2020 was a banner year for off-road recreation.  New riders entered the sport in droves, resulting in record sales increases.  The problem for most manufacturers was simply keeping up.  If you stopped by a local dealer, you likely wondered if they were still in business.  No manufacturer escaped supply and logistics problems, but true to their nature for innovation, Polaris found creative ways to leverage their manufacturing might, and at the same time develop an impressive lineup of new models for 2022.  Whether you prefer handlebars or a steering wheel, Polaris has great looking and great performing ATVs and Side x Sides heading to a trail near you.     

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NEW for ‘22

Polaris is never short on new models or upgrades to existing platforms, and for 2022 there are changes across every product line.  They are:

  • ALL-NEW RANGER SP 570.  Built tough like a full-sized Ranger, but in a smaller package, and at a bargain price. 
  • A NEW GENERAL REPORTS FOR DUTY.  The new GENERAL XP 1000 Trailhead Edition is meant for expeditions deep into the woods, with extra features and performance upgrades.  You can’t go wrong with a General.
  • ATV UPGRADES – SPORTSMAN XP1000 and 570.  Our pick every time for weekend trail rides, both Limited Edition models get enhanced features and the Ride Command system. 
  • RZR PERFORMANCE UPGRADES.  The RZR Pro XP Premium and Ultimate cabs have been refined, and all full-sized RZR models get a handy trickle-charge system.
  • YOUTH MODEL RZR.  Kids want to ride too, and a new RZR 200 makes it easier, and safer than ever. 
  • RHINO-RACK TOOL CONTAINMENT – New accessories to help you organize your worksite for both the Ranger and General platforms.

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Much of the off-road market is built on the premise bigger is better.  The trouble is, that doesn’t work for everybody.  The 2022 Ranger SP 570 is built to meet that need and it comes with a long list of full-sized features and capability, but at a bargain price.  This model is a can’t miss!

The new Ranger SP 570 is built on a platform that is much like a slightly scaled down version of its full-sized brothers.  A sturdy steel frame carries the load, with independent suspension at both ends, and the engine is cradled towards the rear.  Just above the engine is a 30% larger rear dump box with a new single handle latch on the tailgate, which is a noted improvement over the previous dual latch system that over time would become loose.  Load capacity has not been listed, but we expect it to exceed 500 lbs., while towing (and more importantly braking capability) is listed at 1500 lbs.  Both are excellent numbers.  The new RANGER SP 570 stands at 56 inches wide and rides on 25-inch tires, with an additional inch of clearance over its predecessor, giving it a best-in-class 11 inches of ground clearance.  Maintenance-free suspension bushings and wheel bearings come standard on every model, offering a smoother, quieter ride.

Polaris continues to get the most out of their beloved Pro-Star 570 engine, and that too has been upgraded for the new Ranger.  The single cylinder, liquid-cooled engine is fed by EFI for consistent power delivery, excellent starts, and long-term reliability, and it cranks out a respectable 44hp. The Polaris CVT transmission features High, Low, Neutral, Reverse and Park positions, and the CVT clutch system has been upsized and recalibrated for low-speed drivability and long-term reliability.   As with other Ranger models, drive modes include 2WD, 4WD with VersaTrac, and Turf Mode.  Premium models get an upgraded 575cca battery, a 660W stator and Polaris Pulse Electrical system for powering the practically unlimited number of accessories owners find handy.    

With both their ATV and Side x Side lineups, Polaris has always stressed ergonomics and comfort, and that certainly hasn’t changed with the Ranger SP 570.  Seating position is upright, with ample leg room below, and comfortable seats that have been sculpted to hold you in place.  Just as importantly, it’s easy to get in or out of the vehicle, and although side nets are functional, nothing beats a good set of doors for both protection and ease of use.   On the dash everything is exactly where the driver needs it, with an easy-to-read digital display, and good pedal angle below.  There is no jerky feel from poor pedal angle with the Ranger SP 570.  Storage is very important on a Side x Side.  There are always tools or gear to carry, and the Ranger SP 570 comes with almost 20 gallons of storage capacity in the cab area.  If you need more than that, consider a trailer.   Overall styling of the new Ranger 570 definitely draws from its full-sized siblings, and the look is both aggressive and sporty. 


On the trail the Ranger SP 570 is impressive.  The engine starts quickly, but the exhaust note is quiet even at higher RPMs.  In fact, it’s amazingly quiet, with no noticeable vibration, and it picks up speed quickly.  The larger 25” tires do a good job of grabbing traction in most terrain, with little body roll noticed except under aggressive cornering.  With a width of only 56 inches, this Ranger easily carves through the woods, sometimes in areas we didn’t even expect to fit.  Steering is both responsive and delivers good feel to the driver.  Polaris models have long been known for delivering excellent ride quality, and the new Ranger SP definitely carries that trait.  The SP 570 suspension is smooth, the engine delivers all the power most owners will ever need, and it runs like a champ!

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The Ranger SP 570 is available in both two-seat and CREW models and is offered in two trim packages.  The SP 570 NorthStar edition features a fully enclosed cab and factory-installed heating.  It’s perfect for plowing snow or frosty mornings at deer camp, and it delivers premium features and complete comfort in a mid-sized package.  The NorthStar Edition comes standard with the Polaris Pro Shield cab system, including all-new doors, full crank-down windows and a Polaris HD 3,500-lb winch.  You’ll love it!

RANGER SP 570 – Starting at $10,499 U.S. MSRP

RANGER CREW SP 570 – Starting at $11,999 U.S. MSRP

RANGER SP 570 NorthStar Edition – Starting at $16,999 U.S. MSRP

RANGER CREW SP 570 NorthStar Edition – Starting at $19,499 U.S. MSRP


The full-size RANGER lineup receives several upgrades for 2022, all driven by customer input.  They are:

  • HVAC Upgrades – An updated air conditioning design features a variable compressor for faster cooling and lower temps, even at idle. Available on XP 1000 NorthStar models.
  • All-New Seats – Redesigned seats offer next-level comfort thanks to upgraded cushioning and premium material, with redesigned bolsters to help keep you in place.  Available on XP 1000 and XP 1000 NorthStar models.
  • 8-ply Pro Armor X-Terrain Tires – The tires offer added durability while retaining premium ride comfort and traction for any terrain. Available on XP 1000 models. like 27” Maxxis tires and cast aluminum wheels. 



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July 29, 2021

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