We’re always ready for any adventure that lets us explore new territory.  As anyone who has planned a weekend riding trip can tell you though, it’s not always easy prepping your machines and gear, packing it all on the trailer, and towing it cross-country.  Wouldn’t it be so much easier if you could just show up, slip on your helmet, and ride away?  Now you can do exactly that and at the end of the day you hand the keys back and head to the shower. 

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Polaris has a huge database of the best trails thanks to their Ride Command app, but they also know the difficulties in exploring a new area.  They want to help you explore some of the country’s best riding areas that you might otherwise never see, and they’ve put together a program to make it happen.  It’s called POLARIS ADVENTURES, and it’s available for every type of vehicle in the Polaris stable.

Polaris Adventures is all about connecting you to the outdoors, whether it’s just with your significant other, your family, or a group of friends.   Their network of ride and drive adventures is designed to create safe, memorable adventures of half-day, full-day, or custom rides for all skill levels.  Whether you are new to off-roading or an experienced veteran they’ve got the perfect trip for you.  Details of the Polaris Adventure Program are: 

  • Its exploration made easy.  Pick where you would like to ride – desert, mountains, forest, etc.  Get your group there, and your Outfitter can help with the rest.  They’ll even have recommendations on where to stay, and if you are flying in, which airports to use, and even local sights and activities.  It will never get any easier than this. 
  • Vehicles are some of the best in the Polaris fleet, professionally maintained, and ready go.  Choose either the 2 or 4 seat RZR Side x Sides, and in some areas Rangers and General models.
  • Polaris provides helmets and goggles.  They suggest you wear long pants, long sleeve shirt, and closed toed shoes.  Even though a RZR has good storage, we usually bring a backpack for snacks, water, a travel raincoat, etc.
  • All that’s needed for the driver is a valid driver’s license, and based on your previous off-road experiences and skill, the outfitter will make recommendations on routes.  There are adventures for all skill levels, from beginner to expert.
  • Adventures can be desert based, mountains, northern forests, and even in Hawaii! 
  • Vehicles come equipped with intuitive navigation and accessories tailored to the local environment.
  • All guests are given vehicle and safety instructions.  Your outfitter will make sure you are fully prepared before you hit the trails.
  • Adventure registration is easy.  You can do it all online!

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Polaris supplies the vehicles for the Adventure ride and drive program, but it’s the local outfitters that are key to making it happen.  If you want to know the best trails, sights, and places to visit, you ask a local.  Outfitters become certified through top customer service ratings, best ride practices, and unique ride and terrain offerings.  They are held to the highest possible safety and ethics standards, and receive a new fleet of the latest Polaris vehicles every year.  It’s their goal to insure you have the best adventure possible and return safely.  The outfitter network in constantly expanding and there are over 90 Outfitters in 33 states, all with epic destinations from coast to coast, and even in Hawaii!  They’ve even got on-road and snowmobile adventures as part of the program.    


Many people would love to explore the wonders of the back country on a safe, reliable off-road vehicle.  It’s a true bucket-list item, but few have the ability to make it happen for any number of reasons.  Polaris realized that as well, and this was the inspiration for the Polaris Adventure program.  It’s a unique concept to be sure, and Polaris is the first OEM to offer any program like it.  By creating the Polaris Adventure program, the world of off-road recreation and exploration is vastly expanded to a huge number of potential enthusiasts.  When people who have no experience with our favorite form of recreation give it a try, they’ll understand what it’s all about a little better, and that’s a good thing.  After all, no new rider has ever come back from a successful day of exploring the trails on an ATV or Side x Side and been disappointed.  Instead they have memories for a lifetime, ear to ear smiles, and a desire to do it again at the next opportunity.  They’re suddenly off-road enthusiasts.  They get it, just as any long-time rider does. 

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Check out our review of the newest Polaris Adventures Network partner, Wildlife Refuge Cabins in Michigan’s beautiful Upper Peninsula.


We applaud Polaris for making this creative program happen.  The Polaris Adventures program is a wonderful way to introduce new riders to the joys of off-road recreation.  They’ll experience the backcountry like they never could before, from the vastness of wide-open spaces, to the beauty of rugged terrain, and even the wildlife that lives there.  They’ll come to know what off-road recreation is really all about.  They’ll become explorers, and in many ways, maybe they’ll learn a little about themselves too. 

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September 3, 2019

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