Ever wonder which Side x Side is toughest?  We’re often asked that question, and the answer is always the same; the Kawasaki Teryx.  The Teryx is built on a chassis that’s more durable than the one under your truck, it’s powered by a rock-solid motor that will always get you home, and it features a comfortable cab.  It’s not the fastest on the trail, but it’s been the most reliable for most of the past decade, and it’s provided plenty of adventure along the way.  The 2022 Kawasaki Teryx S LE and four-seat Teryx4 S LE make an already excellent machine even better.

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Crossover machines are designed to perform in two worlds.  They provide a sporty adventure ride while retaining the tools needed to do a little work around the yard or tote your gear to deer camp.  The Teryx and Teryx4 have been Kawasaki’s crossover machines for many years and there are two new models in the lineup.  Both the 2022 Teryx S LE and Teryx4 S LE get major upgrades designed to improve handling, comfort, and performance.  The biggest upgrades are:

  • WIDER, LONGER WHEELBASE.  62” total width means increased stability.
  • SMOOTHER RIDE.  New, FOX 2.0 LSC piggyback shocks and long travel suspension provide 10.7” front, and 10” rear wheel trave.
  • GROUND CLEARANCE.  Wider, arched A-Arms with 12.2” of ground clearance mean you’ll clear trail obstacles easily.

Both Teryx S LE and Teryx4 S LE are built on the existing Teryx platform, and that means it already brings plenty of great features to the table.  It’s a proven package that has benefited from yearly upgrades.  Highlights include:

  • Double-X high strength steel chassis
  • Powered by the reliable 783cc, liquid cooled, V-twin engine with EFI
  • Kawasaki CVT transmission with 3-mode selectable 4WD drive system.  (2WD, 4WD, or 4WD + Front Differential Lock)
  • Electronic Power Steering delivers perfect feel with no arm fatigue
  • Comfortable cab and plush seats, with plenty of storage.
  • Tow and Go.  A rear hitch is rated for 1300lbs towing
  • Cargo bed options.  A fixed rear bed on the Teryx4 S LE, or a larger cargo bed on the Teryx S LE
  • Cast aluminum wheels with 27” Maxxis Bighorn 2.0 tires
  • Dual front disc brakes, and a unique, sealed internal wet brake system at rear
  • A sun roof!

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We like the Teryx bodywork which not only looks sporty, but has proven to be very durable and resistant to scratches.  Both new LE models get a sharp looking automotive paint, but a unique camo pattern is available as well.  All Teryx models come with side doors which close securely and offer good splash protection.  At the rear is a handy cargo bed with tie-down loops, and should you need to pull a trailer, the Teryx comes with a 2-inch receiver rated for 1300 pounds.  Both new models roll on 27” Maxxis tires and cast aluminum wheels. 


Cross-Over machines are all about passenger comfort, and the Teryx S LE and Teryx4 S LE seats are plush, thick, and hold you firmly in place.  Both the driver and front passenger get an excellent view over the hood thanks to an upright seating position.  On the four seat Teryx4 S LE the rear seating position is slightly raised for a better view as well.  Between the seats is a pair of cup holders and a 12volt accessory outlet.  There is also plenty of knee room even for passengers over six feet tall, and a handy grab bar.  Most importantly, the three-point seat belts do a good job of holding everyone in place, and the belts even come with a small shock absorbing strap. 

While the driver and passenger seats on the Teryx are adjustable, to do so is a little more complicated than pulling a lever, and the process involves changing a bolt position in the seat base.  While slightly more involved, it has the benefit of not rattling around on the trail.  In the center of the dash is a multi-function digital display and the numbers are large and easy to read.  Switches are also clearly labeled, and the tilting steering column is infinitely adjustable to the perfect position for every driver.  Down below is a 12volt accessory outlet, and between the seats is the mid-mounted engine, the gear shift lever, a handhold for the passenger, a parking brake lever, and even a pair of cup holders.  There’s even a good-sized glove box in front of the passenger.

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Kawasaki calls the Teryx chassis a double-X design and all main chassis members are large diameter, thin wall steel tubing.  Cross bracing bridges each section and supports the engine, and on the trail it feels rigid but doesn’t beat you up thanks to the suspension.  The suspension on both the two-seat and four-seat LE models is one of it’s most important and best features. 

A longer and wider wheelbase always increases stability, but Kawasaki went beyond just bolting on longer A-arms.  While the new Teryx S LE and four-seat Teryx4 S LE get added width, they also benefit from added ground clearance thanks to an arched A-arm design.  This means you’ll clear almost every trail obstacle easily.  If you hit anything bigger than the 12.2 inches of ground clearance, that’s your fault.  Controlling the ride is also a new shock package, and FOX 2.0 LSC single-chamber gas-charged shocks with piggyback reservoirs provide excellent damping performance.  The front shocks have larger diameter bodies matching the two-inch diameter rears.  The longer shock stroke also translates to increased wheel travel with 10.7 inches in the front, and 10.0 inches at the rear.

