New Product Review – Stow and Go

New Product Review – Stow and Go

vendor.2015.quadboss.roll-cage-organizer.on-polaris-rzr.jpg You can never have too much storage on any off-road machine. There are always tools, tow straps, tie-downs, and snacks to carry. On most utility style ATVs and Side x Sides manufacturers do a pretty good job of building in storage compartments under seats, the front hood, or in the dash, but on any sporty machine, available space is often limited. That is particularly true for our trusty Polaris RZR 900 S, but QuadBoss had the answer to our problem.


QuadBoss has a huge lineup of quality bolt-on goodies for ATVs and Side x Sides, and regardless of whether you are a hunter or just like to fly across the dunes they’ve got parts to make your ride and your day better. We were looking for extra storage for our RZR and it didn’t take us long to find it.

The QuadBoss UTV Roll Cage Organizer is a nifty, multi-pocket pack system that straps onto one of the cross bars on your Side x Side, and when in place you’ve got several packets to store whatever you need for your ride. Highlights of the Roll Cage Organizer are:

  • 2 easy-access pockets on each end for phone and other gear

  • 5 foam-padded and lined center pockets for binoculars, tools, tie downs, etc.

  • Protective foam padding on the back of organizer for shock protection

  • Material is super tough 600×600 denier polyester for ultimate durability. Material is colorfast, water-repellent and UV resistant.

  • Organizer is 46″ x 7-1/2″ with adjustable 19” straps

Installing the QuadBoss Roll Cage Organizer is about as easy as it gets. There are 4 straps with buckles on the ends, hook and loop (Velcro) style straps in between, and all get fastened around parts of your roll cage. We hooked ours on a cross bar between the seat backs, but you could fasten it to the upper rear cross bar as well. In either location your gear is safe and secure inside the pockets, and the pack doesn’t interfere with rear vision. It’s perfect for flashlights, first aid kits, your phone, tools, and about 100 other things you might need on the trail. The UTV Roll Cage Organizer is a great accessory and we’re glad to have it!vendor.2015.quadboss.drink-tube.on-polaris-rzr.close-up.jpg



Black 15-6635 $49.99

Realtree® AP Camo 15-6636 $49.99


With our gear neatly stowed away in the organizer, we needed something other than a cooler strapped into the back to haul a few bottles of water, tea, or soda along for the ride. It’s not that our cooler hasn’t done the job in the past, but even though the cooler is fastened down the contents inside are not. More than once the cans were so beat up and covered in dents the paint had been rubbed off and we weren’t sure what was inside. That is usually remedied by popping the top open as the contents explode outward like an attacking rattler. The UTV Drink Tube is meant to prevent that.

QuadBoss gave the UTV Drink Tube many of the same great features as the roll cage organizer. The drink tube attaches to almost any frame tube with the same type of hook and loop (Velcro) style fasteners, it’s made from the same super durable, 600×600 denier polyester body material, and it can even be slung across your back should you decide to remove it from your machine. Details of the UTV Drink tube are:

  • Installs with hook-and-loop straps on UTV roll cage and ATV racks

  • Holds six 12 oz. cans

  • Insulated with closed cell foam and lined with nylon to keep drinks coldvendor.2015.quadboss.roll-cage-organizer.camo.jpg

  • Convenient handle and shoulder strap

  • Dimensions: 30″ x 3″ x 3″

The UTV Drink Tube is a handy way to haul drinks along for the ride, and it leaves the limited cargo bed space open for hunting or camping gear, or anything else you might like to haul. Although your drink is still likely to be well shaken when you finally stop, at least you’ll know what the can contains.


Black 15-6633 $25.99

Realtree® AP Camo 15-6634 $25.99


The QuadBoss UTV Drink Tube and Roll Cage Organizer aren’t going to make you go any faster, cross deeper mud, or win more races, but they definitely make your ride better. They’re just handy tools to have on the trail!


TOLL FREE: 877-847-1558

PHONE: 817-258-9239


vendor.2015.quadboss.drink-tube.on-polaris-rzr.jpg vendor.2015.quadboss.roll-cage-organizer.strap_.jpg

September 16, 2015

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