Grip it and rip it!  The 2024 Kawasaki Brute Force 750 is a thrill-seeking utility ATV that defies expectations.  Boasting a powerband that shatters the mold of traditional workhorses and a sporty, nimble feel, this machine is as happy hauling cargo as it is carving up trails.  The 2024 Brute Force 750 seamlessly blends brawn and agility, making it a master of both work and play.  Get ready to redefine what a utility ATV can be.

NEW for ‘24

The Brute Force 750 has been in the Kawasaki lineup for more than a decade.  Along the way it’s received continual upgrades, with geometry changes, a new chassis, different suspension specs, etc., but the overall look was never altered significantly.  Gone are the days of the same-old, same-old!  The 2024 Kawasaki Brute Force 750 ditches its familiar silhouette for a head-turning redesign. This isn’t just a cosmetic makeover, though.  The new body style hints at the expanded versatility and new features lurking beneath, and a new feel. 

Body styling is more than just covering the chassis and providing a little splash protection.  Smart design prioritizes clear sightlines over the hood, intuitive control placement that enhances rider-machine connection, and it has enormous influence in overall feel.  Kawasaki nailed it with the new body styling.  Forget bulky plastics that just get in your way.  New panels leave plenty of room for you to shift position, the seat is comfortable yet firm enough for support, and the racks don’t continually hit your backside. The 2024 Kawasaki Brute Force 750 redefines utility ATV design with a body that works for you, not against you.


Gear up for adventure with the 2024 Kawasaki Brute Force 750, available in four trim levels:

  • Unleash the power:  The base model Brute Force ($9,999) boasts rugged Timberline Green plastics and pure Brute Force performance.
  • Effortless Steering:  Take command with the Brute Force 750 EPS ($11,399) featuring Electric Power Steering and Grayish Blue color scheme. 
  • Premium style:  Elevate your off-road experience with the Brute Force 750 LE EPS ($11,999) in Light Sage Green or Cypher Camo Gray painted panels, hand guards, and integrated composite racks
  • Camo king:  Slip into the scenery with the Brute Force 750 LE EPS Camo ($11,999), featuring TrueTimber Strata hydro-dipped camo for long lasting durability.

One other big tip of the visor to Kawasaki… The 2024 Brute Force 750 lists at a MSRP of $9,999.  That’s identical to what it listed at in 2012, and after several rounds of updates and a new chassis!


All 2024 Brute Force 750 models share a common chassis.  Key features are:

  • Ultra reliable and sporty feeling 749cc, V-Twin four stroke engine mated to Kawasaki’s CVT transmission.
  • New bodywork with expanded splash protection, and new front and rear rack system with composite cover and integrated bucked holders
  • New LED lights front and rear, and a new center mounted headlight
  • New TFT Digital display
  • New CST tires.
  • Kawasaki’s KQR quick accessory attachment system.
  • Independent suspension front and rear
  • Excellent shifting from the right-side mounted shift lever.


Forget about breakdowns.  From the rock-solid chassis down to the gas cap, Kawasaki ATVs and Side x Sides are built to last.  We’ve never had one come apart on us, or strand us on the track or trail.  Regular maintenance is key, and with the Brute Force 750 it’s a breeze.  The oil filter spins on at the front of the engine, and the dipstick is conveniently located for no-hassle oil checks without having to remove any panels. 

Kawasaki’s got air filter placement figured out too.  Their unique, top-of-chassis location between your knees keeps dirty water out and makes servicing the foam filter a snap.  Foam filters are proven to be the best at trapping grit, so you can breathe easy – literally! –  And that steel chassis?  It’s the stuff of legend, renowned for its strength and durability.


The 2024 Brute Force 750 EPS rewrites the rulebook on steering.  At low crawls, it’s light and nimble, channeling the spirit of a sport ATV.  Crank up the pace, and it tightens up, keeping you connected to the terrain. The magic here? Kawasaki’s EPS is so intuitive, we completely forget it’s there.  The only time we thought about it was when we expected a harsh, wrist jamming impact through the bars as we clipped a tree root or one of the countless exposed rocks.  Those surprise hits?  The EPS absorbs them like a champ.  It’s perfect! 


Kawasaki’s Brute Force 750 boasts a brawny steel chassis that tackles tough terrain with ease. The independent rear suspension devours bumps, and lets you conquer obstacles with confidence.  Kawasaki equips the Brute Force with low-maintenance A-Arm pivot bushings, and a rear torsion bar combats body roll for a planted feel.  While the Brute Force sacrifices a touch of cornering crispness for a plush ride, body roll is predictable and manageable.  It never does anything crazy.  Five-way adjustable shocks handle most trail challenges, only reaching their limits under extreme punishment. 

Kawasaki opts for 25″ CST tires on aluminum wheels for the 2024 Brute Force 750. This choice might raise eyebrows compared to some competitors who boast larger options.  While it sacrifices a smidge of ground clearance, the benefit lies in a smoother ride thanks to less tire bounce.  But don’t be fooled by their size – these tires bite into rock, dirt, and even snow with impressive traction.  And for those craving a more aggressive stance, the engine and transmission are more than capable of handling larger tire and wheel upgrades. 