Powering all of the TERYX Side x Sides is Kawasaki’s smooth running and ultra-reliable, 783cc, EFI fed V-Twin engine, mated to their CVT transmission.  While a mid-mounted engine is excellent for weight distribution, an engine between the front seats can sometimes lead to heat buildup and extra noise.  Kawasaki reduced this by installing a sound absorbing material under the engine cover.  What it all adds up to is an extremely smooth, more powerful engine with less noise and heat back to the passengers.  It’s got the power to pull you up and over pretty much whatever you’re brave enough to attempt.  When 4wd is needed a switch on the dash gets the front wheels clawing at the ground, and a diff-lock can be engaged when things really get sticky.   For towing heavy loads or tasks like plowing snow, the transmission features Low gear as well, which reduces belt wear while maximizing torque.  Overall, the engine and transmission are very well matched! 

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Arizona can be a great place to test a machine.  You can ride from barren desert to snow, all in the same day, and cover terrain from rocks, to dry lakes, to downed timber.  It was the perfect place for us to try the 2022 Kawasaki Teryx S LE and four-seat Teryx4 S LE.  Combine a day of testing with the Mormon Lake UTV Rally and you’ve got the makings of a great weekend!

With a trailhead above 7000’ we were already in the timbers before the ride started.  Just like previous Teryx models, the engine purred along smoothly and with a nice rumble, and the CVT system did a good job of keeping the motor in the powerband.  Whether creeping through slow, rocky sections or flat out at maximum RPM, shifting was smooth and we were especially glad Kawasaki gave the Teryx a super durable, Kevlar impregnated belt.  The CVT engages quickly, but with no jerky feeling, and backshifts are silky smooth.  It didn’t take long to realize the EFI system had compensated for the higher elevation, and there was still plenty of power on tap, but this trail would be a better test of suspension and handling.  Running down open trails is easy with the Teryx and the added width definitely adds stability both in aggressive cornering and in rock crawling.  Although the Teryx rev limiter kicks in at about 50mph, that’s more than enough for 95% of all trail riding, but we naturally couldn’t help ourselves when we came upon a narrow ATV trail.  It was there that several of the best features of the Teryx shined. 

Tight trails are often the downfall of many Side x Sides, especially four-seaters.  In many places on this trail the trees on both sides scrubbed the tires, and there were rocks of all sizes to climb over.  Thankfully, both the two-seat Teryx, and the four-seat version made it through easily.  Both machines maneuver extremely well on tight trails, and the added ground clearance meant we only bottomed out once.  Despite its second row of seats and its slightly longer wheelbase the Teryx4 can handle tight trails like no other four-seater.  It has no problem carving between trees or boulders, or even climbing over them if needed.  Thankfully, the super tough, tube steel chassis protected our underside through the rocks.  The Maxxis tires and cast aluminum wheels held up well, and the new FOX shocks did a good job of soaking up impacts.  You could feel the shocks break in by the end of the day.  The best feature on a ride like this, however, is electronic power steering.  Kawasaki’s EPS is effortless and perfectly calibrated.  As usual, the day ended long before we were ready to put the Teryx back on the trailer.

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The 2022 Kawasaki Teryx S LE two-seater and four-seat Teryx4 S LE build on what has made the Teryx an already great platform.  They’re comfortable, reliable, and have great curb appeal.  The core capabilities that made it one of our favorites on the trail before – rock solid durability, a smooth running, powerful engine, and passenger comfort – are still there, but the added ground clearance, improved suspension, and increased stability are changes you can feel.  Two great machines just got even better!       



2022 Teryx® S LE – Candy Lime Green or Candy Persimmon Red  – MSRP:   $15,799

2022 Teryx4™ S LE – Candy Lime Green or Candy Persimmon Red –  MSRP:  $17,799

2022 Teryx4™ S LE Camo – Fragment Camo Gray  –  MSRP:  $17,999

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2022 Kawasaki TERYX4  and TERYX4 S LE Specifications                                  

Engine:               783cc, Liquid-cooled, SOHC, four valves per cylinder, 90-degree, 4-Sroke, V-twin  

Fuel system:       Electronic Fuel Injection, Dual Mikuni 36mm throttle bodies

Ignition:             TCBI w/ electronic advance

Transmission:    Continuously variable belt-drive transmission with high and low range, plus reverse and wet centrifugal clutch  

Final drive:         Selectable four-wheel drive with locking Front Differential, shaft   

Frame:                Double-X reinforced design using large-diameter, thin-walled, high-tensile tubular steel  


Front:                 Dual A-arm FOX 2.0 LSC Piggyback Shocks, fully adjustable preload, and adjustable compression damping / 10.7 in..wheel travel

Rear:                  Independant Rear Susspension (IRS) Double wishbone, FOX 2.0 LSC Piggyback Shocks, fully adjustable preload, and adjustable compression damping / 10.0 in.travel

Front tires:         Maxxis 27×9-14  

Rear tires:          Maxxis 27×11-14  

Brakes-Front:     Dual hydraulic discs with 2-piston calipers  

Brakes-Rear:      Sealed, oil-bathed, multi-disc  

Dimensions:        118.1in. Long  x 62.6in. Wide  x  78.5 in. High

Clearance:           12.2 in.  

Lighting:              (4) LED headlights, (2) LED taillights, LED stoplight

Towing Cap.:       1300 lbs.

Curb Weight:       1596 lbs

Fuel Cap.              7.9 gal.

Instruments:        Multi-function digital meter with speedometer, fuel gauge, clock, hour meter, odometer, dual trip meter, parking-brake, R/N/P/4WD, water temp and low-oil-pressure indicators

Warranty:             Kawasaki Strong 3 Year Limited Warranty 


June 10, 2021

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