Field Tested – Cabela’s Power Stretch Gloves

Field Tested – Cabela’s Power Stretch Gloves new set of gloves is always nice, but it’s not usually something we get overly excited about.  After all, if they fit well and keep our hands protected or warm, we’re usually “happy, happy, happy,” as the guy from Duck Dynasty would say.  Recently though, we tried a new set of gloves from Cabela’s that took hand comfort and convenience to a whole new level.

Power Strecth Performance

Riding, hunting, and cool weather all require vastly different protection.  For riding we want a glove that allows our hand to wrap the steering wheel or handle bars with no bunching, for hunting we need excellent feel on the trigger or bow with zero noise, and cool spring or fall weather requires a thermal barrier.  The Power Stretch Liner gloves from Cabela’s are the first gloves we’ve found that can easily do all three.    

The Power Stretch gloves from Cabela’s fit, well, like a glove.  Different materials are used throughout the glove, with each panel sewn to allow easy movement and stretch so your hands can flex as easily as if you’re wearing no gloves at all.  They’re also quiet which is extremely important for fall bow hunts and spring turkey season.  A nice cuff wraps your wrist, and the entire exposed surface of the glove is covered in a RealTree AP Camo pattern.  Think of the Power Stretch Liner gloves as your wife or girlfriend’s sexy Yoga pants for your hands, and you’ll get the idea.  vendor.2013.cabelas.power-stretch-hunting-gloves.jpg

Feel and grip are extremely important for any glove we take hunting, and the palm and finger surfaces of the Power Stretch glove are covered with a rubbery material that gives outstanding grip, but does not bunch up under your fingers.  They provide excellent feel whether wrapped around our shotgun or the handlebars.  We discovered one other great feature as well -they work with a touch screen phone!  We don’t make a habit of texting while perched high in our tree stand, but when we tried it during bow season, the Power Stretch gloves easily worked with our i-Phone touch screen.  Cabela’s calls this feature the Data Tip Touch.  Finally, they also wick away moisture, keeping your hands dry.  

Cabela’s says the Power Stretch Liner gloves can be used as liners to heavier winter protection or by themselves.  We really liked them on their own.  The fit and feel is exceptional, they’re quiet, they look great, and they’re excellent cool weather protection.  We’re happy, happy, happy!vendor.2013.cabelas.power-stretch-hunting-gloves.gripping-atv-handlebars.jpg

Cabela’s Power Stretch Liner Glove SpecsItem: IK-961313

  • Data-Tip Touch technology
  • Can be worn alone or used as liners
  • Comfortable thanks to four way stretch material
  • Wick away moisture
  • Durable
  • Realtree AP Camo pattern
  • Sizes: M-2XL
  • Regular Price: $29.99
  • Sale Price: $14.88 – $29.99


Toll Free: 1 (800) 237-4444

June 16, 2013

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