KAWASAKI made a statement when they introduced their new RIDGE Side x Side in a Superbowl ad featuring Stone Cold Steve Austin.  The Kawasaki Ridge is a new player in the crossover UTV segment, and as the ad implies, it’s designed to handle both work and play with equal ability.  The new RIDGE comes with innovative features, comfortable and well-designed cabs, and Kawasaki’s outstanding reliability wrapped in a stylish package.  It’s a far cry from Kawasaki’s humble, utilitarian Mule introduced decades ago, and we couldn’t wait to check them out!

2024 Kawasaki Ridge UTV on muddy trailHVAC system and LCD display of 2024 Kawasaki Ridge UTV dash


Crossover UTVs are designed to work all week carrying bales or landscape bark, then hit the trails or trek to deer camp on the weekend.  It’s an enormous category long dominated by Can-Am and Polaris, but Kawasaki has equipped the Ridge to challenge that.  There are two versions of the Ridge and both base models ride on a common chassis, with two engine choices.   Besides the different engine horsepower, differences in trim packages and features insure there is a Ridge for practically everyone, and every job.  Kawasaki hasn’t even finished filling out the different trim packages, but at this time there are two versions and multiple trim packages:

Introducing the RIDGE BASE PACKAGE.  Choose from the Ridge Limited, Ranch Edition, or Ridge HVAC models, each equipped with a punchy 92hp, 999cc engine and rolling on its 27-inch tires.  Upgrade your experience by adding features like a full cab, powerful Warn winches, a climate-control system, and a top-notch infotainment system with Garmin GPS and audio.  Glass windows with wipers are a nice touch, and we love the little RIDGE logo in the corner of the front window, which is a nice nod to Jeep.  Front and rear cameras are included in some packages.  It’s even got power windows!  Electronic Power Steering is standard on all RIDGE models.  Choose from three selectable power modes to tackle any challenge, and personalize your ride with a wide range of available options that easily integrate with the chassis.  The RIDGE BASE PACKAGE offers great value and endless possibilities.  Pricing begins at $23,999.

Cab and dash 2024 Kawasaki Ridge UTV

Get ready for RIDGE XR!  The highly anticipated Kawasaki RIDGE XR hits the market later in the year as the 2025 Ridge XR and Ridge XR Deluxe, offering even more options for adventure-seeking riders.  The biggest difference is the engine.  All RIDGE XR models share the same powerful 116hp engine and durable 30-inch tires, geared for tackling tough terrain.  RIDGE XR models also come with bucket seats, and extra storage between.  While specific package details haven’t been released yet, expect features similar to the standard Ridge models. Stay tuned for pricing announcements and prepare to experience the RIDE with the all-new RIDGE XR!


While both Ridge models share the same core engine, they pack vastly different punches.  We asked the actual Kawasaki engineer who designed the engine to explain the difference.  By clever tuning and tweaking the ECU map, increasing air intake, and ditching a restrictive exhaust orifice, Kawasaki conjured an impressive 24hp jump in the Ridge XR.  It’s a serious difference in performance, but don’t just rely on your throttle foot for precision control.  The Ridge offers three intuitive power modes: WORK, NORMAL, and SPORT. Each delivers exactly what the name suggests, with SPORT unleashing the full 116hp beast.  Clutching on the XR models is also different than the standard RIDGE to match the increased engine horsepower.

Four-cylinder engine on Kawasaki Ridge UTVMuddy trail Kawasaki Ridge


Kawasaki knows happy owners come from easy maintenance, and they designed the Ridge with that in mind. Here’s what makes upkeep a breeze:

  • Tool-Free Air Filter Access:  Forget fumbling for tools! The spacious air filter pops out easily with a panel below the center seat, keeping your hands clean and zero frustration from fishing your digits into tight spaces.
  • No-Heat Oil Filter Changes:  Say goodbye to burnt fingers! The oil filter’s accessible location allows for hassle-free changes without contortions or accidental brandings.
  • Convenient Oil Dipstick & Fill:  Checking and adding oil is a snap thanks to the dipstick’s handy location on top of the engine and the generously sized fill hole, minimizing spills and mess.
  • Accessory Installation Made Simple:  Don’t let wiring woes slow you down. The Ridge comes equipped with two terminal blocks: one under the hood for external accessories and another under the glove box for easy in-cab additions.  It’s a clever feature.  Great job Kawasaki engineering team!

With these thoughtful features, Kawasaki turns routine maintenance into a breeze, giving you more time to enjoy your adventures.  Now that’s what we call owner-friendly!

