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Product Review - Ramp Champs

Caliber Ramp-Pro Universal Ramps
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vendor.2016.caliber-ramp-pro.loading-atv-in-truck.jpg One feature shared by every type of off-road enthusiast, whether they ride a dirt bike, ATV, or even a jeep, is that when it comes time to haul it, you will need a good set of ramps. They’re a tool every bit as necessary as your tire gauge, spark plug wrench, and tie down straps. Without a good set of ramps, the fun can never begin, and with a bad set of ramps, the whole weekend’s plans can come crashing down, possibly screwing up your machine, your truck, and maybe even you.


THESE ARE WHAT RAMPS ARE SUPPOSED TO BE! When we pulled the plastic shipping covering and protective cardboard end caps off of a new set of Caliber Ramp-Pro Universal ATV and Snow Ramps, we were immediately impressed. These guys even care about getting a product that is designed to be driven on delivered in good shape to their customers! Our opinion only improved from there.

We’ve tried a lot of ramps, and none have come close to the quality in design or manufacturing as the Caliber Ramps. Ordinarily, we wouldn’t get so excited about something like a set of loading ramps, but we’ve crashed down off two sets of other brands in the past, and the Ramp-Pro Universal ATV Ramps are no ordinary ramps. It all starts with the design and key features are:

  • Designed for both ATVs, Snowmobiles, and narrow model UTVs

  • Grip pads provide excellent traction even in snow or mud for all wheels

  • Low Pro Grip Glides make it easy to walk up or down

  • Includes Caliber's Self-Retracting safety strap for quick mounting to your truck

  • 52" wide x 90" long makes for a comfortable loading angle

  • Rated for 1500 lb total load

  • Includes Caliber's lifetime warranty


You learn the most about a product when you take it out and use it, and when we put the Caliber Ramps to the back of our truck, a whole new list of great design features was revealed. vendor.2016.caliber-ramp-pro.hinge.jpg

The first thing we noticed is that Caliber is as concerned as we are about loading safely. To insure their Ramp-Pro Universal Ramps stay in place during loading, Caliber includes a self-retracting ratchet strap that fastens to your vehicle hitch. This insures the ramps won’t spin out from under you. Trust us, it is NOT a good feeling when that happens! The self-retracting ratchet mechanism means it is quickly out of the way when you are done loading. We also noticed Caliber uses zinc plated fasteners to prevent corrosion on their hinge pivots, and on the clevis pin that keeps the ramps together for transport.

At the bottom of the ramp, Caliber again goes the extra distance by cutting the main ramp beams at an angle to match the ground, and then installs a rubber end cap with a ridged surface for maximum traction, again making the ramps safer. Excellent idea and nice touch! At the top of the ramp, we were equally impressed with the fingers that reach out onto your truck bed. You might not want your doctor to have thick fingers, but you definitely want them on your loading ramp! We’ve bent the fingers on other ramps, but the heavy duty fingers on the RAMP-PRO Universal Ramps are made from extruded aluminum for maximum strength and are expertly welded to the main ramp beams. It’s not cheap to create extruded profiles, but it is by far the best way to build this part. Again, it’s great design and manufacturing!

The ramp wheel channels are created by welding cross members between the two main beams on each side, and the cross members are fully welded for strength. In fact, there is a small ridge on the bottom side of each main beam to further stiffen and strengthen the design. Excellent idea! The top of each wheel channel then gets covered by Caliber’s patented grip plate. It’s all part of the complete design, and it works! Even with a full sized truck, the angle is not so steep it creates problems or an unsafe climb. Finally, if you also use your ramps for hauling a snowmobile, Caliber offers grippy surface coverings for the center portion of the ramps so your track studs will get a better bite and they won’t tear up the aluminum. vendor.2016.caliber-ramp-pro.fingers.jpg


We love these ramps! The RAMP-PRO Universal ATV and Snow Ramps are easily the best we’ve ever tried. Caliber put everything they know about design and manufacturing into these ramps and they are highly durable and built to last. It gives us a lot more confidence loading with these ramps under us, and we no longer feel the need to kiss a St. Christopher medal (The Patron Saint of Travelers) before climbing skyward into the back of our truck. If you’ve got any type of machine to load, whether it’s an ATV, a trail legal UTV, a snowmobile, or even a heavy garden tractor, you can do no better than these ramps. They make the most perilous part of the ride much safer.


Ramp-Pro Ramp Grips for Studded Tracks (6 pc. 15" pieces (2 required) – $24.95


Toll Free: 1-888-TraxMat (888-872-9628)




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