Product Review – Load Master

Product Review – Load Master

vendor.2016.lynx-hooks.full-set.jpg There are gear bags, pouches, and storage boxes all meant for stowing away everything from Snickers bars to spare parts, but they all have one thing in common; before any ride they must be strapped down to your ATV or Side x Side.  That usually means tie-downs or bungee straps, but as anyone who has ever fiddled with the wrong length strap knows, that’s not always a sure thing.  It seems they are either too long, too short, or the darn hooks don’t fit around whatever you’re trying to fasten them to.  Recently, we found a nifty solution to the problem.  

The LYNX HOOKS system 

It’s amazing how nearly every adventure ride starts out with a rousing game of “match the strap” when it comes time to fasten stuff down.  The LYNX people must have also tired of playing that game and they spent almost half a decade coming up with a working solution.  The result is a clever system that makes loading and securing your gear easy.

Designed to work like a bungee cord but with a variable length and multiple attachment capabilities, the LYNX HOOKS have several advantages over the standard bungee or tie down.  While a tie-down can be shortened as needed, they do not stretch and often hard items like coolers, cases, etc. come bouncing out of the bed.  Traditional bungee straps have the ability to stretch, but their downfall is they only work over a given length, and there is no adjustment either way.  The LYNX HOOKS build on the best principals of both systems, with the added flexibility of several attachment points. vendor.2016.lynx-hooks.securing-wood.jpg

The LYNX HOOKS are patented hooks engineered to fit the loops, grommets, and attachment points not only on most gear, but common to almost every machine in the sport.  Whatever you’re riding, there is a way to fasten the LYNX HOOKS to it.  This makes them easily adaptable to multiple tasks.  In addition, the hooks’ interlocking design clicks them securely together (you can feel and hear them lock!) and multiple hooks can be locked together in a bit of a loop.   This makes a great central attachment point for covering all the gear in the bed of your machine, and when it comes time to unload, the hooks come apart easily by pinching them together in the correct spot.   

While the hook design allows for infinite adjustability, so does the strap.  Thanks to a clever design and high quality materials, the straps can stretch and adjust to the load too!  Each strap includes a section of stout, UV protected, marine grade rubber protected by a woven polyester jacket.  With this hybrid construction, the webbing holds firm while the stout rubber section absorbs shock and keeps the webbing from jiggling loose over any load shifts on rough, uneven trails. The adjustment buckle built into the webbing allows a maximum length of 45 inches per strap, which can be adjusted all the way down to 19 inches and any length in between. We find the design ingenious!  The buckle includes a quick release for easy access to your gear without having to unfasten the whole load.  The straps can even be looped to fasten around frame tubes, and it’s only limited by your imagination!

LYNX on the TRAIL 

We tried the LYNX HOOKS on everything from coolers, to camping gear, to a chainsaw and firewood.  It’s definitely a great way to fasten down anything you need to haul, and even on rough trails, nothing came loose.  It’s a great feeling knowing your gear is still along for the ride with you!    ph: 208-696-1490

LYNX HOOKS is now offering free shipping via their website but currently ships only to US addresses. Prices vary from $11.99 to $76.99 depending on the kit you wish to purchase.

vendor.2016.lynx-hooks.hooked-together.jpg vendor.2016.lynx-hooks.hooked-into-utv-bed.jpg

January 24, 2016

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