Best Heavy Duty Side-x-Side – The 2011 Arctic Cat Prowler HDX 700

Best Heavy Duty Side-x-Side – The 2011 Arctic Cat Prowler HDX 700

2011.arctic-cat.prowler-hdx700.camo_.front-right.riding.on-dirt.jpgWhen one of the design parameters is that the vehicle must be able to carry a round bale almost as big as the vehicle itself, you know it’s going to be one tough, hard working UTV. Arctic Cat’s new Prowler HDX 700 can carry the bale, 3 passengers, and with a dump box seemingly half as big as a football field, practically the whole barn! We spent several days and 400 miles picking our way through the rocks, canyons, and desert to the North Rim of the Grand Canyon and back, and the HDX 700 was as reliable as a trusty dog or sure footed horse. Driving the HDX is much more comfortable, though. Arctic Cat gave the HDX tilt steering, a combination digital /analog gauge package, a dash mounted shifter, and power steering, which is especially welcome when hauling a heavy load or using front mounted attachments like a snow plow.

Powering the 700 HDX is an extremely smooth running, 695cc, liquid cooled, SOHC, 4-stroke, 4-valve engine. Electronic Fuel Injection insures excellent starts and crisp throttle response at any temperature or elevation. We found the engine to be powerful and fast! To accommodate the three person bench seat, the chassis is ten inches longer than the standard Prowler. CAT put the extra room to good use with two, nifty, side storage compartments ahead of the rear wheels. Under the front hood, there is also a cavernous storage area. In addition, there are a couple other features that really shine on the HDX and carry it to the top of the class.

The HDX 700 comes with premium quality FOX air assist shocks. Depending on the load, you can either stiffen or smooth them out by adding air pressure. It’s an awesome feature only found on the big ‘Cat, but so is the transformable rear dump box. The tough side panels on the rear dump box can be removed, and a flat cargo bed quickly makes a handy work bench. Finally, the HDX is equipped with tough, cast aluminum wheels. For all the tough, hard working features and the smooth running 700cc engine, the ARCTIC CAT HDX 700 is the best Heavy Duty Side X Side of 2010.

2011.arctic-cat.prowler-hdx700.close-up.dash_.jpg 2011.arctic-cat.prowler-hdx700.close-up.front-cargo.jpg
2011.arctic-cat.prowler-hdx700.close-up.front-cargo_0.jpg 2011.arctic-cat.prowler-hdx700.camo_.front-left.riding.on-dirt.jpg

December 30, 2010

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