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Quick Draw UTV Shooting Rail


Quick Draw UTV Shooting Rail

Model#:  QD803-USR

One of the quickest hunting setups on large green fields or cutovers is to back a UTV into the edge of the trees or brush, use the natural camouflage or throw a piece of camo material over the front and you are ready for action.  Great Day’s UTV Shooting Rail mounted between the front vertical frame bars provides the perfect shooting rest for making long, accurate shots!

The QD803-USR fits all utility vehicles and golf cart style vehicles that do not have windshields installed.  Using Great Day’s patented “Opposing Forces” technology, the UTV Shooting Rail expands from 42’ to 62” and installs in just minutes with no special tools needed.  It is constructed of heavy-duty aircraft aluminum with deep-cushioned camo padding for protection of the firearm.

Note:  The UTV Shooting Rail is not designed to use while the vehicle is running or moving,

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