Front Winch and heavy duty bumper available for 2024 Kawasaki Ridge UTVAIr filter on Kawasaki Ridge


The Kawasaki RIDGE isn’t just another side-by-side.  It’s a blend of serious capability, style, and clever convenience features.  Here’s what we loved most:

  • Built to Last:  Kawasaki’s legendary reliability shines through in the RIDGE’s engine and chassis.  You know you’re getting a machine that will stand the test of time.
  • Cool Touches:  The RIDGE logo on the window trim might be purely aesthetic, but it’s a cool nod to classic Jeep design, adding a touch of personality.  Similarly, the D-shaped steering wheel not only provides extra legroom but also exudes a sleek, modern look.
  • Unique Engine Sound:  Forget your average UTV engine. The RIDGE’s 4-cylinder roars to life with a unique blend of turbo spooling, turbine whine, and, well, maybe the world’s most powerful leaf blower. Trust us, it’s awesome.
  • Lighted Switches & Dome Light:  No more fumbling in the dark!  Backlit switches and a dome light provide easy access to controls and help you find your gear.
  • Finished Interiors:  Smooth, well-designed interior door panels eliminate uncomfortable sharp edges, improving overall comfort.  Dual Glove Boxes keep tools separate from valuables with two easily accessible compartments. Multiple USB ports ensure everyone stays charged up.
  • Fold Out Console:  A folding center console offers a couple handy cup holders.
  • Dual Firewall:  This innovative feature contributes to a quieter cabin experience.
  • Durable Bodywork:  Durable plastic bodywork resists scratches and cracks, while the integrated wheel well liners keep mud and debris at bay. The panels fit together seamlessly, showcasing the RIDGE’s quality construction.
  • Garmin GPS:  This is one feature we want on any RIDGE model.  The Garmin GPS is a VERY handy tool with trail mapping, group ride capability, vehicle info, and even a gimble system so it knows vehicle pitch and roll angles.  LOVE IT!
  • Windshield Wiper & Cleaner:  It might seem simple, but the power windshield wiper is a great feature.  It even comes with a handy squirt of cleaner by pushing the button, just like the one in your truck!

Overhead Grab Handle on 2024 Kawasaki RIdge Side x SIdeAccessory wiring harness inside Kawasaki Ridge Smooth inner door surface of Kawasaki RIdge UTV cab and electric window switches


The Kawasaki RIDGE may share kinship with the original Mule, but it’s a far distant cousin.  Mule owners of yesteryear would be awestruck, maybe even a touch envious, of the RIDGE’s features and capabilities.  After all, it outshines anything they were driving, on or off-road.

Whether you’re conquering rugged trails, tackling chores around the farm, or simply cruising through the woods, the KAWASAKI RIDGE delivers a winning combination.  It’s functional, stylish, and packed with features designed to make your life easier.   As Steve Austin says;  Hell Yeah!

2024 KAWASAKI RIDGE Technical Specifications
Engine:            999cc, liquid-cooled, four-stroke, Inline 4-cylinder, DOHC with EFI
Horsepower:    92.  XR MODELS – 116
Transmission: CVT with 2WD/4WD, Dual Mode Locking rear Diff.  XR MODEL:   Locking Front and Rear Differential
Suspension:    Front – Dual A-Arm, 12.7″ wheel travel.  Rear – Dual A-Arm, 10.1” wheel travel.  Hydraulic Disc Brakes at all wheels.
Tires/Wheels: Front – 27 x 9-14; Rear – 29 x 11-14.   XR MODEL – Front and Rear – 30 x 10-14.  Cast Aluminum Wheels on all models
Curb Weight:   1,909.5 (Ranch), 2,044.0 (HVAC), 2,022.0 (Limited) lb.  XR MODEL – 2,066.1 lb.
Grnd Clearance:   12.6 (Std.), 13.6 (Max Preload) in.  XR MODEL – 13.8 (Std.), 14.6 (Max Preload) in.
Fuel Capacity: 12.9 Imp. Gal
L x W x H:        126.4 x 64.0 x 81.9 in.   XR MODEL – 125.4 x 64.0 x 82.3
Capacity:         BED – 1000 lbs.  TOWING – 2500 lbs.
Lighting:          LED projectors, LED tail/brake
Seating:           3.  XR MODEL – 2
Steering:          Electronic Power Steering – Standard
Instruments     7” high-grade full-color TFT LCD screen with Digital speedometer, tachometer, fuel gauge, odometer, dual trip meters, total time, trip time, average speed, gear indicator, Driving Mode, Power Mode, clock, water temperature, battery voltage, oil change reminder, Bluetooth indicator, Economical Riding Indicator, maintenance reminder, high beam, neutral, reverse, and warning lights (battery, EPS, CVT, seatbelt, parking indicator, oil pressure, water temperature)
Warranty:        Kawasaki Strong 3-Year Limited Warranty. Kawasaki Protection Plus 12, 24, 36 or 48 Months extended plans available.



2024 Kawasaki Ridge UTV with snow plowFold out console 2024 Kawasaki RIdge UTV