Product Test – Bak Industries Revolver X2 Cover

Product Test – Bak Industries Revolver X2 Cover Regardless of our trail destination, one concern that comes up on every trip is transporting our gear safely and securely. We’ve tossed gear in the back of our truck, strapped it to our ATVs or Side x Side, and loaded down our trailer, but you always have that nagging wonder if it will arrive safe and dry. Not anymore.

Tonneau covers have been around for about as long as there have been pickups, all with the same purpose; to keep your gear secure, safe, and out of the weather. Some designs were more successful than others. Recently we tried a cover from BAK INDUSTRIES called the REVOLVER X2 that is aimed squarely at the active, outdoor market. It’s just what we were looking for!


Besides the catchy name, the Revolver X2 is unique in that it features a ribbed structure made from extruded aluminum. It’s designed to be strong, water tight, and secure. The aluminum ribs make up the main structure while a durable, seamless, marine grade vinyl top keeps out the elements. When it comes time to haul your ATV, garden tractor, motorcycle, or anything else that wouldn’t fit under the cover the Revolver X2 lives up to its name and quickly rolls into a storage position, opening your truck box completely. And when the cover is unfolded the Revolver X2 seals up your truck bed safe from Mother Nature’s worst, or roving eyes that might take a liking to anything you are hauling. Highlights of the Revolver X2 cover are: vendor.2017.bak-industries.tonneau-cover.unlocking.jpg

  • Patented locking rails secure the full length of the bed

  • Low profile design is barely above the bed sides

  • Automatic latch operates from either side

  • Easily rolls up with one hand and fastens at the front of the bed

  • Seamless, marine grade vinyl top design with no Velcro or stitching

  • 100% open bed access, with full access to bed stake pockets

  • Doesn’t block visibility

  • Safe and secure

  • Made in the USA with 3-Year Warranty


Bak Industries is part of a larger group called TRUCK HERO that specializes in accessories for trucks, particularly for outdoors enthusiasts who want both a custom look and functionality. After checking out several designs we thought the Revolver X2 would fit our needs perfectly and would be just the thing to dress up our new Ford F150 SuperCab while providing excellent security. A few days after ordering we had a large box from our UPS man, and a new Saturday project. vendor.2017.bak-industries.tonneau-cover.atv-loaded.jpg


The Revolver X2 Rolling cover package includes a pair of bed rails, the Roll Top assembly, bulkhead seals, and all the clamps and hardware to complete installation as well as a detailed set of instructions. It’s pretty intuitive to determine where everything goes, but the instructions are handy for details and setup tips. We laid everything out and began fastening the bed rails into place.

We like how the rails feel beefy and the inside ledge where the aluminum ribs sit is reinforced from underneath, providing a solid foundation for the cover. Once the bed rails were bolted down and our cover was laid on top there was little adjustment needed to get it perfectly placed. We were also happy to see the Revolver X2 comes with a large rubber drip edge at the front and tight seals all the way around to eliminate water creeping in, even when taking it through a car wash. A locking mechanism at the rear latches securely and works excellent every time. When it comes time to haul our ATV or Deere mower we drop the tail gate, pull the lock release mechanism which releases both sides, and roll it up. Just as they claim, the Revolver X2 can be rolled up with one hand in about 15 seconds. When you get it rolled up a couple plastic snaps hold it in place, and there are even rubber bumpers to keep it from rattling your truck window. It’s a well thought out design! Total installation time was about 45 minutes and required a minimum of tools and effort.


We’re very impressed with the Bak Industries Revolver X2 rolling tonneau cover. The low profile design barely shows above the bed rails, it seals very well, and it is much more secure. When the truck tail gate is locked it’s about as secure as you can make a truck bed, and we know our camping gear, cooler, and tool box will make it to the ride area with us wherever we go. On top of that it even helps with gas mileage, and it looks great!

Trucks are all about versatility. The Revolver X2 cover just made ours an even more useful tool.

BAK Revolver X2 Tonneau Cover

Starting At: $737.88

BAK Industries

720 Jessie St., San Fernando CA 91340


June 20, 2017

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