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New Product Test – Snow Eagle

  Step-1: Lay Out the Parts The Eagle Generation II plow kit came in three boxes: one huge box with the plow blade, a second with plow mount hardware, and a third with a winch. If the ATV already has a winch mounted, you’re already ahead of the game. Skip ahead to Step-4. TIP: Grab some extra 5/16” and 3/8” washers and use them against all bolt heads and nuts. Washers help spread the clamping force ... Read more

Tested! Rugged Radios

Have you ever found yourself wondering what a good communication system would do for you on your Side x Side? We did and now we wonder what we did without them. Meet the fun-to-use Rugged Radios RRP660 headset and intercom communication system. Thanks to Rugged Radios, we received the RRP660-2 car intercom system with dual H41 headsets for one of our favorite trail vehicles, the Polaris RZR 4. Before we install any product, we give ... Read more

Hunter’s Special – Fall Food Plot Prep

Even before you’ve climbed into your hunting stands this year, a little work on your food plots now can go a long way towards paying out in next year’s hunting season. There are a couple big reasons to work on next year’s fields now; to get crops that must be planted in the fall in the ground and growing, and to get much better weed control. Good Fall Cover Some crops must be planted in ... Read more

Field Tested – The Advanced Tec E-Chrome Goggles

We don’t often spend a lot of time comparing goggles. For the most part they all seem pretty similar and the most comparing we do is picking the set the foam has fallen off of the least since we last stuffed them in our gear bag. That all changed recently when a set of CAN-AM ADVANCED TEC E-CHROME goggles arrived. The E-Chrome goggles promised fit, comfort and features like we hadn’t seen before. They were ... Read more

High Tech Head Gear – The Contour GPS Camera

Have you ever gotten back from a ride and looked at a map to see where you’d been? And how many times have you been to a sweet ride spot but couldn’t remember where it was when you got home? Ever wondered what kind of speed you were carrying across the dunes or through a tight section of trail? At ATV&SXS Illustrated, we’re guilty of all three. At least… we USED to be! This summer, ... Read more

Trailer Tech – Load Warrior

Regardless of whether you ride a Kawasaki, Honda, Polaris, or Kymco, every ATV and Side x Side owner has to haul their machine at times, and loading in the back of a pickup is not an option with the larger machines, even with full-sized trucks. Unless you ride, hunt, and never leave the property behind your house, you’re going to need a trailer. We’re constantly hauling multiple test machines and we needed a trailer we ... Read more

Tech Tip – Gorilla Axle Install

If you’ve got either a dirt toy or a band with an Axle in it, sooner or later you’re going to have problems. Just ask Slash and the other guys from Guns-N-Roses. Recently, when we came limping back to the shop with our Can-Am Commander, we had a dysfunctional axle of our own. Luckily for us, our axle problems were much easier to solve than those of Slash and the boys, and the only therapy ... Read more

New Product Test – The Seizmik Rac System

We’ve seen all types of bolt on attachments, but we’ve never seen anything quite like the Kubota RTV RAC system developed by Seizmik. It won’t make you faster, your engine more powerful, or your machine more capable of climbing the dunes or slogging through muddy fields, but it absolutely excels at turning a hard-working UTV, like the Kubota RTV, into a four-wheeled work platform. It’s your truck, your shop, your toolbox, and your work buddy ... Read more

Product Test – All Weather Ranger

There is very little that can stop the heavy duty, hard working UTVs of today and almost without exception, they are all terrain, all weather vehicles. The trouble is, we’re not. While we love the first frosts of fall, chilly mornings for deer hunting, and even the first snows that slowly parachute to the ground like a miniature airborne invasion, before long we’re tired of fighting the war. What starts as a pastoral, wintery marvel ... Read more

Buyer’s Guide – Snow Plows

Extreme Metal Products EMP only recently entered the Snow plow building business, but they’re off to a great start! They begin by using tough, American made steel and build the entire plow and hardware at their Cleveland, Ohio plant. At ¼” thick, the mounting structure and frame they use is almost twice as thick as many other plows. Another great feature is a unique mounting bracket that allows the blade to pivot on any axis. ... Read more
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