Cover Your Assets

The INs and OUTs of Powersports Insurance
Written By: 
John Arens

I like Flo, the quirky, happy to help, insurance lady from Progressive. She delivers the message about the types of protection her company offers and it’s especially heartening to see ATVs, dirt bikes, and other power sports vehicles featured in their commercials. There is a serious message in her bubbly madness though, and that is your assets are worth protecting.

Inside Job - Honda R&D Americas Tour

A Place So Secret Most Employees Have Never Seen It
Written By: 
John Arens

The sun had not yet burned through the morning fog as the giant manufacturing plant slowly and silently appeared. Between the bean and corn fields of central Ohio, in a place one would expect to find farm auctions and county fairs is one of the world’s premier makers of everything from cars to aircraft. Honda’s R&D Americas had invited a lucky few for an unprecedented look inside their most secret facility and we were on the short list. There was no way we were going to miss it!

Rad Manufacturing - The CNC Factory

Written By: 
John Arens

Nearly every business begins with a product designed to fill a need. RAD Manufacturing began the same way and in the early 90’s when RAD began operations there was a definite need in the ATV world for quality aftermarket performance products. Despite being out of production for a few years the hottest sport model was still the Honda TRX 250R, and although it didn’t have many weaknesses, the rear axle bearings were one of them. It wasn’t if, but rather when, you were going to blow out your bearing carrier.

Product Test - Like a BOSS

Bearing Replacment Made Cheap And Almost Easy
Written By: 
John Arens

Ride any machine long enough and we guarantee you’ll be replacing bearings.  They’re the most critical parts in making sure your machine rolls smoothly.  Considering the conditions most ATVs and UTVS are regularly put through, whether it’s sand, snow or mud, it’s amazing they last as long as they do.  Despite your best care though, eventually some contaminants will creep in and you’ll be faced with a bearing replacement job.  Here’s how to take it on like a boss!

Factory Tour- Haley on Hand

Inside Honda's South Carolina Plant
Written By: 
John Arens

South Carolina Governor Nikki Haley is about as far from the image of a stereotypical, stodgy legislator as one can get. She’s dynamic, enthused, and out there interacting with the people of her state. Not just content to send out press releases from the governor’s well-appointed office, she much prefers to get in on the action, whether it’s at the shooting range, or, when we met her, behind the wheel of a new Honda Pioneer minutes after it rolled off the line.

Award Winners - Best in Class

Written By: 

Each year we put in thousands of miles and countless hours riding, wrenching on, and basically living with new ATVs and Side x Sides. While there are a lot of great machines we enjoy on the trails and track, there are always a few that stand out and deserve recognition as being the best of the best. After much debate, consideration, and consternation here are the machines our staff picks as the best models of 2013.

Tech Tip - Engine Defense

Comparing Filters - Paper, Fabric, & Foam
Written By: 
John Arens

Think your truck is tough?  ATVs and Side x Sides are designed to perform in terrain and conditions that would make your truck whimper like a scared puppy, and they can do it year after year with the proper maintenance.  The most critical part of that maintenance is regular air filter cleanings and oil changes.  Neither is particularly difficult, time consuming, or tedious, but both are almost universally despised, especially cleaning a sticky, dust caked air filter. 

Tech Troubleshooter - Polaris Sportsman Ignition Fix

Restoring the Bang for Less Bucks!
Written By: 
Master Mechanic Pete Bengel

The Polaris Sportsman is quite possibly the most popular ATV line ever built.  Since its inception in 1993, Polaris has manufactured well over one MILLION units, making it the best-selling utility ATV platform in the industry.  But as with anything mechanical, there have been some issues that have come to the surface, and there was a run of Sportsman 600’s and 700’s from 2002 to mid-2004 that were plagued with electrical problems and failure of the ignition system was a matter of when, not if.

Engine Primer - 4-Stroke Rebuild

Master Mechanic Pete Shows Us How to Rebuild a Tired Engine
Written By: 

If you’re going to ride, you’re also going to wrench now and then.  Most of the time that means nothing more than changing the oil, cleaning an air filter, or simple adjustments.  Every so often though your mechanical buddy will need a major rebuild, the most common of which is replacing piston rings.  On a two stroke this was no problem; pop the cylinder off, hone the bore, install new rings, and get back to riding, often times in the same afternoon.

Tech Tips - Redneck Workshop

Backwoods Creativity to Get the Job Done!
Written By: 
Pete Bengel

Jury-rigging.  Backwoods engineering.  Cobbling.  Call it what you want… at some point we’ve all encountered a situation where we’ve had to improvise and come up with a solution that isn’t exactly ideal.  We’ve had some real doozies that make us practically hear Larry the Cable Guy yelling, “Git-R-Done!”   For moral and legal reasons, we won’t publish some of the real hum-dingers, but here are a few of our favorites that don’t involve explosions or imminent trips to the emergency room.


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