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OFF ROAD BODY ARMOR remains a leader in aftermarket accessories for the KYMCO UXV 450.

OFF ROAD BODY ARMOR continues to expand its aftermarket accessory options for theKYMCO UXV 450i. They recently finished developing the only set of half doors available for theKYMCO UXV 450i which are designed to be installed and removed easily. Additionally,consumers have the option of a flat steel painted door panel, or a perforated steel painted door panel. Both look stylish and improve the safety of the vehicle.

OFF ROAD BODY ARMOR Launches First Brush Guard and Bumper for KYMCO UXV 450i

 Marthasville, MO ­ March 3, 2016­­OFF ROAD BODY ARMOR was created to fill the ever growing demand for UTV accessories. The company decided to start with a front brush guard and rear bumper for the KYMCO UXV 450i, when they noticed KYMCO itself had not manufactured any, despite the demand. CEO Kurt Driemeyer said, "We wanted to make something that also looked good in addition to protecting the headlights as well as the rear carriage, which most off road bumpers don't do effectively." He believes the OFF ROAD BODY ARMOR brush guard and bumper really completes the great looking style of the KYMCO UVX 450i. "Many customers tell us the guards look 'factory'” he notes which he takes as a high compliment. 

OFF ROAD BODY ARMOR Launches First Brush Guard and Bumper for KYMCO UXV 450i

 Marthasville,MO­ March 3,2016­­OFFROADBODYARMORwas createdtofilltheever growing demand forUTVaccessories.Thecompany decided tostartwitha frontbrush guard and rear bumper fortheKYMCOUXV450i,when theynoticedKYMCOitselfhad not manufacturedany,despitethedemand.CEOKurtDriemeyer said,"Wewantedtomake somethingthatalso looked good in additiontoprotectingtheheadlightsas well as therear carriage,which mostoffroad bumpers don'tdo effectively."He believes theOFFROADBODY ARMORbrush guard and bumper really completesthegreatlooking styleoftheKYMCOUVX 450i."Manycustomerstellus theguards look 'factory'”he noteswhich he takesas a high compliment.