A 125,000 square foot manufacturing plant gives one a lot of options, especially when that plant is stocked by the latest in efficient tools, and staffed by highly skilled technicians.  Luckily for us, many of those skilled technicians and engineers at AXIOM SIDE x SIDE are also riding enthusiasts.  And when they focus their considerable talent and capabilities on the sport they love, practically anything becomes possible.     

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A little west of Cincinnati, Ohio, AXIOM SIDE x SIDE is actually a division of Tri-State Fabricators, Inc., a company with more than 35 years of manufacturing experience.  Like so many successful companies, humble beginnings taught the founders, Richard Vogt and his three sons Rick, Jeff and Chris, what it takes to successfully grow a business, and as they grew they poured everything they learned and earned back into making their operation even better.  Today they are a manufacturing powerhouse, with an impressive list of capabilities and tools such as: 

  • Multiple lasers for cutting steel up to 1” think
  • Multiple press brakes for bending and forming parts
  • Punch presses for creating holes or other unique features
  • A robotic welding cell and complete welding capability on aluminum, stainless, and other alloys
  • CNC machining
  • Various automated shears and saws
  • Full powerdercoat and wet paint lines

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Clearly AXIOM has impressive manufacturing capabilities, but the best tools are nothing if quality control is ignored.  One of the features that most impressed us about AXIOM is they have dedicated quality control staff that insure your parts are built to spec at every step of the way.  Their quality control process begins when the raw material enters the back door and it never ends, even when the UPS guy leaves the box on your step.  That means when you open the box and get ready to bolt on your new AXIOM part you won’t need to dig out your own cutting tools to make it fit.  They’re even ISO 9001:2015 certified!  THANK YOU AXIOM!



Currently Axiom is making parts for Yamaha, Textron, Can-Am, Polaris and Kawasaki Side x Sides.  As expected from a plant fully stocked with sheet metal working machines, their focus is on the parts that are cut, formed, welded, and powdercoated from sheet stock aluminum and steel.  These include Roofs, Lower Doors, A-Arm  likes to say, “HIGH QUALITY PARTS AND ACCESSORIES FOR YOUR SIDE BY SIDE”.  We have to agree.

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The Axiom parts we’ve seen are very well thought out, from the initial design, through fabrication, and right up to the packaging used to get it to your door.  You can bet this is because a good part of the Axiom staff has been hitting the trails in southern Ohio, and all the way down to Hatfield-McCoy, and beyond on their own machines.  They know what works and what doesn’t and they’ve got the tools to build very high quality parts that can perform for you also.  And they do it all from Southern Ohio, which means quick shipping to practically anywhere.  The next time you hit the trails in that area you just might meet a good part of the Axiom staff out playing on the trails too, all under the guise of “product testing”.   Good work Axiom!       



1146 Ferris Road,  Suite 700,  Cincinnati OH   45102

Phone: 513-201-0749

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February 6, 2019

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