Best Sport ATV – The 2011 Suzuki LTZ 400

Best Sport ATV – The 2011 Suzuki LTZ 400 riders use their ATVs for work, as pack mules on camping or hunting trips, or for trail exploration, but the best times are when out play riding with friends. After all, that’s why nearly every one of us got into this sport! For the simple joy of play riding, we want an ATV that offers all-day comfort, great handling, and an excellent engine with enough power to conquer hills and provide plenty of thrills. The Suzuki LTZ 400 fits the bill perfectly.

The LTZ 400 is powered by a liquid cooled, 398cc 4-stroke, single-cylinder, dual overhead cam engine with a counter-balancer mated to a smooth shifting, 5 speed gearbox and manual clutch. Suzuki also gave the ‘Z fuel injection, a race inspired, high strength steel tube chassis, and adjustable shocks to smooth out the ride. Maintenance is a breeze because of an easy access oil and air filter, but we can’t say enough about the ergonomics. On the trail or in the dunes, it’s extremely comfortable and easy to control. It has the handling of a high performance, race ready ATV without the pipey race motor that can often wear the rider out. We’ve even raced it on occasion, and the Suzuki LTZ 400 offers the perfect mix of a high tech engine, great power, and excellent ergonomics in an easy to control package that rewards aggressive riding but is equally adept at skimming across the dunes or down the trail. For those reasons, the Suzuki LTZ400 is our Playmate of the Year and the Best Sport ATV of 2010.

December 20, 2010

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