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InduraPower Lithium-Ion Batteries Now Available at Summit Racing

Everything is connected to smart phones these days—cars, refrigerators, light bulbs, and now vehicle batteries. InduraPower’s batteries are the world’s first ‘intelligent’ batteries that can be monitored and controlled from your phone via Bluetooth technology. Why is that a big deal? Here’s what you can do with the free InduraPower mobile app: 

• Turn on/power off the battery 
• Check battery voltage, charge current and status, and temperature
• Turn on/power off internal battery cell heater—great for cold weather starting
• Activate emergency start mode 
The InduraPower batteries are pretty awesome themselves. They use lithium-ion technology that is both efficient and powerful so you get reliable starting power when you need it. The InduraPowers are also lighter and more compact than AGM or traditional lead-acid batteries. Other features include:
• Water- fire- and chemical-resistant case
• Solid busbar construction
• Built-in cell heater 
• Short circuit protection
• 60 minute reserve capacity
• Five year warranty
Summit Racing carries four sizes of InduraPower starting batteries:
Series 108
• Designed for motorcycles, ATVs, and UTVs
• 350 cold cranking amps
Series 110
• Compact design ideal for motorcycles and ATVs with smaller engines
• 280 cold cranking amps
Series 120 
• Ideal for racing, lightweight at just eight lbs.
• 560 cold cranking amps
Series 210 
• For large UTVs and compact cars when vehicle must start every time
• 560 cold cranking amps

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