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Product Test - Chock & Roll

We Test the Superchock Trailer Clamp System
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vendor.2014.superclamp.superchock.can-am-outlander.locked-down.JPGWe’ve bolted on all kinds of parts to our ATVs and Side x Sides through the years, usually in the quest for better handling, more power, or just to add a little bling. Sometimes the parts worked, and sometimes they didn’t, but recently we added a part that doesn’t make us go any faster or look any hotter, yet it’s one of the most well-designed and well-built accessories we’ve ever tried.

Clamp Masters

Bowdriks Industries has been making the SuperClamp snowmobile tie-down system for many years, yet when the snow is gone there are still plenty of riders on the trails, and nearly everyone has to haul their ATV or Side x Side to get there. Ratchet straps or tie-downs are by far the most common method of strapping nearly everything down to a trailer, yet technologically they’re little different than the centuries old fastening tool called rope. Rope may have been just the ticket for cinching hay down to the ox-cart, but when heading out onto the interstate you had better be a lot more secure, lest thine expensive toy cartwheeleth down highway, causing much sorrow and wailing.

The Bowdricks SuperChock system doesn’t rely on tension to hold your ATV or Side x Side onto the trailer, but instead clamps it in place. Once locked into trailering position it’s not going anywhere. In fact, it would likely take a complete rollover to dislodge your machine but at that point you’ve got bigger problems anyway. As a bonus, it can even be locked to deter any ne’r-do-wells from making off with your machine, although a determined thief equipped with a disc grinder or a forklift may get the job done. Since we’re hauling ATVs or Side x Sides several times a week we had to give the SuperChock system a try.vendor.2014.superclamp.superchock.trailer-clamp-system.jpg

Superchock and Superclamp Install

When we opened the boxes with our new SuperChock trailer clamp system our first impression was “WOW! These are nice!” They really thought of all the details with this kit. The front chocks are made of a hard, composite material with plenty of internal webbing for strength, and all bolt holes are reinforced with extra material. The chocks are designed to capture any 17-28 inch tire, the tread area is serrated like a foot peg to prevent slipping, and there is even a raised lip to help keep the tire in place. We like how they angled the leading portion of the lip to help guide you into position, a bit like the beginning rail at any car wash. As we said, it shows they thought of all the details. A bottom plate secures each wheel chock to the trailer, but the chocks can be removed from the plates in seconds should you need your trailer for hauling other loads such as lumber, landscape materials, etc. At the front, a cross bar captures the top of the tire, insuring it’s not going anywhere.

As much as we were impressed with the SuperChock front wheels chocks, the rear wheel clamps were even better. Primarily made of aluminum, the L-shaped SuperClamps are built to last, again with plenty of webbing for strength and reinforced bolt holes. A serrated rail fastens the SuperClamp down to your trailer. We also like how they powder coated all parts for corrosion protection. After our inspection it was time to get to work.

A detailed set of instructions called out the tools you will need – a straight edge, measuring tape, a drill, and a couple sockets, and it was easy to lay out the system. The instructions also give clear tips and warnings for what to expect and watch out for. They made it very clear you want to be attached to trailer deck cross members, and on our Aluma trailer we went an extra step and used a metal backing plate on the bottom to spread the load over several cross members. We do love how the kit uses oversized washer to spread the load, and Nylock nuts that won’t vibrate loose or come off when you least expect it. Again, it’s attention to detail that makes this kit great.

With our front SuperChocks in place the next step was to install the rear SuperClamps. Installation is very similar to the front chocks, but rather than a mounting plate you will be bolting down a mounting rail which has plenty of adjustability should you change tire size someday. Total installation time for both ends was a little over an hour. It was time for a test fit.vendor.2014.superclamp.superchock.rear-system.locked-in-tire.JPG

Lock Down

With our SuperClamp system in place we drove our Can-Am Outlander into position. The front wheels easily found their mark and settled into the chock. With the parking brake set we then slid the L-shaped SuperClamps onto their mounting rail at the rear. Pushing down on a pistol grip style handle produces a cam-over effect, locking the rear clamps in place, and a steel cross bar applies pressure to the tire, effectively clamping it down. It’s a can’t miss system! SuperClamp sends a plastic key that prevents the rear clamps from coming loose, but the hole size is suitable for a padlock as well. For any overnight travel to distant ride areas we would sleep a lot more comfortably knowing our machine in the hotel lot was protected by the SuperClamp system.

Super Kit

We really like this kit! It costs more than tie-downs but it’s more secure, and it works! We also like how it doesn’t rely on your suspension spring pressure, which will help your shocks and springs last longer. Bowdriks did a great job with the SuperClamp ATV & UTV clamp system. It’s easy to install, easy and quick to use, it’s extremely well designed, and built to last. It won’t make you go any faster, but it will make your life and your riding adventures better.


MSRP: $499.95

vendor.2014.superclamp.super-chocks.brackets-and-drill.JPG vendor.2014.superclamp.super-chocks.thumb-twist-knobs.JPG vendor.2014.superclamp.super-chocks.hardware-and-drill.JPG

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