Off-road adventures aren’t what they used to be.  Gone are the days of just throwing dirt bikes in a pickup for a weekend getaway.  Today, it’s all about families exploring nature together.  Side-by-sides, particularly those with four seats, are the perfect family vehicle for these adventures.  But with bigger vehicles comes the need for bigger trailers, and that’s where the Curt Rockerball comes in.


CURT MFG isn’t just a company that makes towing products, it’s a company built by outdoor enthusiasts. Headquartered and manufactured in Eau Claire, Wisconsin, a typical Friday afternoon in their parking lot resembles a group of adventurers ready to hit the trails. Kayaks, camping gear, and off-road vehicles fill the lot, reflecting the passion that goes into every CURT product. This dedication to the outdoor lifestyle translates into a deep understanding of customer needs. Since their beginnings, CURT has built a reputation for top-quality towing and hauling solutions that keep your gear safe and secure. On a recent trip with Kawasaki, we tested one of their innovative products – the RockerBall – a testament to their commitment to clever and practical design.

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The Curt Rockerball tackles a common towing annoyance: the jarring effect trailers can have on your vehicle. It does this with a deceptively simple design that absorbs shock from bumps and braking, making your ride smoother and more comfortable. No more white-knuckling it when you hit the brakes! The Rockerball also reduces rattling and vibration, further enhancing your towing experience. Plus, it’s built tough with a forged steel base and chrome-plated ball for maximum durability. Here’s the best part: it requires minimal maintenance, just a simple grease fitting to keep it running smoothly. Details are:

  • Reduces shock loads to the vehicle during sudden braking or acceleration thanks to cushioned isolator bushings.

  • Anti-swivel base fits 2″ wide ball mount tongues, and fits most existing ball mount inserts.

  • Virtually maintenance-free with no airbag or bearings to service. A bottom grease zerk provides easy lubrication.

  • Forged steel construction with carbide black powder coat finish on base, and chrome plating on ball for corrosion protection and durability.

  • Rated from 3,500 lbs. to 12,000 lbs. gross trailer weight.

  • Limited lifetime warranty (one-year finish, one-year parts).

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A little 10 hour jaunt down to West Virginia’s Hatfield-McCoy trail system would be a good way to test the Curt Rockerball. Although our double axle Aluma trailer pulls very well, when you put a big Side x Side or a load of ATVs on top, suddenly you know it’s back there, especially when winding through the hills and mountains.

We are impressed with the simplicity and quality of the RockerBall. It looks much like most trailer balls, but with one very important difference. Underneath the ball is a forged steel top plate, a hardened steel pivot pin, the rubber ShockDrop Technology cushion, and another forged steel base. Because of the forged parts and the captured rubber cushion, the ball sits slightly higher than traditional ball mounts, so you may want to reevaluate your insert drop height. As with other ball mount systems, the RockerBall uses a threaded shank and nut to fasten it to the hitch insert. However, unlike other systems, the RockerBall has a grease zerk underneath to lubricate the pivot. We gave it a shot of Lithium grease when we fastened it down, then hooked up the trailer.

On the highway, the RockerBall performs as any other ball hitch. It’s when the going gets rough that you notice the improvement in ride quality. With a 1900 lb. Kawasaki loaded on the trailer, usually we could feel bumps in the road, or a jarring during acceleration or braking, and there is plenty of that on the back roads of West Virginia. Our CURT ECHO brake controller helped smooth out the braking, but the RockerBall really eliminated the annoying hits to our truck hitch. Winding through the hills means constant acceleration and braking, and the RockerBall did an excellent job of smoothing out the ride. It works!



We really like the Curt RockerBall. It looks almost too nice for daily use, but the advantages of a smoother ride and less noise make it hard to ignore. It’s a tool that’s too good to leave in the box.

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Ball mount sold separately (not compatible with Rebellion XD ball mount)

Patent pending

The mounting platform must be at least 3/8″ thick and the hole size must not be more than 1/16″ larger in diameter than the RockerBall threaded shank.


March 26, 2024

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