The Brute Force comes with a proven braking system: dual hydraulic discs up front and a sealed, oil-bathed rear. The rear system is reliable, low-maintenance, and keeps ground clearance high by tucking away from mud.  The only drawback is, it can feel spongy at times. The saving grace? The engine braking is excellent!  Descending steep, obstacle-laden trails? Simply ease off the throttle, and the engine braking will handle most of the work, keeping you safely in control.  It’s strong enough to be effective without pitching you over the handlebars.  One rider-favorite feature is the dual brake levers. Unlike most rec/utility ATVs, the Brute Force gives you the control of independent brakes on each handlebar, allowing for precise maneuvering. This opens up a world of possibilities for more technical riding and obstacle control.  Independent brakes are the only way to go!


Buckle up for a thrill ride: a 90-degree, 749cc V-Twin engine. This isn’t your average ATV powerplant.  Crack the throttle and a pair of 36mm throttle bodies feed the fuel-injected beast.  Believe us, it’s a symphony of power you can feel.  Instant throttle response translates to exhilarating acceleration, and everything from the throttle housing to the throaty, stainless-steel exhaust is built for punishment.  Kawasaki didn’t skimp on durability; even the piston rings are engineered to minimize oil consumption.  Need more juice for your adventures?  The 33.5-amp alternator provides ample electrical power for accessories, and Kawasaki’s Automatic PowerDrive System (KAPS) CVT seamlessly transfers all that grunt to the ground.  With High, Low, Neutral, and Reverse at your fingertips, and a smooth-clutching system, the Brute Force is ready for serious trail action.


The 2024 Kawasaki Brute Force 750 is more than a muscular makeover.  The new bodywork retains its rugged good looks while adding a touch of refinement.  Functionality is seamlessly integrated, with a sealed storage box on the left fender and a handy pocket with net on the right.  A larger storage bay sits just ahead of the steering column, perfect for stashing tools or tie-downs.  Lighting gets an upgrade too, with dual LED headlights tucked into the bodywork for protection, and a new center pod light for enhanced visibility.  Kawasaki hasn’t skimped on quality here – this bodywork is built to last. 

Hopping on the Brute Force 750 feels completely natural. Levers and controls fall under your fingers, the handlebar’s comfortable bend prevents arm cramps, and the thumb throttle offers a smooth range of motion and the perfect blade angle.  Need a traction boost?  A small lever on the left handlebar activates the front variable differential, which will get the front wheels clawing at the ground like a racoon on crystal meth.  Glancing down, you’ll find a comprehensive digital display at the center of the steering column. Speedometer, odometer, trip meter, fuel gauge – it’s all there, along with engine temp, clock, hour meter, and essential indicator lamps.  Thankfully, the large, clear numbers ensure readability even on rough trails.

The Brute Force engine roars to life with a satisfying growl in any gear, thanks to the handy brake-hold start system.  It’s a deep rumble that promises power, not an obnoxious attention grabber.  The short gear shifter snicks through gears with precision, and whether you’re maneuvering tight corners or plowing snow, forward, reverse, and everything in between is effortless.  The clutch engages flawlessly, launching you forward with a stab at the throttle.  Whether in 2WD or 4WD, the handling is predictable and confidence-inspiring, and EPS keeps steering light.  Exiting corners is a blast!  Despite its size, the Brute Force feels surprisingly nimble and light, almost like a big-bore sport ATV, but with the added muscle of 4WD.  Pure, adrenaline pumping fun awaits around every corner!


The 2024 Kawasaki Brute Force 750 rewrites the rulebook for big-bore utility quads.  It blurs the lines between adrenaline-pumping fun and workhorse capability.  This beast boasts the power to chase sport quads, the 4WD muscle to conquer mud, and the tireless work ethic to tackle any week-long job.  It’s truly a do-it-all machine, and we’ll happily ride one anytime!



2024 KAWASAKI BRUTE FORCE 750 Base Model Specs

Engine:                749cc 4-stroke, V-twin, SOHC, liquid-cooled, EFI

Transmission:  Automatic CVT (H,L,N,R), Final Drive Selectable 2WD/4WD with variable control front differential lock, shaft

Suspension / Wheel Travel:     Front – Double wishbone, adjustable spring preload/6.9 in.

Rear – Double wishbone, adjustable spring preload/7.4 in

Tires:                   Front – AT 25 x 8-12,  Rear – AT 25 x 10-12

Brakes:                Front – Dual hydraulic, twin piston calipers

                              Rear – Sealed, oil-bathed, multi-disc with independent park brake

Ground Clearance:        9.0 in/9.6 in (max preload)

Fuel Capacity: 5.0 gal

Towing:              1,250 lb

Rack Capacity: Front/Rear – 88.0/176.0 lb

Lighting:             All-LED lighting

L x W x H:           86.0 in x 46.1 in x 47.6 in

Curb Weight:    707.8 lb

Instruments:    Digital speedometer, 2WD/4WD drive indicator, fuel gauge, odometer, dual trip meters, dual hour meter, clock (12h/24h), battery voltage, Kawasaki service reminder, oil change reminder, high beam, neutral, reverse, and warning lights (engine, coolant temperature, CVT, oil, and battery voltage)

Special Features:          Full-color TFT Instrumentation, KQR™ system

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