The Arctic Cat Prowler Pro can be a farm hand, workmate, or your best hunting buddy, all on the same day.  Designed as a hard-working UTV that can tow a round bale or push a mountain of snow, it’s also incredibly quiet and supremely capable of sneaking back to your deer stand.  From farmhand to hunting partner, the Arctic Cat Prowler Pro transforms seamlessly.  We recently put the Prowler Pro to the test in the heart of Northern Minnesota’s whitetail territory – and it didn’t disappoint.

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The 2023 Arctic Cat Prowler Pro lineup offers versatility for any task, coming in two core models with three variations each. Both the standard Prowler Pro and the six-seat Prowler Pro Crew are built for hard work, boasting the muscle to tow hefty loads and the speed to get you there fast. The key difference lies in their size: the Crew features a slightly extended chassis and an additional bench seat to accommodate larger crews.  The models are:

  • PROWLER PRO EPS. The base model with seating for three, a quiet 3-cylinder engine, 12.5” ground clearance, 26” tires, excellent storage, a 1000 lb. capacity dumping cargo bed, 2” receiver hitch, power steering, and full width front bumper.    Color:  Medium Green.  Msrp:  $15,499
  • PROWLER PRO XT. Includes all base model features but also premium bumper, doors, color matched springs, a 4500lb Warn Winch, extra LED lighting, and a roof.  Color:  Phantom Grey.  Msrp:  $17,699
  • PROWLER PRO LTD. Comes with Dual High/Low beam halogen lights with LED Accent, LED Taillights, premium bumper, doors, color matched springs and roll cage, color matched seat, a 4500lb Warn Winch, overhead console, and a roof.  Color:  Fossil.  Msrp:  $17,999
  • PROWLER PRO CREW EPS. Seating for 6 with a longer chassis, a very quiet 3-cylinder engine, 12.5” ground clearance, excellent storage, a 1000 lb. capacity dumping cargo bed, power steering, and heavy-duty full width front bumper.  Color:  Medium Green.  Msrp:  $16,999
  • PROWLER PRO CREW XT. The base Prowler Crew EPS with premium bumper, doors, color matched springs, a 4500lb Warn Winch, extra lighting, and a roof.  Color:  Phantom Grey.  Msrp:  $19,999
  • PROWLER PRO CREW LTD. Top-Of-The-Line.  Comes with Dual High/Low beam halogen lights with LED Accent, LED Taillights, premium bumper, doors, color matched springs and roll cage, color matched seat, a 4500lb Warn Winch, overhead console, and a roof.  Color:  Fossil.  Msrp:  $20,999

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COMMON FEATURES – All Prowler Pro models share a long list of common features.  They are:

  • Quiet, three-cylinder 812cc engine with EFI and CVT transmission
  • Solid chassis built for years of heavy use
  • Large cargo bed with 1,000lb capacity, and 2,000 towing capability
  • Bench seating for three or six
  • Vibration absorbing mounts on all critical components to eliminate noise and unwanted vibration
  • EXCELLENT, innovative storage in cab, and even behind seat!
  • Easy access to regular maintenance items such as air filter, battery, oil filter
  • Beefy, full width steel front bumpers for front end bodywork protection
  • 2” hitch for towing
  • Electronic Power Steering
  • Made in Thief River Falls by avid Minnesota sportsmen and women


Every Arctic Cat Prowler rides on a steel chassis, but it features a unique suspension.  Longer A-arms reduce camber change through the suspension stroke, and the further you can get the mounts inboard the better.  Arctic Cat actually put them on the opposite side!  The A-arms to the left rear wheel mount on the right side of the chassis, and vice-versa.  To complete the package the rear CVT shafts sweep back into the wheel upright.  It’s a clever feature that works.  We also like how ‘Cat closed in any open tube ends to prevent them from filling with water or mud.  Five position adjustable shocks are found on each corner.

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Arctic Cat wanted the Prowler to be very quiet, but also have power for any hauling and towing.  A three cylinder, DOHC, 812cc engine fed by EFI is used and it cranks out 50 hp.  If it looks incredibly familiar, it should.  It’s the same engine used in the Kawasaki Mule Pro and Deere’s Gator 825.  The engine has been tuned to Arctic Cat’s specifications, which makes it a little quieter than the Kaw, but worlds ahead of the Deere which is so annoyingly loud you’ll want to walk back.  Baffling between the cab area and engine makes a difference, as does careful exhaust and air intake layout.  Special care was also given to engine mounting by using rubber mounts to eliminate vibration.

Arctic Cat knows CVT systems very well, and the Prowler Pro comes with a CVT that has been calibrated for smooth engagement but also good throttle response.  One feature very unique to the Prowler is the steering column mounted gear shifter.  It’s like the one in your truck, and completely intuitive.  So much so we found ourselves reaching for a blinker lever as well.

