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Gear up for summer!  Your ATV or Side x Side is itching to hit the trails, and with spring in full swing, it’s the perfect time to dust off your machine and get it ready for epic adventures. Prepping for the season is a breeze, and we’ve got all the essential checks you need to make before you’re tearing up the track or trails.  Let’s dive into our spring riding tech tips! 1:  BATTERY RECHARGE                                                                 ... Read more


The long awaited four-seat performance Side x Side from Kawasaki has arrived. Built on the existing KRX1000 platform, and with a long list of great features, we found a lot to love on the new KRX4 1000. A thorough inspection and a desert shakedown ride showed us exactly what it can do.  Is it the best four-seat machine for you? KRX4 1000 DIFFERENCES and DETAILS Although the new four-seat KRX4 1000 shares much of its ... Read more


Manufacturers love to talk about peak horsepower, but that’s not the complete story. Without excellent suspension, nimble handling, and comfortable ergonomics, extra horsepower will have you bouncing down the trail like a rubber ball in a stairway. It’s how well a machine performs in many different conditions that complete the story, and we’ll say it right now, Can-Am’s Maverick lineup is the total package.

New 2022 Polaris 2.0L – CROSSING THE BARRIER

Performance enthusiasts have long known the old saying “There’s no replacement for displacement”.  There are many models in the ATV and Side x Side world offering thrills built on engine size, but until recently no manufacturer had crossed the 1000cc barrier.  The reason was, off-road engines originally designed with less than 1000cc’s of displacement were regulated differently than engines beyond 1000cc’s.  To develop and certify an engine to be fully emissions compliant solely for off-road ... Read more


Experienced racers know horsepower means nothing without the handling to match it. They’ll sacrifice power for a vehicle that handles precisely and will hold it’s line regardless of the terrain. That’s why Can-Am’s introduction of their new Smart-Shox system has the potential to add more to the driving experience than another 5% horsepower gain ever could. SHOCK BASICS Most shocks on ATVs and Side x Sides offer at least some adjustment capability. As expected, entry ... Read more


Every racer needs pit buddies. They’re the ones you can count on to help change a tire, check your chain, or a hundred other details that need to happen on race day. Once the gate drops it’s you behind the handlebars, but until then it’s most definitely a team effort. 2020 bLU cRU Yamaha has been a fixture in ATV and Side x Side racing longer than any other manufacturer, beginning when the first YFZ ... Read more


The Baja 1000 and the King of Hammers are little jaunts across the toughest terrain in North America, and a supreme test of both man and machine. The Dakar Rally is far tougher, and it’s not always on the same continent. SAND STORM The original Dakar Rally was inspired by a Frenchman, Thierry Sabine, best known for getting lost in the sands of the Libyan desert. Upon finding his way back home, it occurred to ... Read more


Kids have plenty of distractions today, with electronics leading the way.  It takes a little more effort to coax them outdoors than it used to, but one sure bet to get them out in nature is to take them riding. It’s the perfect opportunity for outdoor recreation combined with the thrill of exploration, and an ATV is just the tool to make it happen!  Can-Am has several different high-quality youth sized ATVs, and we wanted ... Read more

2020 KAWASAKI TERYX KRX 1000 Review

Kawasaki had never let us down with any vehicle they’d built.  When word got out they were soon to release a high-performance Side x Side, we were more than anxious to climb inside and see what the new model could do.  Today was the day, and we were not disappointed!  Rather than reading from the spec sheet, we’ll tell you how it feels, drives, and is built.  Here is our top-ten list of great features ... Read more

TALONS OUT! The All new Honda Talon 1000 Sport SXS now for sale!

There are global brands that can impact a market not only with the products they introduce but even with the products they do not.  In the powersports world that company is Honda.  Respected by both their customers and marketplace adversaries, revered for their creativity and engineering, and legendary for many of the game changing models they’ve introduced, the question is always, “What will Honda do?”.  In the off-road world that question revolved around when and ... Read more

Logan Gastel Wins Silver State 300 In Can-Am Maverick X3 X rs Turbo R Side-By-Side Vehicle

gastelpaintedsky.jpg Can-Am Maverick X3 X rs Turbo R side-by-side vehicle racer Logan Gastel won his first Best In The Desert UTV Turbo class race with a solid victory this past weekend at the Silver State 300 in Nevada.   (Photo supplied by Gastel Racing)  Logan Gastel Wins Silver State 300 In Can-Am Maverick X3 X rs Turbo R Side-By-Side Vehicle ·  Phil Blurton Posts Runner-Up Finish To Take Over UTV Turbo Class Points Lead ·  ... Read more

Team Wildcat’s Ray Bulloch Steers 2018 Wildcat™ XX to First Win

Team Wildcat’s Ray Bulloch Steers Wildcat™ XX to First Win bullochphoto1.jpg Earlier this year, Textron Specialized Vehicles introduced a game-changing, high-performance vehicle, the all-new Textron Off Road Wildcat XX.   The Wildcat XX’s DNA is from racing so its early arrival on the podium over higher-powered turbo vehicles is no surprise. Designed in collaboration with off-road racing legend Robby Gordon, the Wildcat XX shined in the varying terrain of the Sand Hollow track due to ... Read more
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