Dreading another season of backbreaking shoveling? Ditch the drudgery and embrace the power of winter with an ATV or UTV snow blower! Perfect for clearing driveways, walkways, or even large parking lots, these bad boys are built to tackle whatever Mother Nature throws your way. Whether you’re a seasoned snow warrior or a newbie to the four-wheeled winter world, our ATV and UTV snow blower review will equip you with the knowledge to conquer the next blizzard. We’ve scoured the market, digging into the features, specs, and user experiences of top manufacturers’ ATV and UTV snow blowers, so you can find the perfect machine to turn winter from a white-knuckled nightmare into a snow-flinging power trip. 


From their large factory near Alexandria, Minnesota ERSKINE ATTACHMENTS has been building heavy-duty tools and attachments for tractors, skid loaders, ATVs & UTVs for many years.  They also make a solid snowblower for ATVs and Side x Sides. 

We like the design of both the Erskine ATV and UTV snowblower, and although you might expect them to be nearly identical, they are not.  They operate on two very different drive systems.

Since no ATV offers a PTO or hydraulic system, any snowblower, rotary broom and mower would require its own power source.  Rather than having a different engine attached to every tool, the Erskine ATV blower is shaft driven from an engine that attaches to the rear of the ATV.  Key features are:

  • 48” cutting width with 18” high opening
  • 12” open flight auger feeding a 16”, 4-blade fan for even feed
  • 360° chute rotation from electric motor controlled by a switch
  • Uses an existing ATVwinch for height control
  • Skid shoes are adjustable and replaceable
  • Auger and fan are protected from damage by sheer bolts

Erskine UTV snow blower Erskine UTV snow blower

Erskine’s UTV Snowblower has one major advantage in that it can be mounted on most full and even some mid-sized UTVs.  If you already have the Can-Am Defender, Kawasaki Mule-Pro, or most other brands of UTVs you might as well put it to work.  The Erskine snowblower can do that.  Just like with ATVs though, very, very few UTVs come with a PTO or hydraulic system, and that means it needs its own power source.  Power is provided by a secondary engine placed in the bed.  Details are:

  • 60” cutting width
  • 12” open flight auger, 16” 4-blade fan design
  • The hydraulic power unit, (sold separately)
  • Use of existing UTV winch for lift operation is required

  Erskine UTV snow blower power pack Erskine ATV snow blower

Unlike every other snowblower for ATVs and UTVs, the Erskine UTV blower is hydraulically driven.  That means there is no driveshaft underneath the machine and only two lines to connect.  Drive up to the blower, snap it onto the carrying frame, hook up the quick-connect hydraulic fittings and winch lift, and you are ready to go.  As with the ATV blower and all of the equipment Erskine makes, the UTV snowblower is built for many years of helping you out. 

All of the Erskine ATV and UTV equipment is proudly made at their Northern Minnesota facility by skilled craftsmen and women.  They use only steel that meets U.S. standards, they’re ISO certified, and they promise is to deliver quality, reliability, and value with every attachment.

Erskine Attachments, LLC   PO Box 1083, Alexandria, MN 56308 USA



Kubota’s RTV-X1100C and V5296 snowblower is arguably the gold standard of all UTV snow moving equipment.  It’s heavy-duty, professionally built, and designed to last. The solid, secure hookup can’t be beaten for ease of installation, and despite the nasty weather outside, the entire system can be run from a joystick inside the comfy, climate-controlled cab of the RTV in nothing more than a well-worn work tee.  Highlights of the Kubota system are:

  • 66” wide commercial grade snowblower body, frame, auger, and blower
  • Chute rotation and chute deflector are both adjusted by hydraulics from inside the cab
  • 4-blade fan for even feed and consistent performance
  • PTO drove with Kubota K-connect quick attachment system.
  • Gear reduction box for quiet operation and less maintenance.
  • Adjustable/replaceable skid shoes
  • Replaceable / reversible cutting edge
  • Drift cutters standard
  • Shear bolt protection for auger and fan.
  • Connects/disconnects easily in seconds and with no tools.

   Kubota RTV snow blower Kubota UTV snow blower        

You can’t beat Kubota’s diesel power!  If you’ve got a job that requires maximum torque, the triple-cylinder RTV-X1100C engine puts our gobs of power that is perfect for pitching wet snow wherever you want to point the hydraulically adjusted chute.  We’ve always admired the heavy-duty chassis under the Kubota RTVs. They’re not going to win any races, but just like their construction equipment cousins, they are built to last.  To make long days on the job a little easier, the cab of the RTV-X1100C is comfortable, refined, and practically off-road luxury!  All controls are exactly where you need them, and the control stick for all front attachments is highly intuitive.  It can also be mounted on either side of the steering wheel.  The seating position is upright in the sculpted seats and the vision out of the RTV cab is excellent, making it easy to see the work ahead.

