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Extreme Metal Products Polaris RZR Fuse Block with (4) Illuminated Rocker Switches

vendor.2010.extreme-metal-products.polaris-rzr-fusebox-rocker-switch.jpgOrganize all your accessory wires and switches with this product.  You will receive a Aluminum bracket with a Fuse Block, Ground Strip, (4) Illuminated Rocker Switches, (4) Fuses, and a 8 gage battery cable.
Simply, bolt the assembly under your dash to the existing holes in your frame and run the supplied power cable to your battery.  Then you can connect your accessories to the Fuse Block.  


  • (4) 20 amp Illuminated Rocker Switches.
  • Aluminum Mounting Bracket and hardware.
  • (4) Fuses
  • Fuse Block complete with a ground bar.
  • 8 ga. Power Battery Cable.
  • (5) Zip Ties.
P/N: EMP-10907

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