Apparel and Gear


Whether you ride on two wheels or four, the most important piece of safety gear you must wear is a quality helmet.  The second most important is a good pair of goggles.  They both protect ... Read more


ATVs and Side x Sides are all about exploration but there is no better way to get up close and personal with nature than to camp out.   The crew at Napier understands that better than ... Read more


Everyone knows the value of wearing a helmet.  It’s the most important piece of equipment you absolutely must have for any ATV and Side x Side adventure, and yes, we include Side x Sides because ... Read more


COLD HAND CURE – TWO NEW GLOVES and an OLD TRICK Riding year round is great, but when the weather is cold you have to be prepared.  Your hands are typically one of the first ... Read more

Wolfsnout Anti-Dust Goggles

Wolfsnout had solved our breathing problems.  Now it was time to get us seeing better as well, and for the last year we’ve been using the WOLFSNOUT goggles much to the benefit of our eyes. ... Read more

Product Test – Happy Face

At first glance most goggles seem pretty similar, and many riders don’t look for anything more than the ability to keep grit from the trail or track out of their eyes as their primary concern. ... Read more

Field Tested – Cabela’s Power Stretch Gloves

A new set of gloves is always nice, but it’s not usually something we get overly excited about.  After all, if they fit well and keep our hands protected or warm, we’re usually “happy, happy, ... Read more

Adventure Gear – Gear Up!

Sturgis Octane +35°F Sleeping Bag It’s never fun to shiver all night in the wrong sleeping bag, and once again Cabela’s had just what we wanted for most riding adventures.  The Octane +35F Sleeping bag ... Read more

Safety Gear – Protect Your Neck

Leatt Labs Leatt Labs was born out of the need for a design and testing facility that could do the critical work to create a truly life saving device.  While there are many talented designers, ... Read more

Riding Gear – Fly Girl Gear

Fit & Trim Fly Pants We’ve tried riding gear that has so many rubber pads, logos, and otherwise useless graphics elements sewn on, they feel like they were coated with heavy mud even before we ... Read more

Tested! Rugged Radios

Have you ever found yourself wondering what a good communication system would do for you on your Side x Side? We did and now we wonder what we did without them. Meet the fun-to-use Rugged ... Read more

Field Tested – The Advanced Tec E-Chrome Goggles

We don’t often spend a lot of time comparing goggles. For the most part they all seem pretty similar and the most comparing we do is picking the set the foam has fallen off of ... Read more