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The cab of the Prowler Pro is well equipped for either recreation or work.  There is excellent legroom for your hunting boots and the floor features a grippy surface.  Pedal angle is very good.  Seating position is fairly upright, but that makes it easy to see over the hood.  In the center of the dash is a digital display, and just below is an area designed for accessory switches.  Thankfully the wiring harness has been pre-wired for that as well, and they’re even labeled as such!  Under the dash is additional storage, and the doors feature handy pockets.  One of our favorite features of the Prowler Pro cab is right under you.  Everything but the driver’s seat can fold up or easily be taken out, and behind the seat there is a huge storage bin.  It’s easily big enough for your shotgun, extra jacket, tools, and whatever else you need to carry.

The Prowler Pro bodywork is pliable to take a hit and it also resists scratches.  Even during a frosty test ride it never felt like it was likely to crack.  The wheels are tucked in tight so you don’t get the annoying fling of mud back at you, and the doors help keep you protected.  A taller door would be even better, but these work.  There are a couple features we really love.  ‘Cat gave the Prowler Pro a full-width, tough steel bumper to protect all front-end components and the bodywork.  Under the hood is access to the radiator and electronics, and all bodywork seams are tight with narrow, even gaps.  The rear of the Prowler Pro features a heavy-duty composite dump box that is tipped slightly down at the rear so it always drains, and the tailgate is built with an internal structure to prevent flex.  Two hunting buddies can sit on it with no fear.

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The Prowler Pro is a natural hunter and makes its way through the woods almost instinctively.  It’s possible to wind between trees, cross trail obstacles, climb hills, and slip into the background while barely making a sound.  It’s easy to have a normal conversation while cruising down the trail, and most of what you hear is driveline noise when in 4wd.  On hardpack surfaces you can hear the tire noise as well.  As you pick up speed the noise increases a bit, but it’s never obnoxious. Throttle response is very good, with a steady power delivery.  The rubber vibration mounts work very well and there is no vibration felt in the seat, floor, or steering wheel.  They also help reduce any chassis squeaks.  With a top speed a little over 50 mph the Prowler Pro isn’t the fastest in the class, but it’s plenty quick enough for what it’s designed for.  Finally, Arctic Cat considered maintenance as well.  The oil filter is easily reached behind a small door between the seats while the battery, air filter, and other components are protected by wheel well liners that are super easy to remove thanks to ¼ turn fasters.

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Our biggest wish with the Prowler Pro is that there were more of them.  A 500 class, slightly smaller unit would be welcome and would give Arctic Cat dealers an additional product line to sell also.  Arctic Cat management has stated they intend to broaden their lineup and expand the active dealer network.  We look forward to seeing how the Prowler Pro continues to evolve, new models are developed, and the company expands their reach.   The 2023 Arctic Car Prowler Pro is rugged, reliable, and ready for both work and play.  They’ve got a solid base to start from.


2023 ARCTIC CAT PROWLER PRO specifications


Engine:                 50 hp, 812cc, Liquid-Cooled 4-Stroke, 3 Cylinder Dual Overhead Cam, Gas

Transmission:     CVT, with High, Low, Park, Neutral & Reverse.  Shifter on steering column

Drive Train:         2w/4w shaft driven.  Front Diff – 2/4WD with Electronic Actuator.  Rear Diff – selectable locking

Front Suspension:            Double A-arm,  10-in. (254 mm) travel, gas charged twin tube shocks

Rear Suspension:             Double A-arm,  9.5-in. (241 mm) travel, gas charged twin tube shocks

Brakes:                               Dual Piston Front Calipers and Single Piston Rear Calipers

Tires/Front:                       26 x 9  x 14 in  –  Aluminum Wheels

Tires/Rear:                         26 x 11  x 14 in  –  ALuminum Wheels

Steering:                             Electronic Power Steering, Tilt Steering Wheel

Dimensions:                       127.8 x 63 x 78 in   (324.6cm  x 160  x 198  mm)

Ground Clearance:           12.5 in (31.75 cm)

Dry Weight:                        1,605 lb (728 kg)

Towing Capacity:              2,000 lb  (907.2 kg)

Box Capacity:                    1,000 lb  (453.6  kg)

Hitch:                                   2” rear receiver   –  standard

Fuel Capacity:                   10 US gal (37.9 L)

Instrumentation:               Digital Gauge, Digital Speedometer, Odometer, Techometer, Tripmeter, Gear Indicator, Fuel Gauge, AWD Indicator, Hi-Temp/Low-Batt Lights, DC Outlet, On-Board Diagnostics

DC Outlet:                           Lighter type in console

Seating & Storage:           Bench Seat, 3-Passenger with Removable Passenger Seats,  Cargo Dump Box, Glove Box, Behind-Seat Storage, Cup Holders (2)

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March 26, 2024

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