Off-Road Vehicle of the Year – The 2011 Can-Am Commander 1000 XT

Off-Road Vehicle of the Year – The 2011 Can-Am Commander 1000 XT

2011.can-am.commander.black_.left_.riding.on-sand_0.jpgWe’ve never been to a ride area and had more reaction than when we rolled into the dunes with the CAN-AM Commander 1000XT. Even before we parked, there was a small flock heading our way, all eager to see for themselves the most anticipated Side X Side in years. It was as if the Commander was a divine revelation and the masses were eager to worship on its gleaming, bright yellow altar of performance. There would be no stealthy testing on this day. After more than an hour of answering questions, we finally were able to roll into the sand, and just behind trailed a group of disciples and non-believers, all eager to see what the new machine could do. After a few laps around the dunes, EVERYONE was impressed. As much as we liked the Commander on the trails, it absolutely excelled in the sand. One trip through the whoops was enough to convince many of divine intervention as the suspension seemingly levitated across the terrain. The faster we went, the better it handled. For the first time, we were able to pass sport ATVs through the whoops. It was a stunning debut! We tried giving chase on our own big bore sport ATV, and we didn’t have enough gears to keep up! Regardless of the size of the hill or the length of the whoop section, there was no obstacle we could not conquer with ease. Eventually we rolled down to the drag strip against all manner of modified Side X Sides, and once again, we impressed and/or embarrassed all on hand. Jokingly, some of the other drivers suggested we line up backwards, and although we can’t recommend it without a HIGHLY experienced driver, Pete accepted the challenge. Even in reverse, he grabbed the holeshot and was leading handily until his thumb slipped off the over-ride button. Again, we can’t recommend it, but it was a stunning display that left several other owners slinking to the sidelines. Ouch! All that was left was to head down to the beach and see if it could walk on water! We converted an entire flock to CAN-AM believers that day, and one individual immediately put his car up for sale to get a Commander of his own. 

We’ve never experienced anything quite like the CAN-AM Commander. The performance is stunning, not only in the sand but on the trail as well. The level of comfort is second to none, and the thrills are unending. For all it offers, the CAN-AM Commander 1000XT is the ATV & SxS Illustrated OFF-ROAD Vehicle of the Year.

2011.can-am.commander.close-up.dash_.jpg 2011.can-am.commander.close-up.engine.jpg

December 30, 2010

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