Buckle up for adventure with your best bud, and forget the days of piggyback riding on the back of your ATV!  Polaris has ATVs built for two!  There’s no doubt that soon after the first ATV hit the trail a buddy or girlfriend was ready to tag along.  The problem was, with no seat, hand holds, or foot rests, carrying an extra passenger on a single seat ATV could be a hazardous task.  Polaris took note of the practice, and if some were going to continue riding 2-up, why not at least give them a proper vehicle on which to do it?  With that concept, a new ATV segment was born.  Ditch the passenger death grip.  For 2025 Polaris has released a new generation of 2-up ATVs built on the legendary Sportsman platform, so grab your gear, pick a buddy, and get ready to carve your names in the dirt together!


The 2025 Polaris Sportsman 2-up lineup redefines what it means to hit the trails with a friend.  This isn’t just a Sportsman with a passenger seat stuck on.  These beasts are built tough, with ample power, storage, and comfort for you and your copilot.  The all-new 2025 Sportsman 570 portfolio includes the Sportsman Touring 570, X2 570, and 6×6 570.  Here’s how they stack up:

Sportsman Touring 570 – The Trail Cruiser 

Think of the Touring 570 as the comfort cruiser of the trails.  This feature-packed machine boasts comfortable seating for two, excellent power, and plenty of features including a 7-inch RIDE COMMAND touchscreen infotainment system, complete with USB charging.  Get lost in adventure, not on the trails.  Selectable drive modes let you match engine power output to the terrain, and a supple suspension at both ends keeps the ride smooth.  Night rides add a new element of adventure thanks to high output LED lights that pierce the darkness.  And when you encounter a trail challenge, the 26-inch Duro tires on 14-inch aluminum wheels provide the grip to conquer it.  The 3,500-pound Polaris HD winch with synthetic rope and auto-stop is your muscle for clearing even the toughest obstacles. The Sportsman Touring 570 Ultimate: Adventure awaits.  Starting at $14,499 U.S. MSRP ($16,299 Canadian)    

Sportsman X2 570 – The Transformer

The Polaris Sportsman X2 570 seamlessly transitions from weekday workhorse to weekend adventurer, thanks to its innovative design. Boasting a comfortable, convertible seat that folds out of a cargo box, it offers unmatched versatility. Need to haul gear? Utilize the spacious 400 lb. capacity rear dump bed.  When work duty calls, simply fold the seat back into the box, transforming the X2 into a mini-pickup complete with a dump box, folding tailgate, integrated storage compartments, and even a winch.  The Polaris Sportsman X2 570 is a true all-in-one package for work and play.  Starting at $13,999 U.S. MSRP ($15,999 Canadian)


Sportsman 6×6 570 – The Boss Is Back

Dominate chores and conquer trails with the powerful Polaris Sportsman 6×6 570.  An 800 lb. capacity dump box is ready to move larger loads, and multiple tie-down points let you secure cargo for rough trail action.  A 48-inch-wide stance allows the Sportsman 6×6 570 to tackle tight trails, even on soft or muddy terrain thanks to the added flotation of 6 wheels.  New LED headlights offer enhanced visibility for early morning and late-night tasks—so you can get more done in a day. Plus, the 6×6 model also has a five-gallon sealed front storage bin for more space to stow tools and gear.  A heavy-duty front bumper provides front end protection, a new 3,500-pound winch with synthetic rope and auto stop is ready to pull a buddy out of any trail trouble, and on-demand AWD detects tire slip in wet or loose conditions, instantly distributing power to all six wheels for optimal traction.  Power through any job.  Starting at $14,999 U.S. MSRP ($17,799 Canadian)


Polaris took their winning formula and cranked it up a notch with their new 2-up Sportsman models.  Riders already familiar with the Sportsman line will feel right at home.  The controls are exactly where you expect them, but these machines boast an extra trick: a rear differential with “Turf” mode. This is basically single rear drive, allowing you to make tighter turns without chewing up your lawn or sensitive areas.  Switching between 2WD, AWD, and Turf mode is a breeze – just a flick of your thumb.

The overall design is familiar Sportsman, but with some key tweaks. The 570 Touring and X2 570 have a slightly longer chassis to comfortably fit a passenger and accommodate the suspension upgrades for handling the extra weight and keeping things balanced. The 6×6 570, well, that one needed space for two extra wheels!

For your passenger, a comfy seat with grab bars and a footrest magically unfolds from the dump box. They’ll sit slightly higher than you, but the suspension changes mean minimal body roll, keeping everyone happy. The 570 engine purrs quietly and delivers ample power for hauling or towing, no matter how many are on board.

Now, let’s dive into the details of these impressive 2025 Sportsman 2-up ATVs…

  • Reliable, quiet, and powerful 570cc liquid cooled EFI engine with selectable drive modes, mated to a CVT transmission with High, Low, Neutral, Reverse, Park.
  • Upgraded suspension tuned for longer wheelbase and heavier loads, with sealed bushings, 9.5” of rear travel, and 11.5” of ground clearance.
  • Longer, stronger, and more rigid chassis for precise handling and load carrying capability, with a receiver hitch at rear.
  •  Enhanced service intervals that result in two-times more time between oil changes and other routine maintenance.
  •  Enormous storage (combined 11 gallons) from bins under front and rear racks.
  • Passenger seat can be removed without tools for transformation to single seat machine and increased cargo area.
  • Updated body styling to match Sportsman line, with center headlight pod, integrated accessory points, LED lights, and a 7” touchscreen infotainment display powered by RIDE COMMAND for the all-new Sportsman Touring 570 Ultimate.
  • Accessory heated driver and passenger seat, as well as heated hand grips for the driver and passenger available on Sportsman Touring 570.


The 2025 Polaris Sportsman 2-up ATVs – the X2 570, Touring 570, and 6×6 570 – throws open the doors (or should we say trails?) to shared off-road adventures.  We were initially skeptical about double riding, but Polaris changed our game.  Now, we’re all about hitting the trails with a buddy in tow.  These machines aren’t just about passenger capacity; they’re about capability and reliability on a whole new level, with unmatched versatility, letting you conquer tough terrain together.  Prepare to redefine your off-road experience – double up and see what awaits!×6-570

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