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ATVs and Side x Sides are all about exploration but there is no better way to get up close and personal with nature than to camp out.   The crew at Napier understands that better than anybody and they have a complete lineup of tents built specifically for vehicles that provide stylish, secure shelter for beyond where the pavement, and often times even the road ends. INTO THE WILD PLACES It’s not uncommon to see hikers, ... Read more

Best ATV & SxS Resort of 2018 – WILDLIFE REFUGE CABINS

Name a major riding area and chances are we’ve been there.  As part of the adventure we’ve stayed in ATV friendly campgrounds, cabins, and resorts that ranged from ritzy to infested.  The best offer a clean room and friendly staff, excellent local support with nearby stores for supplies or better yet a couple dealers for parts, and immediate trail access.  In our travels across the U.S, Canada, and even Mexico we’ve never found a place ... Read more


There is never a path to nowhere for an ATV rider.  All trails lead somewhere, but many times the journey IS the destination.  The Hatfield-McCoy Trail system has been the destination and the jumping off point for thousands of riders and their individual journeys.  Some venture only to the next town. For others it is the beginning of a lifetime of adventures. TIME TESTED The Hatfield-McCoy trail system just gets better with time.  The system ... Read more


TRAIL REPORT TEXTRON STAMPEDE 900 4×4 DO THEY HOLD UP?   MASTER MECHANICS M&M Powersports in Hancock, Michigan is a full service, multi-line dealer in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula.  The area is a year-round sports mecca, and during the summer that means trail riding.  The area trails feature just about everything you could want.  There are tight trails, mud, sand, twisty sections and high speed runs, and rocks.  Since this was an area heavily mined a ... Read more


     Switchback turns and rocky climbs are common on the McDowell county trails.  Wayne and his Kawasaki Brute Force make the most of it. AFTER COAL McDowell County WV, the southernmost county in the state, lays claim to once being the largest coal producing county in the nation.  They have a rich history above ground too and the area drew fame as home to the “Rocket Boys”.  The book (and subsequent movie) written by Homer Hickam, ... Read more

Ride Area Review – Georgia Bound

Winter can feel like the longest season in Pennsylvania but today we were going to make our escape. We were headed to north Georgia for some sunshine, southern hospitality, and for a spring trail ride at the countries best theme park for off-road lovers, Durhamtown Off-Road Resort. A PEACH of a PLACE We rolled into Durhamtown and owner Mike McCommons was already on the porch with a glass of sweet tea. The warm Georgia air, ... Read more

Ride Area Review – Tip of the Spear

Tucked away between the majestic mountains of Lee County, Virginia is a quaint little town called Pennington Gap. What began with the tobacco and coal mining industries, today it seems a place where time has stood still or at least slowed down a bit and that’s not necessarily a bad thing. Along Main Street is an assortment of privately owned shops and small businesses, a cozy restaurant called the Country Boy Café, and an old-fashioned, ... Read more

MotoAdventures Tour – Five Days in Costa Rica

We love a good riding adventure, but when Larry Larrabure from MotoAdventures called and told us about big changes to his Costa Rican trail riding tour, it really got our attention.  For over two decades, Larry has been guiding dirt bike riders through the hills and small towns of Costa Rica, and he’s built a legendary reputation for providing an excellent experience.  If there was a chance to experience it first-hand, we would be all ... Read more

Ride Area – Burning Rock Resort

It’s not always a bad thing to be off the beaten path. Nestled outside the quaint towns of Sophia and Beckley, WV and surrounded on all sides by the Smokey Mountains, Burning Rock ATV Resort could definitely be considered well off the beaten path. That’s just the way we like it! Six years ago we had a hard time finding Burning Rock even with our GPS, but when we did what we found was not ... Read more

Special Event – Mac’s Overdrive

Saint Ignace, Michigan is a town with a history few other places can match. Over the years, it has been under the domain of at least three different countries and was inhabited by Native Americans who called the area home long before French explorers arrived. Today it’s often called the Gateway to the North, and it is both a tourist destination and the jumping off point for exploration and adventure in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula. We ... Read more

Ride Area Review – Red Riders

They move and make mountains in Northern Minnesota. The mountains are not snow covered, alpine peaks, but instead are iron ore rich deposits that are milled into mountains of marble sized taconite pellets, ship-bound for steel mills, and soon to become the steel alloys used for everything from your pickup chassis to your high-strength ATV frame. After over 100 years of feeding the country’s growth, the Mesabi Range of Northern Minnesota (often simply called “The ... Read more

Rock Run Recreation Ride Area – Rock On!

You don’t have to look far to find a great riding area in Pennsylvania, and one of the best is Rock Run Recreation Area near Patton. At 6500 acres sitting on former coal mining property, it’s big, it’s got plenty to do for all outdoor lovers, and it can be challenging. RIDING the ROCK The name “Rock Run” very accurately describes this riding area as most of the trails are quite rocky, with some having ... Read more