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Ride Area Review – North Country Rivers

A sure sign that we’ve found a great riding area is when we consider moving there. The list of those areas is short, with places like Mexico’s Baja Peninsula, Michigan’s Upper Peninsula, Oregon and Utah, Colorado’s Western Plateau, and now Maine.  Maine has almost 8000 miles of trails, thanks to cooperation with state and local officials, gracious land owners, and the tireless work of active clubs.  It’s one of the best and most complete trails ... Read more

Trail & Travel Special – Off-Road Trip

Summer is the perfect time for a road trip, especially if it’s part of an off-road trip.  Wherever you live, there is almost certainly a great riding area and plenty of trails to explore within a day’s drive.  Whether you’ve got an afternoon, a weekend, or a week for your adventure, we’ve created a guide about some of our favorite riding areas and what you can expect to find at each location.  Gather up your ... Read more

Dirty Fun – Mudocross & Mayhem

There’s nothing quite like a mud bog to put a smile on an off-road lover’s face.  Part carnival, part amusement park, and part show and shine event, rallies and mud runs are all about fun.  Where else can you browse custom machines, feel the power as drag racers rocket by, marvel as riders wallow through a mud course, and for a grand finale, watch girls wrestle in the pit, all while munching down on a ... Read more

Scoot & Shoot – Hunting Buddies

Kawasaki makes some great off-road vehicles.  Many of our greatest adventures have been on Kawasaki ATVs or their Teryx Side x Sides.  When talking to any of the Kawasaki staff, you sometimes get the feeling they’re proud of the machines, but they really just love to ride even more.  They build their vehicles for the adventure and they’re constantly looking for the next opportunity for an awesome ride.  So are we!   There are few ... Read more

Ride Area Review – Kentucky Home

We first noticed the signs welcoming visitors as we drove into Harlan County, Kentucky.  In between the natural beauty of the towering, yet sleepy mountains and green valleys, other signs began to appear welcoming adventure lovers and even off-road riders.  We should have expected that from a group of residents that have long shared so much with so many.  Their struggles and victories have been the nation’s as well.  Coal has been the county’s driving ... Read more

New Trails! News from Hatfield-McCoy

One of our favorite places to ride just keeps getting better!  The Hatfield-McCoy trail system is getting ready for the official opening of a new major section called the Ivy Branch Trail.  That makes eight major trail sections in the Hatfield-McCoy system, with more to come. The Ivy Branch Trail The new IVY BRANCH trail will be located between McCorkle and Woodville in eastern Kanawha County.  Most riders would know it as being “adjacent to ... Read more

Ride Area Review – Valley of Fire

Most people don’t associate Las Vegas with riding, but within a couple hours of the city there are several very good riding areas.  Our favorite is the Logandale Trail System. The Logandale Trail System is 45,000 acres and over 200 miles of desert riding located about an hour Northeast of Vegas.  The system is part of the Valley of Fire State Park, and is a multi-use system open to hikers, horseback riders, campers, rock climbers, ... Read more

Ride Area Review – Smoky Mountain Home

Brian Fisher of Fisher’s ATV World is right… The views from Kentucky’s Wilderness Trail Off-Road Park, located in the southeastern part of the state, look more like the rolling foothills of Montana or Wyoming than anyplace near the Great Smoky Mountains. While the area presents a geographical oddity, it also offers excellent riding, and best of all, it’s all free! My New Kentucky Home Wilderness Trail Off-Road Park is built on over 9000 acres of ... Read more

Ride Area Review – Nevada Wild

The American West holds a special mystique like no other part of the country.  It has always represented wide open spaces, big adventure, and big dreams, and we love every chance we get to turn our modern day horse loose on an unfamiliar western trail and explore.  There are still places where one can explore a new trail, climb the back of a mountain, or venture into territory that has changed little since explorers, mountain ... Read more

Ride Area Review – Ride Royal Blue ATV Resort

People initially come to Ride Royal Blue for the trails, but it’s about much more than that for owner Sheila Westray and her crew.  To them you’re not just another rider; you are a personal guest, and they’ve considered every detail for your visit right down to the food at the on-site restaurant. Ride Royal Blue ATV Resort offers 600 miles of trails in the beautiful Cumberland Mountains of Northeastern, Tennessee.  Connected directly to the ... Read more

New Ride Area – The Pocahontas Trail

The State of West Virginia is a wonderland of natural beauty.  Venture off the interstate in any direction and you will quickly find yourself immersed in rolling hills and the mountains of Appalachia.  West Virginia is also blessed with abundant natural resources, most notably coal, and state and local officials have welcomed others to enjoy the beauty of their mountains with the creation of the Hatfield-McCoy Trail System, the preeminent off-road trail system in the ... Read more

Ride Area – Mines & Meadows

During our recent visit to Mines & Meadows, owner Dave Tullis and his staff treated us like family, and it felt very much like riding at home with tight, tree lined trails.  It was exhilarating to wind up and down the hills, exploring each trail and fully appreciating the awesome views.  As with most of Pennsylvania, there are plenty of rocky sections to pick your way through, and the creeks will quickly become swollen with ... Read more