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A 125,000 square foot manufacturing plant gives one a lot of options, especially when that plant is stocked by the latest in efficient tools, and staffed by highly skilled technicians.  Luckily for us, many of those skilled technicians and engineers at AXIOM SIDE x SIDE are also riding enthusiasts.  And when they focus their considerable talent and capabilities on the sport they love, practically anything becomes possible.      AXIOM BIO A little west of Cincinnati, ... Read more


There are some tools you want to own, but rarely want to use.  A winch is one such tool, and when standing knee deep in the muck while your friends laugh from the sidelines, it’s not only a mechanical wonder, but also your new best friend.  You tend to be a little more brave when the  red badge of WARN is stuck to the front of your machine.  WARN products have been plucking people out ... Read more


There are many companies that will sell you a wheel or tire.  There are almost none that will design and make their own, then mount the tire and deliver it the moment you need it.  OTR WHEEL ENGINEERING will do that and more!  From their international headquarters in Rome, Georgia, OTR has grown into a wheel and tire powerhouse, supplying tire and wheel combinations for everything from lawn and garden equipment to giant mining trucks.  ... Read more


The great thing about a Side x Side is you can haul a cooler, camping gear, tools, or practically anything else in the rear box.  The bad part is, all your valuable stuff is still exposed to the same mud, dust, and grit from the trail, and nobody likes sliding into a gritty sleeping bag.  Truck companies solved that problem years ago with bed covers, but only now has one company created a solution for ... Read more

Polaris General Super ATV Rhino 2.0 Axle Installation.

TWO MINUTE REVIEW SuperATV RHINO 2.0 AXLE   By Staff   In every ATV or Side x Side rider’s life, there will come a special time when you have to change an axle.  It’s rarely a joyous occasion, and nobody is going to give you a trophy, offer a heart-felt congratulations, or even send a card.  The best thing you can do to make sure you never have to change an axle again is to ... Read more

New 2018 Super ATV Polaris Ranger-RZR 1000 Products For Sale.

= 2018 RANGER FULLSIZE 1000 4″ PORTAL GEAR LIFT Looking to take back some of that HP your monster tires stole from your Ranger? Take it back with SuperATV’s 4″ Portal Gear Lift! We’re talking a 30% gear reduction, impenetrable bearings

2018 Polaris RZR RS1 Review

   The new RZR RS1 ready to ride at ERX Motor Park NEW CHASSIS DESIGN    Compromise designs rarely work, and if Polaris was going to find a home for their potent 1000cc ProStar engine it would need its own chassis.  The RS1 chassis is similar in concept to the high performance RZR frames, with large diameter, high strength steel tubing, but in a slimmed down package.  The entire lower section of the chassis is ... Read more


Jim was right.  The maker of the newest accessory for his GMC truck really did think of everything, right down to the nitty-gritty details of fishing a bolt through a blind hole and including a trick little tool to make it easier.  That’s not always the case when installing an accessory.  Often times it can be a frustrating matter of trial, error, rework and refit.  Not this time!  The ACCESS ORIGINAL SLANTBACK Roll-Up Cover was ... Read more

Product Test – Scorpion Coating Bed Liner

  Our truck is a multi-purpose tool. It’s our daily driver, what we haul a trailer loaded with ATVs or Side x Sides with, a weekend freedom machine, and a work tool. The problem is, with all the varied use it sees it also gets a fair share of abuse and where that shows up first in a pickup is in the cargo bed. Fence posts, loading ramps, firewood, and practically everything big enough to ... Read more

Product Test – Bak Industries Revolver X2 Cover

Regardless of our trail destination, one concern that comes up on every trip is transporting our gear safely and securely. We’ve tossed gear in the back of our truck, strapped it to our ATVs or Side x Side, and loaded down our trailer, but you always have that nagging wonder if it will arrive safe and dry. Not anymore. Tonneau covers have been around for about as long as there have been pickups, all with ... Read more

Product Review – Steady as She Goes

Most ATV and Side x Side owners enjoy recreational riding and some are hooked on the thrill of competition, but it’s the ability to transform into extremely capable work machines that has put one on every farm and job site in the country. Wherever there is something to haul, tow, or cut that doesn’t fit a tractor or full blown dump truck you can bet an ATV or Side x Side is ready to tackle ... Read more

Product Review – Magellan eXplorist TRX7 GPS

If Magellan had owned one of the GPS systems named after him, he would have never built a reputation as a legendary navigator. Instead he would have been known to history simply as “Ferdinand – the guy who drives the boat.” The new Magellan eXplorist TRX7 GPS system is so easy anyone can complete a treacherous crossing, at least on land anyway. You almost want to get lost just to turn it on. EXPLORATION MADE ... Read more