Connecting the RTV-X1100C to the blower could hardly be any easier thanks to the plow mounts and K-connect PTO system.  Sturdy mounts are bolted to the underside of the chassis and although they reduce ground clearance slightly underneath the mount, we would leave them on all year since they also work with other attachments.  A couple of spring-loaded pins lock all front attachments in place, and quick-connect hydraulic fittings mean you are ready for business.  All that’s left is to set the engine RPMs and head for the drifts.  Setting the engine speed is easy thanks to a locking throttle knob, and since the Kubota’s operate by hydraulic drive, engine RPMs can remain consistent as you moderate travel speed with the throttle pedal, which now only controls ground speed.  Turning the blower off returns both travel and engine speed to the throttle pedal.  It’s a smart, easy-to-use system.  The Kubota will throw all the snow you can put in front of it, and if you get the blower a little too low, a few stones and dirt as well.  Luckily the skids are adjustable and replaceable.  If the drifts are too big for the 1100C you don’t need a snowblower, you need a dogsled!

The Kubota RTV-X1100C and V5296 snowblower present a highly impressive snow moving package.  If you’re normally moving mountains of snow or just happen to be plowing anything smaller than Chicago O’Hare they’ll get the job done. 

Kubota snow blower


Bercomac is a Canadian company specializing in small implements and attachments for tractors, mowing equipment, ATVs, and UTVs.  You can bet that living in Canada has taught them a thing or two about moving snow and they’ve got blowers for whatever you ride.  

The Bercomac ATV snow blowers come in widths from 48 to 54 inches.  The blowers are available with a choice of engines that provide a direct drive to the fan since they are mounted directly behind it.  Bercomac also uses a unique mounting system that reaches underneath the ATV and connects to the ball hitch at the rear.  Details of their top-of-the-line VERSATILE PLUS 54″ SNOWBLOWER are:

  • Universal installation thanks to the rear ball mount.  Installs in less than 5 minutes on most ATVs
  • Equipped with a 20hp Honda engine with electric start
  • Extra heavy-duty gearbox ensures performance in all types of snow and requires no maintenance
  • Unique belt system type “B” ensures reliability and long life
  • Electromagnetic clutch for an immediate start and stop of the snowblower
  • Chute features electric rotation and deflector adjustment
  • Full controls – including emergency stop switch – in control box at riders fingertips
  • Uses existing winch to raise and lower blower

  Bercomac ATV snow blower Bercomac UTV snow blower

Bercomac also offers a universal snowblower for UTVs but to accommodate the wider track the blower is larger as well and can be had in either 66 or 72” widths.  At the top of the line is the 72” Vantage.  Key features are:

  • The universal mounting system works on most UTVs.  An adjustable bar reaches back to the tow hitch.  The system attaches to the front axle with guide chains
  • Choice of the engine between 22 hp Honda and a 25 hp Kohler, both with electric start
  • Extra heavy-duty gearbox ensures performance in all types of snow and requires no maintenance
  • Powerful serrated screw auger easily slices through even hardened snow
  • The 4-bladed fan rotates at high speed which throws the snow maximum distance. 
  • Electromagnetic clutch for an immediate start and stop of the snowblower
  • Electrical controls for the rotation of the chute and the adjustment of the deflector shield. 
  • Full controls – including emergency stop switch – in control box at riders fingertips
  • Uses existing winch to raise and lower blower

  Bercomac Snow Blower control Bercomac UTV snow blower

BERCOMAC    92, rue Fortin Nord, Adstock (Québec) Canada  G0N 1S0

Toll Free:  800-430-2252       phone:  877-772-3726


Bobcat offers a snowblower as one of eight accessory attachments for the Bobcat 3650 utility vehicle.  Like the Kubota, the Bobcat snowblower is PTO driven, and a Kohler diesel engine provides the power to keep it spinning.  Key features of the Bobcat snowblower are:

  • Blower features 62” cutting width
  • Attaches with the Bobcat Multi-Attachment X-Change™ (M.A.X.) System for quick hookup to the vehicle frame, PTO, and hydraulics
  • 12” diameter main auger feeds a 14” diameter fan
  • Chute rotates from the joystick in-cab thanks to the hydraulic cylinder.  The top chute deflector is adjustable from the outside. 
  • Skid shoes are adjustable and replaceable
  • The cutting edge is reversible and replaceable
  • Shear bolts provide protection to driveline and blower components.

   Bobcat UTV cab and controls Bobcat snow blower

The Bobcat Utility vehicles are based heavily on the Polaris Brutus lineup thanks to their manufacturing partnership, but there are differences as well.  At the front of the Bobcat 3600 and 3650 is the MAX (Multi-Attachment) system.  It looks a little like a 3-point hitch for the front but it makes hookups a breeze. Just drive up to the tool, drop the nose under the tool mounts, and lift it up.  You’ll need to lock it in place and snap on the hydraulic lines, but in minutes you are ready to go to work.  We have noticed the tools definitely stick further out on the Bobcat than they do on the Kubota which places a little more stress on the front end, but you also get a little better view of the work as well.  A unique convenience feature on the Bobcat 3600 and 3650 is a hydrostatic control pedal on the floor.  Changing from forward to reverse is as simple as pressing the travel control pedal back and forth with your toe or heel – no gear shifting required.  Rather than dual hydraulic pumps, a single 2-speed hydraulic motor in the Bobcat 3600 and 3650 has both high and low ranges that deliver a broad range of torque. That means you don’t need to shift as often, further reducing wear and tear.    

Bobcat UTV snow blower


Our ATV and UTV snow blower review can help you pick a winter beating tool that meets your needs and the capabilities of your machine.  When the wind starts to howl and the drifting begins, you’ll be glad to have one.    

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November 10, 2019

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