Leading UTV Manufacturer ODES Announces Partnership with Interstate Batteries

Leading UTV Manufacturer ODES Announces Partnership with Interstate Batteries

Leading UTV Manufacturer ODES Announces Partnership 

with Interstate Batteries

Dallas-based Companies Join Forces to Match Quality with Quality  

DALLAS (May XX, 2017) — Following the unveiling of ODES UTVS’(“ODES”) new Special Edition UTVs, the company announces a partnership with Interstate Batteries, the nation’s leading replacement brand battery. The news comes on the heels of the company’s decision to introduce a new 7” full-color touchscreen LCD with GPS mapping technology to five of its vehicles – the most under any OEM lineup to offer such technology. 

“This partnership signifies a big progression for ODES’ end-consumers, as batteries are a common source of concern for most OEMs,” said Mike Smith, CEO of ODES UTVS. “We wanted to partner with Interstate Batteries because – just like ODES – they’re committed to providing the highest quality product in their respective industry.”  

ODES offers Interstate batteries in all Special Edition and LCD model UTVs and plans to convert all product offerings over the next six months. Interstate Batteries joins other ODES UTVS partners like Sycotic Designs, Royal Purple, Desert Concepts, CV-Tech Canada and Delphi Canada, among others.  

For more information about ODES UTVS and its suite of products, visit ODESUTVS.com. 


ODES UTVS is headquartered in Dallas, Texas and designs/manufactures UTVS and ATVS. American owned and operated, ODES builds the most standard featured UTVS on the marketplace, offers an industry leading two-year warranty, and is the highest valued UTV brand on the marketplace.

About Interstate Batteries

Interstate’s starting, lighting, ignition (SLI) batteries have been under millions of car hoods since 1952, each one backed by Outrageously Dependable® service, quality and value. Interstate PowerCare offers our premier product, technical expertise and reliable service for critical and motive power needs, and Interstate All Battery Centers meet the growing demand for portable power in both retail and commercial markets. Today, Interstate sells more than 17 million batteries each year – and they recycle more than they sell. With a nationwide network of more than 200,000 dealers returning battery cores, they’ve turned batteries into one of America’s greatest recycling successes. interstatebatteries.com