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Must Have Tool - RM Stator Portable Power Bank

A 12-Volt Insurance Policy
Written By: 
Pete Bengel

vendor.2014.rm-stator.portable-power-bank.kit.JPGThere’s no such thing as having too many tools. Whether that means having an extra set of cheap screwdrivers, or having that ultra-important, irreplaceable tool in the box, more is always better. One tool that has recently hit the market is the RM Stator Portable Power Bank, and we consider it to be one of those on our short list of very important tools.

The RM Stator Portable Power Bank is a 12000 milliamp/hour (mAh) miniature power supply that can deliver up to 400 amps of starting power. It’s not a one trick pony though and it can also charge your cell phone, laptop, and more! We have even used it as a 12v power supply to check wiring on our trailer without hooking it up to the truck. It also has a 1-watt LED flash light that lights up your way quite effectively in the dark. Power output sources are two 5v USB outlets, and the 12v outlet for the removable booster cables. When it comes time for a recharge, the RM Stator Portable Power Bank can be recharged using the supplied 12v DC vehicle power cable, or the 100-240v AC power cable. Adapters are included to connect to just about any phone or portable electronic device that we’ve ever seen.

Until recently, when faced with a dead battery, most of us had to resort to dragging out the battery charger and the extension cord and then waiting for the charger to work, or to carrying your bulky, heavy booster pack to the dead vehicle. With the Portable Power Bank those days are gone! The Portable Power Bank supplies instant starting power to your ATV or SXS and more. In fact, even though it is marketed for power sports use, we have successfully started our trucks and even a big-block powered speed boat. And the best part is that it fits almost anywhere… in your glove box, console, or even in your pocket! There is no reason not to carry one.vendor.2014.rm-stator.portable-power-bank.on-battery.JPG

It’s highly impressive that something as small as the Portable Power Bank can supply the starting power that it does. Its short power leads and strong clamps have very low resistance and voltage drop, allowing it to effectively deliver the go-juice to your battery with an instant boost. There is no need to wait for your battery to “charge” from the Portable Power Bank in order to start your vehicle – attach the leads and turn the key! Also impressive is the number of times that we’ve started dead vehicles on a single charge! In several months of use we’ve only had to recharge our unit about three times and it gets used several times a week working on different vehicles. Can you say “time-saver”?

The RM Stator Portable Power Bank has pretty much revolutionized our battery power needs. Not only is it a real time saver to have around the garage and home, but its portability makes it practical to take along on any of our ATV or SXS adventure rides, just in case our battery gives up on us in the middle of nowhere. The ability to recharge our phones or other portable electronics is a huge bonus as well! Think of the Portable Power Bank as an insurance policy that can protect your ride, and make our life a whole lot easier. The cost of the RM Stator Portable Power Bank is $139, but unlike an insurance policy it won’t go up if you use it. RM Stator also has a slightly less expensive version of the Portable Power Bank available for $119, but for the extra bells and whistles we think the premium unit is well worth the extra $20. It’s a great tool that has become one of the most important ones in our tool box and we LOVE IT!!!

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