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DMC announces two new Afterburner Slip-Ons for the Can Am Outlander 800 and 800 Max

vendor.2011.dmc_.can-am-commander-afterburner-slip-ons-exhaust.jpgDMC Announces two new Afterburner Slip-Ons for the Can Am Outlander 800 and 800 Max, addressing the need for keeping sound requirements legal while delivering on powerband performance in the full range from low, to mid, to high end. Dramatic increases in horsepower and torque deliver reliable power that's smooth and controllable making a significant improvement to your riding experience.

The Quiet Slip Ons meet the USFS sound level of less than 96 db’s, so you can have all the power on demand you want while keeping Ricky Ranger off your back. The DMC Outlander Slip On comes equipped with a removable spark arrestor and the DMC S.O.S. (Save our Sport) Quiet Insert, which not only reduces sound, but also provides the Outlander with an increase in smooth, tractable power.

Muffler length, core diameter, design, and testing deliver on the perfect blend of backpressure and performance to make this the perfect slip on for your Outlander. Horsepower and earthy torque are yours.

• Quiet Slip On Exhaust performs under 96db
• Includes USFS Spark Arrestor
• Includes S.O.S. Quiet Core
• 13% Increase in Horsepower
• 15% Increase in Torque
• 8.25 lbs. weight savings over stock

#25832-01 Can Am Outlander 800 (2011) / MSRP $288.95
#25831-01 Can Am Outlander 800 Max (2011) / MSRP $288.95

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