I use?

K&N uses much more scientific methods of proving that K&N replacement air filters outperform their disposable equivalents.



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